Trick to Identify Gold and Silver on Location

Trick to Identify Gold and Silver on Location

Hey! It’s Katie here and right now I’m going to teach you a cool trick about gold and silver. Now it involves make-up. So you guys are going to have to go out and at least borrow your girlfriends make-up or your mother’s make-up. or buy make-up at the store. which, you know, if you do, i want to here about it. What was your experience buying make-up for the first time. You need like a little foundation. It doesn’t have to be like, it could be
face powder any kind of face powder. And you take it and you put it like on your arm. And just brush it on your arm like this. Now this will tell you if something has silver-plate, if it’s gold-plated and usually you can tell what kind of karat it is. A little bit, just a little bit. Now obviously the biggest thing you want to do is have a magnet with you so you can really test to see if it’s gold. Now this, as you can see, Is not real gold. So when I rub it on my arm. It leaves a little bit of darkness on it but not much at all. Now when I put a 14 karat earring and rub it on my arm you see a mark. And obviously this isn’t attracted to the magnet. Now the same thing applies for silver except some stuff is silver-plated. Like right here you can tell this earring is not sterling silver. But I do believe it is silver-plated because it will leave a mark. And I can’t tell if that’s showing because my
web cam is freaking out on me. There you go. Then I have a silver, a sterling silver ring. And you test that. You can tell it definitely leaves a really really dark mark. So that helps me identify that this is sterling silver as opposed to silver-plated. And I don’t know if you like magic tricks but there’s definitely a way to make a magic trick out of this. If you have a half dollar. A Kennedy half dollar that is old enough this one’s 1967. They actually have silver in them. They’re not just like an alloy. And you can always pretend that you have magical powers like magical skin. And you know test it on somebody and be like, aww you don’t have magical powers because look at that. There’s no mark. And then when you show it on yours. Be like, ahh look at that I have magical powers Anyway, that’s pretty cool. It’s just something you might want to keep in mind Sometimes I go places and actually put make-up on my arms It’s weird. I know that some people look at me weird because I’m scratching like a fork on my arm. I don’t really know how to explain that. So sometimes I try and see if stuff is silver-plated and I’ll be like taking a fork and be like this You know that doesn’t look really good. But it, it’s helpful and it definitely is
and I hope you like this tip Maybe you can share it with other people. And hopefully I can help you in the future
with other videos. I’ll see you guys later.


  1. You would think it would be the other way around, since alloys are notorious for leaving those gross blackish-green marks after a while!  I will have to try this one! Thank you for the tip! 🙂

  2. PRETTY SMART…. I checked it out., *sisters makup (she acts like the "foundation" cost more than the gold though). as it turns out I have some gold silver and some BS metal alloy with maybe a very thin layer of precious Ag, Au, thinly wearing of the outside.   GOOD TRICK> IT IS HELPFUL. also I wonder how you know this. if you figured it out yourself your a godess. if you are just savy and pretty smart than still very cool. 

  3. Is this possible my buddy bought this 50 gram
    925 silver necklace and got it on eBay auction for like 11$ like wtf buyers market much maybe he should do the test on it cause that seems kinda cheap for that much weight in silver

  4. Katey,you are so smart. I love this idea. My I am not sure I want to share .I guess I am too selfish.Sure glad you are so generous.Oh well the guilt is moving in,maybe I will start with family and friends.You have such wonderful tips

  5. LOL at advising anyone to buy gold without testing acids.  You should just take this video down, it could cost someone big money.

  6. Neat trick Katie. I'll keep it in mind. I'm an Assayer and Refiner; and do cruise yard-sales and such looking for material to refine for myself in between batches from clients.

  7. The makeup test works however if it is not hallmarked you must take it to your jeweler for testing and then if it is authentic they will add the appropriate hallmark. Easy, easy, easy. Usually for no charge. A jeweler can usually tell immediately whether is it authentic or junk. They won't waste your time or theirs on a piece that is not truly gold or silver or white gold etc.

  8. Why not just put the make-up on your fingers, that way people will just think you're feeling the fork when you're actually checking it?

  9. it does work. lol I got my daughters make up . I have lots of silver in many forms . I did find out aluminum leaves the same marks . FYI

  10. hilarious ….love it …..thanks…..for me the funny thing is that I work in a precious metal foundry & have never heard this before….have a great day….

  11. Thank You that was very very helpful I've always wanted to know how to make sure gold & silver is real.
    I know from now on when I test make on my arm to leave on instead of wiping it off.

  12. This was so useful. Thank you! I've been trying to find a simple way of testing thrift store stuff before I buy it and this is perfect.

  13. cool video but if you have for example a gold coin-bar with say a copper-brass-tungsten senter those tests wount work. hehe
    copper -brass-tungsten isnt magnetic, and the outside is still gold.
    so its difficult to trust somthing unless you see it beeing made from scratch today

  14. i thought it wouldn't work on my skin tone, but i was pleasantly surprised that i could tell which of my jewelry is gold and which isnt. awesome tip. thank you.

  15. Thank you for the video! I'm trying to find a way to go through bulk coins quickly to see if they have silver content. Going through them year by year is a bit of a pain. Also, I love your voice! It's so relaxing. I hope you're doing well. 🙂

  16. For Gold and Silver Coins: 1. Touch with magnet. If the coin sticks to the magnet, coin is fake. 2. Use pocket sized calipers w/reference book and measure because fakes can be 2 of 3 (Diameter, Thickness, Weight) but not all 3. 3. If Diameter and Thickness are correct, weight on pocket digital scale. If still unsure after just 3 steps, you are an idiot…

  17. You are very smart! Thank you for this tip! It will help me because I get gold and silver from garage sales! I have to get my own dry foundation

  18. Is it pouring down rain in the background or something? Also I think quarters from before 1980 something are silver too.

  19. OMG is this for real, just bought a belcher chain for £1.49 in my local charity shop here in the uk. It looked like silver so I bought it. I tried this trick just now and it left a dark grey mark!!!! I am so thrilled but not sure what type of silver grade it is, can't see any markings at all. Thanks love.

  20. Silver and Gold marks my skin on its own. I’ve always been able to do this. I don’t need magnets or makeup. I’m not sure if it’s because of the iron in my blood, or some other mineral. When I show people they are amazed, lol.

  21. I buy a Cuban bracelet and it saids silver 925 but the magnetic stick on what you think it’s not real silver ore what iam confuse about that coz I took it back to the store coz they said it was real silver but why sticks to the magnet??

  22. Gold and silver can be magnetic. Especially if there's nickel in it. New Silver is more commonly plated with nickel and rhodium which makes it magnetic.

  23. I just went in a dollar store to get the powder and asked a young woman to help me cause even though im 63 i had no clue. She asked me what color skin my wife/or girlfriend had. I said , oh no its not for a woman and she leaned up close and said quietly, " is it for you? Do you like wearing makeup? I laughed and said because she had no rings on her finger and very attractive, "do you like men that wear makeup? " She didnt know i had been divorced 22 years and didn't have a girlfriend. She was very kind and helpful and made two trips in, the first was a liquid and it didnt seem to work. Rewatched the video and got facial powder srcond trip. Haven't tried it yet. And yes i asked her if she was married she said no but she had a boyfriend.

  24. White gold can be magnetic my grandma's engagement ring was magnetic I have had about 5 pcs of real gold that were magnetic but it is rare I have owned about 4 thousand pcs of gold since I first seen this video this is hilarious but I wonder how and who figured out this way to learn and profit I would not do this because I am a man and don't want to rub metal on my body in front of people selling stuff it would make a great video and you may become famous doing this in stores and yard sales

  25. So does the foundation attract the metal or does the metal always leave behind some and the makeup helps it show?

  26. What…… what did she say, I feel asleep listening to her voice. She is better than watching golf or bowling on TV. Or even painter Bob. All joking aside she is pretty smart good video we all learn something new everyday can't beat that

  27. Actually the magnet is NOT a reliable way to test gold or silver, especially if Rodium plated (bc you need nickle to plate Rhodium and nickle is magnetic). Please make sure that wht you are stating is correct.

  28. Just sold a bangle online with no hallmarks, BIG MISTAKE!!!… I'm not a professional seller, this really helped me identify the bangle, lessoned learned, NEVER SELL ANY JEWELLERY THATS UNMARKED, ALWAYS DO RESEARCH OR HAVE IT APPRAISED BY PROFESSIONALS …..Did the magnet & rubbing test, same results, you're demonstration is excellent, save me time and money for an appraisal….Thanks!

  29. I was skeptical, so I tried this–it worked! Worked with both gold and silver. Thanks for the information! 🙂

  30. There are some really cool magic tricks you can learn on YouTube. Mostly coin disappearing tricks. But when you're around kids they smile. And you will. Father or your old teacher. There was one that was the best. I cannot remember, I try and send you the link by tomorrow. it took me five minutes of practice oh, I called my mother up and her jaw hit the floor. so I'll send you that link when I can. Or I'll put it in your comment section on this video… Have a nice day… Piece

  31. U.S. coins did not contain silver after 1964 .If an item is made from non ferrous metal which jewelry usually is it won't stick to a magnet anyway

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