1. Lovely! I guessed how to make this when I was doing some simple drop earrings recently, but I love the idea of marking the pliers xx

  2. Everyone has different skill levels, but this is only part 2, parts 3 & 4 also create chains but in a different way so that a triple chain is not just three different beads but three different sets of chain making skills. See what you think of the others when they are posted R

  3. Hello, I'm loving the tutorials. One request though, can you talk louder or turn up the mike on the video recorder? Thank you very much. ~ Dawn

  4. Hi – The first ones I did were a bit quiet but I bought a more expensive mic and boosted the input to max and now I thought they were okay – This ones seems fine to me but I will have a look and see if I can get the levels any higher.
    I hope it doesn't spoil the tute for you.

  5. Hi, Love it. Am interested in making a chain like this using my small sapphire rondelles but the holes are minute, anyone suggest a good medium for doing this. Will keep watching xxx

  6. that was awesome l have been making the beaded chains but doing the beaded clasp and t bar was so cool going to give that a try thank you

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