TREASURE HUNT CHALLENGE | Indoor Funny Game for Kids | Mystery Box | Aayu and Pihu Show

TREASURE HUNT CHALLENGE | Indoor Funny Game for Kids | Mystery Box | Aayu and Pihu Show

TREASURE HUNT CHALLENGE Aayu Pihu Please come here Yes mumma What is this mumma? Wow mumma, gift for us. But, today is not our Birthday. No issues, Sister we take it. Wait You will get a gift. But, this is Treasure Hunt Challenge Treasure means Gold. Mummy, how much will we get ? 10, 100 billion Laughing If you complete this challenge ? You will get a very nice Gift ! What ? There is a a note inside. What kind of gift is this mumma? First watch. I have Milk, Fruits, Ice Cream and Juice. Come Fast ! Shop / Car / Kitchen Mumma, after solving this riddle, will we get the gift? No Look at the box, 1 is written. If you will solve 10 riddles like this. Then you will get very nice gift. Mumma, how will I solve 10 paheliyan? This is cheating. Mumma, If we were able to solve 5 riddles? But get stuck after that, then we will loose the game. You will enjoy in this game. Mumma, I know we will enjoy. But, can you help us in this game? Yes Mumma, Please… You will get 1 Life Line in this whole game. You can use that in any riddle. OK, now we will solve it. It cannot be shop. Normally, we get these things in Kitchen. Fridge Is it inside the Pot ? Aayu Aayu, you hold this, it is chilled. It is very cold. What is this? I have Chair, AC, CD Player and Mirror. But I am not your home. What is this ? Mumma, is it inside our home? Yes – NO Please tell clearly. Kid, you have to understand, what is written inside. Also, you have 1 lifeline, you can use it. No mumma, we will use the lifeline later. But mumma. If we will not use the life line in whole game? Will you give extra gift? No But mumma, we are unable to solve it… You want lifeline? No Aayu what place is this? It has chair, AC, CD player and mirror, but it is not home. Hotel ? But who will go to hotel? You can go to that place alone. Where is AC? In our bed room, other bed room Where is CD player? Where do we listen songs? Inside CAR… Do you think the answer is CAR? Yes It has Chair, AC, CD Player & Mirror also. Go and check yourself. I found it. You found it – Yes. A for APPLE 2 x 2=4 Study Table? Yes aayu, we keep our books there. Wait, have you solved your riddle? Yes Mumma and we solved the next one also. Very nice. I found it …. Found it Did we won? No Food is cold, what will you do ? What kind of riddle is this ? Mumma, is making weird riddles. But, we warm the cold food. Microwave? Let us check in kitchen. Yeah Next Read it . Mumma wants to go outside. Where will she go first? Hotel? No Car is done… She will change her dress. Let us check. It is not there. Wardrobe is locked. It is also not here. Yes, I know it !!! Where? Yes, Mumma will first do Make Up. Here it is… Are you very Tired ? Aayu, when we get tired, then where do we go ? We drink water – Sit on Chair Yes I cannot find the next riddle here. We sit on Sofa. Yes It is also not on Sofa. We sit on chair Yes we sit on chair also. It is not here also. We go to SLEEP !!! Aayu you check your bed, I check mine. It is not here Below the Pillow ? Aayu have searched, below the pillow? No Then first check there… Wow, I found it ! I have got the next riddle Hmmmm Which video will come next Thursday? What ? Aayu and Pihu Show will come. I don’t know Ummmm Aayu, our friends ask this question. Which video will come next thursday ? This one… Leave that In Mobile ? It is possible ? Mumma put mobile on charging, first we check there. Yes Aayu Earlier we found a riddle here, Here ? It is not here. Then….. Mumma please tell, which video will come tomorrow? Mumma we couldn’t find the next riddle. Do you want Lifeline? You too Aayu? LIFELINE OK, now I will you give you a hint. When your video comes…. He is the first one to watch your video…. Father You Show me your hands. COMPUTER Yes Aayu this is possible. Mumma is smiling, so I am sure it is computer only. Sister turn on the lights. Yes I found it. Sister, we wasted our one lifeline for this clue. Aayu first open it. I cannot wait. I only eat sand and drink water. PLANT ? In the garden. Not in garden, we can find outside our house. Possibly, it is plant in the garden. Yes Aayu Here it is. We found it. Are you feeling cold? Then take me out. We check the bed. Let us check there. Aayu, where do we go when we feel cold? In the bed. If you are feeling cold, then come to me? Aayu this will bed, why are you searching in drawer? I told you not to take hint earlier. Now this is a difficult riddle to solve. Aayu, why are you searching there? We dont open them. Aayu why are you trying there, next riddle is not there. Do we have only blanket in our home? Let us check in our room. We have to check it nicely. Do we keep blankets here? Wow aayu… I told you earlier, don’t take hint so early. Mumma You could not find? Then you lost this game. That gift is mine now. No, we will try again to find it. Either accept the defeat. No we will not loose, we will try again. We are good kids… We keep trying…. Where can it be? I check the drawers… But Aayu… Do we keep blankets there? No, we keep blankets here. Here Yes Woooooowwwwwww Let us show this to mumma…. Mumma….. Laughing and celebrating. Did you find your gift? Aayu, we are going to enjoy a lot today. It is golden trophy… ENJOYING and CELEBRATING Aayu and Pihu got…. Golden Play Button First Aayu and Pihu got Silver Play Button Now you have got Golden Play Button. Yeah….. Mummy please help…. Thank you friends !!! You helped us to reach 1 million. We have 1 million friends !!! Yes Now Aayu, Pihu have made 10 lakh (1 million ) friends. You want 10 million ? Mumma I want to reach to 10 million fast… My friends will you support? Friends help and support us . But, this golden play button in not for aayu and pihu only. IT IS OURS !!! Till date which video did you liked the most ? Please tell us in comment. Keep watching our videos. OK TATA BYE BYE LOVE YOU ALL WELCOME TO AAYU AND PIHU SHOW

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