Touring A Massive $188 Million California Mega Mansion | Ryan Serhant Vlog #038

Touring A Massive $188 Million California Mega Mansion | Ryan Serhant Vlog #038


  1. First person to accurately count how many times I say the word "Crazy" in this video gets a free signed book and a video message from yours truly 😉

  2. Too much focus on the artwork, and the artwork was too materialistically focused. Although I do like that honey onyx in general. Nearly no focus on the actual living spaces (bedroom, kitchen etc). Parts of the house seemed gaudy, like the car showroom. It’s a nice house overall, nice balance of wood and sterile components like glass and shiny metal. This is the house Beyoncé and Jay-Z should have bought. Not for me (too big) but I like some of the design and special features. What you value is relative. This dude seems sleazy. I don’t think boats of that stature depreciate like that.

  3. Originally listed for $250M. Dropped to $180M in this vid. Now it's down to $150M. Any guess as to the final selling price?

  4. how many migrants does the owner house and care for here… if zero its just nazi racism.

    like how many migrants could live here? 30,000?

    fucking racists.

  5. I love Ryan, I'm sure the client he has in mind for this home wouldn't actually live in it. For me, this isn't a home…I almost resent this level of opulence. I think it's a scourge on humanity if some lives like this when that money can change so much in the world. Just goes to show, the evil isn't in the spirit above or below us, it's in humans and their consciousness. We just don't care about one another.

  6. Señor millonorario ojalá y me pudiera regalar una donación para hacerme de perdis un cuartito de 5metros cuadrados

  7. Somehow ended up here 'cuz I thought I had the greatest idea of life wanting to put a Skee Ball in my next house basement >.>

  8. You own this, and you own 40 friends. Missed seeing master suite, etc. Very bachelor pad, like Jeffrey Epstein would own this with all his entourage.

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    friends- wow this is your house?

    me- yup…
    friends- why so sad…
    me- whoever finds the entrance first gets 293k

    6h later.
    friends- how about we……have this sleepover ANOTHER daaayyy

  11. Sean Elliot "This is blah blah blah…"
    Ryan: Insane
    Sean Elliot "This is made from blah blah blah"
    Ryan: Crazy
    Sean Elliot "This costs $250,000….."
    Ryan: Nuts

  12. this is sick …feel sorry for rich people . they have so much money and they are so terribly lonely sometimes . they want to fill this emptiness , that's why they buy buy buy

  13. Hi Gentlemen,
    I have a question here about this house.
    Let us know the cost of wastage of the building. Eg. Staircase construction took 2 years to complete, for that how much material used, old design, reworked based on the finished construction etc…
    Similarly to entire house including labor, evening paintings of the house.

  14. Think of what you do with mega yachts. If you could leverage the yacht to make deals and gather a group of influencers, KOL and executives from around the globe, 100M+ yachts make sense. A home invitation is too personal and won't be easy to gather intl. execs and KOLs from all around the globe. On the other hand, a mega yacht is like cruising mansion/party island with maximum privacy and exclusivity. Annual 8 boat trips could open up multi-billion dollar deals and contracts. Mansions / Yachts both are equally good investments only if you know how to use them.

  15. “40 of your closest friends”. This says everything. These people hoard anything just to show that they can. I don't mind rich people and a bit of extravagance. But this is ridiculous.

  16. The "armed guard" thing probably has nothing to do with the value of the house. It's just part of living in such a violent unstable country.

  17. I don't know understand why anyone would want a home that large. Give me 1200-1500sqft and I'll be living in luxury.

  18. Not to rain on anyone’s parade or be a part pooper but when I see luxuries like this I remember the grave and how small and lonely that place will be and none of this matters anymore

  19. Already seen this kind of seller on a way much much smaller scale: the house is awesome but why should I buy all their personalized stuffs inside? And why to put a onyx huge monolith blocking the billion dollar view outside argh

  20. I can show a lot of stuff you won’t see anywhere in the world that’s not to say you would want them.
    In fact I can guarantee you wouldn’t want them.
    One of them is a large piece of my excrement dried in the sun and carved into a truffle.
    Looks great but you wouldn’t want it but rest assured it’s the only one in the world.

  21. Do the owners have illegals(cheap labor) do the cleaning, the laundry, the landscaping, and the cooking, and hold fundraisers for Democrats?

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