True Farm Girls at Heart | Smudge & Squeak: Working Puppies Ep. 6

True Farm Girls at Heart | Smudge & Squeak: Working Puppies Ep. 6

Previously on The Adventures of Smudge and
Squeak: The gals have a run in with a former flock protector. And a nighttime patrol ensures
that all’s quiet on Moss Mountain Farm. So let’s see what’s going on with the sisters
this week. Things are always movin’ and shakin’ out on the farm. And although they do enjoy
the occasional nap, our heroines sensed a disturbance in the farm. Nothing out of the
ordinary, but Smudge and Squeak heard something out here. And this morning, they’re making
sure whatever it was is not still here. They’re keeping constant watch over the grounds and
making sure everything is as it should be. These little ladies are well on their way
to becoming the ultimate defenders of the flock. Today, they’re going to meet a unique
addition to the farm family. They can hardly wait to find out what’s to come. Ah, now would
you look at these little ones. These baby ducklings are just temporary visitors. Soon
enough, they’ll call the fountain at the Peabody Hotel, home. But it’s all the same to Smudge
and Squeak. Our gals immediately want to bond with them. Smudge is a little more zealous
in her attempts. She’s all about sharing. And the baby ducks, well, they seem okay with
it too. Squeak prefers to study them from afar. With the situation firmly assessed,
it’s time to head back to the pasture until it’s time for another adventure. Looks like
Smudge and Squeak are true farm girls at heart. They’re not so sure about this whole car thing.
But after a little coaxing, they’re willing to roll with it. This afternoon, the sisters
are headed back to the Vet for another check up. And while they’ve been here before, they
still give everything the once over. And they’re still a little hesitant about coming inside,
or rather, about staying inside. But they’re big girls now, and they know this is for their
own good. And they’ve learned about treats. Now it’s down to business after some more
treats. Doc’s gotta make sure the ladies are still in tip-top shape. Well, today, we’re
doing our final puppyhood examination and vaccination on Smudge and Squeak. These easy
going sisters just take it all in. Smudge, a little more so than Squeak. Good girl. Good
girl. Yeah, how about that? Yes. Yes, she is — that’s good. We want her to be confident.
Don’t we, girl? Hey, Smudge. Yes, you are. Alright, rabies vaccine on the right side
just under the skin. You’re gonna get in the way. And while these two are comfortable here,
fear not, they’re just resting up for tonight’s watch, and the next adventures of Smudge and


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