Top Comedian DREW LYNCH Gets Golden Buzzer | America’s Got Talent 2015

Top Comedian DREW LYNCH Gets Golden Buzzer | America’s Got Talent 2015

Hello How you doing up there? Hi. You doing okay? Yeah, yes my name mmm My name is Drew. I-I have-I have a stutter that’s what that’s what that is. And what is your talent? I’m a-I’m a com-com-comedian. A comedian, okay, and what, when did you start doing comedy? Four-four-about four years ago I-I-I didn’t-I didn’t want to always do co-comedy, but I had a sports injury. That’s that’s why I talk-talk like, talk like this. Almost 4 years ago, I was on a softball team. There was a grounder that took a took a bad hop and hit me in my throat which damaged some nerves in my vocal cords. Excu-excu-excuse me. I felt angry about it at first. I started to like write down all my frustrations on like a napkin in the hospital. My girlfriend encouraged me to try just talking about those those things on stage and I started to do comedy as a way of like I guess cope-coping with it I know, I al-always feel better after you ta-ta-ta-ta-talk-talk to me The person I was I was before, would probably never hang out with with who I am, today I thought people were lucky if they got to ta-talk to me and uh, that I was a jerk. I feel a lot of re-responsibility to sh-sh-sh-show people that you can turn any-anything into-to a positive. How did softball cause a stutter? Uh well I I guess you’re not suppos-supposed-supposed to go to sleep on a concussion, but yeah, and I know I know that now. Uh and uh Learn. Yeah, live, you live-live and you learn. Are you in a relationship? Do you have a girlfriend or? Yeah, I hope sh-hope she’s here, and is she supportive of your stand-up career? No, no. No, she’s not supportive. I mean I mean she she’s she’s uh- Yeah, sorry try not to get emotional. She she took uh she took she took on three jobs so so I could I could per-I could pursue this. Wow. And Wow That’s a good woman isn’t it You’re gonna have to marry her, you know. Tha-that’s what she te-tells me. Yeah I’m anxious to hear your act. I wish you the best of luck, the stage is yours. I’m okay with with my with my voice, but I still struggle with some some things like-like-like I’ve the hardest time at a drive-thru. You know cause-cause-cause you got you got to say the say the order fast, and you’re and you’re talking through an intercom. It’s like I don’t know why I-I-I wor-wor-work there. I wouldn’t I wouldn’t get to-to where pe-people star-start to use m-m-m-m My-my voice is as the voice of their g-g-gps It’s like it’s like it in in one one thousand thousand thousand feet make make make make a le-le-le U-u-u-u-turn Your your desti-desti-dest-desination is-is a hea-head of you on-on the-on the-on the right, re-re-routing. U-u-u-u-u-u-u-turn (random GPS noises) U-u-u-u-turn, u-u-u-u-turn, u. You shoulda, you shoulda got- Wait, wait. I believe that you you can turn an-anything into-to a positive, that’s why I’m here. But I’ve come along some-some people who don’t thi-think that, like I did a sh-show one time where where a guy st-stood up it’s like hey y-you can’t just m-ma-make fun of disabilities, j-just cuz you you have have one. I was-I was like-I was like well-well di-did I-did I-I stutter? Tha-thank-thank you guys so so so so much, tha-tha-thanks. (crowd chanting “Put him through” repeatedly) Well the crowd is definitely with you Drew. You know it is such a hard thing to get up on a stage when you’ve got everything going for you. And everything’s clear and to go up there with your situation and to pull this off and to get the crowd with you is almost impossible. So I along with the audience applaud you for that really awesome Th-thank you What I love about you is you’ve taken your situation and like you said you’ve turned it into a positive. I was laughing even more the fact that you were laughing at your own jokes. i wro-I wro-I wrote-I wrote them, so. Howie what did you think? Alright, here’s what I thought. I know you’re here to make people laugh, but I can’t tell you how emotional you make me because comedy, usually comes from a dark place. A lot of comedians, you know are depressed. I have, personally in my life have used laughter to try to gain some happiness. What you did is you looked for the light at the end of the darkness and that light is your comedy and I’m telling you I haven’t been moved by an act like this up until this moment and because of you and because of this moment, I want to do something very special. Something I haven’t had a chance to do, and I’d like to do this. For everyone that doesn’t know what’s going on, Howie Mendel just hit the golden buzzer, and you my friend are going straight to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall Congratulations. Thanks How’s it feel? I’ve got-I’ve got-I feel good. Howie, you hit your golden buzzer. You are worth a million dollars. I want to see you at Radio City Music Hall. I’m gonna see you at Radio City Music Hall. Drew Lynch, everyone. Sorry. Oh it’s all good. Your suit’s so-so nice. I can’t wait for him to be at the live shows. I’ve truly believe he’s got a real shot at the million dollars. Oh That was really nice. Oh my god. Is there confe- is there confetti in my-in my? No, no. I feel like it’s in my-in my heart. If there is just keep it.


  1. as he walked in you could see the fear in his eyes. he was so afraid someone's gonna judge him, he's so adorable oh my god

  2. Each time I watch this I get emotional. I noticed how all the judges didn't get up to applaud after Howie Mandel hit that GB! On all BGT & AGT talent shows I always see all Judges stand up & applaud because they're so happy & excited for the performer getting the GB! I never understood how, Heidi & Howard Stern were Judges on this show! Heidi is so droll! I was not a fan of Howard Stern's radio station with the most outrageous talk & nasty comments! Such a trash mouth has he talked on his radio show!
    Drew's reaction is priceless along with his ex-girlfriends reaction! I Love Drew & I love Howie Mandel who's a sweet warm hearted loving man, they both are wonderful Human Beings! Drew & Howie! XO

  3. He has come a long way and his youtube channel and shows are soo great id love to see a full show on Netflix too that would be awesome!

  4. Seems like a nice guy, what he does is inspiring. But seriously, the act is so lame.
    Stuttering gps, come on you don’t have to be a talented stand up comedian to come up with that.

  5. Performing and booking comedy gigs has really helped Drew's stutter. Just watching his personal channel now, you can see and hear the improvement! I am so happy for him, and he is super funny! 😸

  6. 2019 and I follow Drew on all Social Media, yet I come back to this one video (a lot) and laugh and cry, then laugh & cry some more. 🖤

  7. Every time I watch this damn clip some ninja decides that NOW is a great time to start chopping his onions!!

  8. Look at his stutter now,he barely stutters once in a sentence.Go look at his channel it’s crazy how his voice changed

  9. His stutter isn't nearly as bad now. And he's only gotten way better. He is hilarious, especially w/ the adlib/playing w/ the crowds..

  10. Most Golden Buzzer clips make me cry once at most. With Drew's I tear up every time, he's such a kind soul and so incredible.

  11. This entire moment… represents… what it means as a human being… to give people like this sturtering fool… the easy way. So lame and such a loss of humanity. Typical!

  12. Wow…..First time seeing this. Been watching his improv vids last night with all the disrespecpful idiots in some of the vids. I love how he handles every situation. And that laugh he has now….☺Awesome contagious…
    I think the journey has helped his stutter somewhat, if you compare 2015 to 2019. He has come a long way since then.

  13. It’s pretty cool to see that he is really making progress with his stutter if you watch his videos, watching this back is really showing that.

  14. I am also a stammerer and do mimicry but I think still ppl make fun of me,,,, there is no one even to support me……..

  15. It’s incredible how far he’s come. A few years later he barely stutters, has a massive fanbase and is the one who got me into stand-up

  16. Drew has grown as a person and i’m so proud of him!!! and he has gotten better with his lisp and it’s kinda going away… 💗

  17. Wow. I just started watching his channel a few days ago, and he barely stutters anymore. I assume his stuttering was a bit more exaggerated in this video cause he was emotional and nervous. I read other comments that he has gotten speech therapy? If so, that has worked so well. I love his comedy and I hope he continues it and has fun doing it

  18. Drew is my favorite, he makes me smile and happy. I appreciate his dedication and his attitude and his all around happiness. A great man

  19. Feel bad for the guy, but the distraction is rough when it comes to punch lines. There's jokes that work with this though, I hope he continues.

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