Treasure X Kings Gold

Treasure X Kings Gold

Welcome to toy school. today I’m going to
unbox Treasure X Hunter Kings Gold 2019 (Series 3) There are 24 hunters to collect. The hunters are skeletons who are searching for gold! This is the hunter. There are 10 levels
of adventures. First level find the shield. Second level discover your
quest. Third level remove your tool. Fourth level smash through the top
Fifth level dig and reveal wrapped hunter and weapon. Six level unwrap your
treasure hunter. Seventh level find the treasure chest and key. Did you get
the trap or gold dipped treasure? Display your treasure hunter. Will I get the gold dipped treasure today? Let’s unbox it These are the hunters. These are all the rare ones you can collect. This is the quest map. there is kingdom of heroes. Tell me which one is
your favorite hunter. My favourite is super rare fire eyes hunter. Today my quest is
to go to the dynasty of king flare. It’s over here I could get the orbital order,
endless energy, bolt blaster! Which one will I get? let’s unbox this! Level 1 is just on the top of this tomb. The shield! it looks like this is the shield. let’s
take it out. Now let’s open the tomb box! then now we have to get the tool out! It has a shovel at the end and this to crack open this this is so hard I can see the magic rock maybe I can maybe I maybe I can use this look at the magic rock it’s a very blue
and like a bit wet and dry and it’s like very sparkling that’s dig! and this blue magic rock is very very sticky it is very sticky
and you can pull it apart easily I can see I can see a bit of the wrapper it’s very sticky now you can see both of the bags well! its like slime because
it’s very sticky! But it is not like slim because it has those rocks in it it’s so magical we are nearly there. this may be is the hunter! This is the treasure chest! You can easily turn this into a ball. It is very hard it is very heavy Bag is not a toy. I want to open this bag first. He has orange hair. He is very orange. His eyes are very light and he has a crown he is this hunter! super rare fire finish figure (King Flare) Now let’s open this. It’s like a L shape. It’s like a I. This is like a weapn let’s see whether it can hold this weapon.
I got a super rare one now let’s see what this bag has maybe in the weapon bag. is the key
let’s open the treasure chest is this the right key? I’m going to hide the treasure and King Flare has to find it King Flare is finding treasure I found
the shield. what’s in here? dig dig dig is this a treasure chest? let me find the key is the key here what is that? this is my lost key! WHere is my treasure box? Which way should I do it? oh do you think is inside the treasure
chest there’s something solid in here is is it real gold? let’s find out Let’s see what this is. I got Endless energy! yeah it’s a
trap oh no this is a trap!help me the snake gets on his body! he’s on his head!
get off okay I’m coming back!Help me Help me I am just going to hide it’s a trap oh I have it down here let’s do it again
oh I get gold I think a super rare hunter so then bye-bye


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