Treasure Hunting For Gold At Home! / That YouTub3 Family

Treasure Hunting For Gold At Home! / That YouTub3 Family

(playful music) – Hi, guys, welcome back to: – [All] ThatYouTub3Family! – And today, Moose Toys sent us this treasure hunt in a box. We are going to go treasure
hunting using this little box. Thank you, Moose Toys,
for sending this to us. – Yeah. – Are you guys ready
to go treasure hunting? – Yes. – Let’s go! – You guys, you know that
we love treasure hunting. Whoa. – The packaging is so pretty. It’s like holo-gold. ♪ It’s so shiny ♪ – [Mom] That does look really cool. – [Jordan] I hope you can see it, like… – It has a skeleton. X marks the spot. Okay, there’s buried
treasure, let’s open it. Okay, so there is a treasure map. – Whoa. Okay, this is the– – Treasure X. – “Treasure X marks the spot. “Will you find a real
gold-dipped treasure?” – Wait, what is this? ‘Cause there’s different quests. There’s the golden skull,
the golden pyramid, the golden goblet, the
golden compass, nugget, er ingot, idol, dragon, and eagled crest. So maybe those are the treasures
that you’re going to get. – Yeah. – [Mom] So we need to see which treasure we will end up with. – [Jordan] Yeah. – Okay, so what it says to do is find the map to begin
your quest for the adventure. Rip through the gold layer
and discover the rocks. Yes, you’re supposed to rip
that open and get the rock. Use the X tool to help rip through. – [Jordan] It’s in, like, in a gold layer. – [Mom] Oh, it comes
with a really cool tool. Show ’em, Jake. – [Jordan] Yeah, that’s the digging tool. – [Mom] It has everything,
a shovel, a drill, and a little rake thing, and then this– – Spear.
– Scraper spear? Okay. – [Jordan] So then we’re
supposed to rip the gold layer. – [Mom] It’s like a balloon. (gasps) ‘Kay, Jake, use
the tool and rip it. – [Jordan] Yeah. – Oh.
– Wow. – [Audrey] Do you break the rock? – I don’t think so. – Okay, drill into it. – Okay, oh, he got it, he got it. – [Jordan] Rip it. – [Mom] Whoa. – [Jake] Oh, it’s dusty. – [Mom] Oh, okay. – [All] Whoa. – [Audrey] Whoa, what’s inside? – It’s just a coin.
– Oh, my goodness. – Okay. – It’s a golden coin. – So we got, “Find the
coin, line up three icons “to reveal the treasure you may find.” See how on the map there’s
different icons here? So this is our coin. Girls, line it up and
see if you can figure out which treasures.
– Okay. – Guys, what do you think
our treasure’s gonna be like? I’m so excited. – I kind of want it to
be either the pyramid. – [Jake] I want it to be the gold nugget. – Or this cup thing. – [Jake] I want it to be the gold nugget. – [Audrey] I think it’d be
so cool if it was the, um– – Goblet.
– The goblet. That’d be so cool. – [Mom] Or the skull. – [Audrey] So, wait,
what am I supposed to do? – [Jordan] What if it’s the gold ingot? Then you have a full block of gold. That’d be so cool. – Okay, so we have three possibilities. This is going to reveal
our three possibilities, and then let’s take a guess of which one we think we will get. – Oh, no. Okay, Audrey’s deciphering the map. She’s the map expert, she’s got this. She’s using the coin. – [Audrey] So we gotta
match up the things. There’s… Nope. – [Ty] What is she doing? – [Mom] She’s trying to figure out what our three treasures might be. – [Audrey] Huh. – [Ty] Wait, so we get three?! – No, we get one.
– Oh. – [Jordan] So what are you
doing to figure it out? – [Ty] Three choices. – [Audrey] I’m trying to
see if anything matches up. What would a triangle be? – [Ty] I think it’s this. – Oh, the mountain, the mountain’s supposed to be a… Wait. I got it! – [Mom] Okay, you found it? – We’re on the quest for, we’re on the chase for the gold ingot. – Okay, we may have– – The gold ingot, really?!
– The gold ingot. – Yes! – [Jake] Now we start drilling. – You may find. Okay, so then it says to get ready to dig. But we’re supposed to go
soak this for 30 seconds. – In water. – Let me soak it. I’ll be right back. – Okay, here it is. And I just wanna point out,
look at this, in the light, it, like, sparkles. I hope you guys can see that. – Ooh.
– It’s sparkly. It’s so pretty.
– Whoa. – Okay, so I already
soaked it for a little bit, but let’s see if it fizzes in the– – Let’s soak it some more. – [Mom] Soaking. – [Audrey] Oh, kinda… (gasps) Whoa. Did you hear that? – [Jordan] I heard bubbles. – [Audrey] (gasps) Feel it, feel it. – I see it!
– You can feel it vibrating. – [Jordan] Whoa! Wait, look at the bubbles. – [Mom] It is, it’s bubbling. – [Jordan] There’s bubbles right there. – [Mom] Okay, so it’s fizzing. – [Audrey] Whoa, it’s
coming up right there. – [Dad] So is this a bath bomb? – [Audrey] Ooh. – [Jordan] I don’t think
so, not quite, but… – [Jake] Can I see it, Ty? – [Mom] That’d be cool. – Okay, I think we are ready to dig at it? – Where? From what corner? – You should do where it was bubbling. – Alright. – I wanna dig. – [Jordan] Let’s see– – [Jake] I wanna dig. – [Jordan] Let’s have Ty dig first. He’s using the, what tool? – [Ty] The spear tool. – [Audrey] Ooh. Oh, he’s going at it. Go, Ty, go. Oh, you got off a whole chunk! – I’m gonna go in with this drill side, and I’m just gonna drill into it, so. Straight to the middle. Drill. – [Jake] Is it working? – [Jordan] Yeah, it’s actually
going down pretty far. – [Ty] Once you hit it, it should be someone else’s turn. – [Jordan] I don’t feel anything. I don’t know. – [Mom] Keep drilling,
Jordan, keep drilling. – Drill. (Audrey mimics drill whirring) Drill. – [Jake] Can I try something next? – Okay, let’s have Audrey try now. – You know what I’m gonna do? – What?
– Use my side? – I’m gonna– – Shovel?
– Shovel it. – [Jordan] Go, Audrey, shovel. – [Audrey] It feels so close, like clay. – Oh.
– Shovel. – [Mom] Okay, now– – [All] Ohhhhh! – [Jake] Can I try? – [Mom] Okay, he got something out. – [Audrey] (gasps) Ooh, we got this. Let me uncover it. – [Mom] What is that? – [Jake] One second. I need shovel. – [Jordan] What is that? – [Audrey] We got, like, a club. – [Mom] A club. – No, a golden–
– A golden club. – Whoa. Jake, you’re going in with the drill? – [Mom] So which of these guys
would have the golden club? It’s collectors. That means that they
would have the little hat. – [Audrey] Jake’s goin’ in. – [Jordan] (gasps) What is that? – [Jake] Okay, next person. – [Audrey] Okay, Ty, it’s your turn. Jake found something. – [Ty] I know who it is! I know– – [Mom] I know, and
this is perfect for us. It’s in the… – Bandits? – [Mom] Yep. – (gasps) No way. – It’s in the bandits’ collection. – Hey, it’s my turn. – [Jordan] Whoa. Okay. – [Mom] We got a bandit’s
collection treasure. – What if the bandits come after this? – [Ty] It’s everywhere. – [Jordan and Audrey] Whoa! – Ooh, we got a skull. – [Mom] A skull? – ‘Kay, I’m gonna wash this off then show you guys. That is so cool. (Mom laughs) It’s a little skull with a hat on. He’s stylish. Okay, my turn. I’m gonna use the shovel. I’m gonna start digging. – [Ty] Guys, use the rake. – [Jake] I have. – [Jordan] Look at that. Guys, I see something right here. Do you guys see that? – [Audrey] Is that treasure? I can’t tell. – [Jordan] I don’t know,
I can’t tell, either. Oh, man. I feel like we’re finding
a bandits’ treasure. Like, look at that. It looks like a treasure box. – It does look like a treasure box! Whoa, there’s something
in the corner, right here. – Here you go, Audrey, you go. Oh, man. Yeah, it’s blue. – [Audrey] Oh, I’ve got it. – [Mom] You found a leg? – I don’t know, is it a leg? – Oh, you’re supposed to connect it. (Audrey gasps) – Wait, yeah, it is, it’s a skeleton leg. Ooh. – [Mom] Okay, this clay stuff
feels actually really nice. – I know, I’m, like, I keep touching it. – Like powder. This feels nice. It feels cool. – Ta-da! – [Audrey] You digging on this side, Jake? Okay, let’s have Ty try now. See if he can find anything. (gasps) Jake, look what just happened. – [Jordan] Ahhhhh. – [Mom] Did you break it in two? – [Jordan] There’s stuff inside. – [Audrey] Broke it in half. – Oh.
– Okay. – [Mom] There goes the treasure. – [Jordan] There’s a treasure. – [Jake] We can’t open it. – We found treasure. – We found a treasure
chest, let me show you. – [Mom] Okay, so this treasure chest should have the gold. – [Audrey] Wait, inside of it? – [Mom] Yeah. – [Audrey] Oh, but it’s wrapped in chains. I think we have to find
everything else first. – Okay, let’s find all the other stuff and then see if we can get the treasure. – Okay, ready? Zzt zzt zzt zzt. – [Jordan] Oh, man. (Audrey gasps) – [Jake] A body. – [Mom] Wait, what is that? – Wash it off, wash it off. – [Mom] Oh, it is the body. – [Jordan] Oh, yeah. Okay, attaching it up. The skeleton head. Oh, I found something. Okay, I’m gonna dig it out, you guys. – [Mom] Do you need to clean off the body a little more? – [Jordan] I see something. – [Jake] Do I need to clean off my hands? – It’s blue again. – Maybe it’s the other leg? – Possibly. – [Mom] Okay, our little skeleton guy is getting assembled. – [Jordan] Oh, man. Guys, ah! Okay, I found something. Let’s wash it off. – Alright, I’ll start digging
for the next treasure. – [Mom] I see one right here. – Oh, I got the other leg! – I think I found an arm. – Here, Ty. Oh, yes! – [Mom] Is that all of it? – No, there’s something else inside. – [Jake] My turn. – [Mom] What else are we missing? – [Ty] How do we open this? – Let’s crumble the pieces
to make sure there isn’t. – Here’s his arm. – Yeah, everybody, everybody
crumble the pieces, okay? – I’ll assemble– – It’s actually really fun to crumble. – I’ll assemble the skeleton. – [Jake] Who can find the arm? – Ready, guys? What’s our skeleton song? ♪ Scary, scary skeletons ♪ ♪ Send shivers down your spine ♪ ♪ Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh ♪ ♪ Shock your soul ♪ ♪ Duh duh duh duh duh ♪ – [Mom] You don’t know
the words to the song. ♪ We’re so sorry, skeletons ♪ – [Mom] Okay, so this guy’s
name is the Rogue Goldsnatcher. So that means there should
be gold in the treasure if he’s a rogue goldsnatcher. – [Audrey] Yeah. Oh, that’d be so cool. – And he is the Bling Bandits. – [Jordan] I can’t get his arm on. – He’s part of that collection. – Where’s the other arm? – So, now I feel like we need to collect all of the bandits of these, right? Wouldn’t that be cool to own the whole collection of bandits? – [Audrey] Yes. – [Dad] So which ones are they? – [Mom] This has the Bling Bandits, and we have the middle one. But we can also get the Swipe
Goldbar and Blingy the Kid. – What?
– Blingy? – [Mom] Bandits. That would be cool. – Okay, do we have our skeleton assembled? – Uh, not quite. – [Mom] Okay, so there’s nothing
left in this powder here. – [Audrey] Yeah, I’ve crumbled it all. I’m looking through the water dish, and I don’t see anything. – ‘Kay, he’s almost ready. – Okay, we gotta open
up the treasure chest. – But how do we open it? – I don’t know, there’s
chains all around it, guys. – [Jake] There should be a lever on it. – A lever?
– A lever? – [Jordan] Ty, did you get it? Are you using the little club? – [Mom] There he is, our little, uh… – [Audrey] There’s our bandit. – [Mom] Our bandit. – Okay, we got the treasure ready. Let’s show. That’s what it looks like. Alright, Ty, are you ready? Open it up. Let’s see what we got. (gasps) Whoa, okay, let’s
add in, let’s add some water. – [Ty] What’s this? – [Audrey] We got a clue. – Add in some water. Add in some water, guys. – [Mom] Are you supposed
to add it in there? – [Jordan] Yeah. – [Ty] Add in water. – [Jordan] (gasps) What’s happening? What is happening? – [Ty] Do we stir? – [Jordan] Yeah, stir it a little bit. – [Mom] Yeah, it says to
stir it with the thing. – [Dad] What do you guys
think that’s in there? – [Audrey] A gold bar. – [Jordan] I don’t know. I feel something. – [Ty] Should we put it in? – [Jordan] Oh, now it looks really murky. – [Jake] Dump it into the clear water. – [Mom] Okay, so, now I guess we get to– – [Jordan] ‘Kay, let’s
just put it in here. – [Ty] Ready? – [Jordan] Full on. Whoa! That’s cool. – [Audrey] I see something. – [Mom] Do you see something in the box? – [Dad] Is it growing? – [Audrey] Oh, it’s
warm, it’s really warm. – [Dad] Is it alive? – [Mom] Is that a
compass or is that coins? – We got coins. We got golden coins. – [Mom] Good. – Ohh. – [Mom] Our Rogue Goldsnatcher brought us back bronze sovereigns. – That’s so cool. And our little treasure box. – [Mom] Okay. – [Dad] There’s his treasure. – [Mom] Aw. – [Jordan] That’s so cool. – That was fun. Okay, guys, that was super fun, digging for treasure
in our very own house, which is cool. But guess what time it is? – [All] Mail time! – This first package is
from Raquelle in Illinois, and they sent a really nice letter, as well as a picture of them, which I can’t show to you guys, but she’s super pretty, and Raquelle sent us a ton of slimes and a lot of different toys, so they sent Jake and
Ty some ball-pit balls. Whoo! And they sent me a huge thing of slime. Some slime for Katie and David. Slime for Ty. Slime for Audrey. – [Audrey] Ooh. – Slime for Jake. – This is mystery slime.
– Yeah. – It’s in a black container. – Whoa.
– This is super cool. – I have to see. – They sent us a little orange bear, which is so cute. – Ohhhh. – You got green slime? – Green. – With yellow and blue– – Foam beads. – Yeah, that’s so cool. And Raquelle also sent me a bag of goodies with a squishy, a Lol
Doll, which is super fun, and a lot of different other toys. And same for Audrey, so here you go. – [Audrey] Thanks. – Thank you so much,
Raquelle, for your package. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – This next package comes
from Elizabeth in Virginia, and Elizabeth drew us a
bunch of pretty pictures, and then also sent some goodies. And look at this packaging. I have to say, this is cool. Check it out! – Whoa! – Whoo, there’s bling.
– Wow. – [Jordan] Oh, my. – This is so fun. Okay, so we got… – [Jordan] Logan. – Ball, probably for Logan. And little books, super cool. Logan’s trying to get at it. – Look at this, look at this. Oh. (laughs) Here you go. – Okay, and there’s some pictures inside. Awesome. There’s markers. Some toys.
– Lots of markers. – And some slime. Uh-oh.
– Uh-oh. – Slime accident. Some of the slime leaked, unfortunately, and we made a slime blob. More slime. And some–
– Slime for Jake. – Yeah, there’s slime all over in here. Yes, for each of us. That’s super awesome. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. – [All] Thank you. – This next package is
from Aiden in Missouri. And Aiden sent us some slime as well, with all of our names on them. And then they also wrote
us a super sweet letter, and drew a picture of
their dog, Alpha the husky. – [Jordan] Awww. – That’s a super cute picture. Thanks, Aiden. – [Jordan] Thanks. – Thank you. – This last package is from
Kayla and some of her friends. Kayla, Maddie, and, uh-oh,
these got stuck together. Grace. And they have the 24 hours outside, they said that they wanted to send us a What Is That item, so it’s in here, and she describes what it is. – [Mom] Ooh. – So I can’t show you guys until we get ready to film that one. – [Mom] Oh, I’m excited
for the What Is That. – Yeah, and if you guys wanna
send us What Is That items, just make sure you please
clearly mark it on there so we don’t think it’s just a
regular present you sent us. – [Mom] And if you label it on the box, that there’s a What Is That item in there, we’ll find it faster, and we’ll open that box sooner. – Yep.
(Logan barks) Some cool pictures. And then we got some slime tubs. – [Jordan] Woo woo. – I don’t know who these are for. This is, oh, it’s the kind. So this is, this is Mr…. It’s kinda worn off a little bit. Snow. And this is candy slime. – [Mom] Oh, pretty. – Nice. This is for Audrey and Jordan. This is strawberry slime. – [Mom] Cool. – And… Oh, we got some treats in here for Logan. – [Mom] Nice. – [Jordan] (gasps) Logan
just immediately shut up. – Just for Logey, it says. How does he always– – How convenient.
– Awww. – He always shows up when it’s his turn. – [Mom] Yes, he knows. – I can’t show you these
other items here, so. – [Mom] Okay. – So I’m gonna keep these
other items here just in case, but she sent us some other gifts. Thank you guys. All of you, so much. They didn’t wanna tell
us where they’re from, but we wanna thank you guys so much for sending us this package. Thank you. – Alrighty, you guys,
that is it for today. Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share, and: – Hit the bell.
– Hit the bel. – And make today an adventure. We’ll see y’all next time. – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)

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