Trump & Cruz dominate the Fox News GOP Debate in South Carolina

Trump & Cruz dominate the Fox News GOP Debate in South Carolina

Today is Saturday 16th January 2016 and we
are providing our take on who won last Thursday’s GOP debate in South Carolina.
With just over 2 weeks to go before the first votes are cast at the Iowa caucuses the Fox
GOP Debate held in South Carolina confirms what we have thought for a long time – Trump
controls the Agenda, Trump is the Agenda and Trump Wins the Agenda.
For perhaps the first time, we have all been able to see Trump actually behaving like a
Statesman (or the closest he may get to it) and still rank above his other, more politically
experienced Rivals. Last Thursday, the focus was essentially Trump
and Cruse, the two front runners in the Polls holding vacillating 1st and 2nd positions
in Iowa. We witnessed on Thursday their first fist-fight
of the campaign and Donald Trump gave his best debate performance ever.
Standing centre-stage, Trump the front Runner towered over the field with unrelenting verbal
volleys at the top contenders – or at least the few who dared to take him on, their fear
just another sign of his dominance. Trump’s strongest moments came as he and Texas Sen.
Ted Cruz had their most public and direct fight of the campaign.
For days, Trump has effectively planted the idea in voters’ minds that Cruz’s Canadian
birthplace could be a liability should Democrats challenge the Texas Senator’s eligibility
to run for President. Cruz’s riposte was good, but not good enough with lingering doubts
still remaining. Then Cruz committed the cardinal sin of any politician, he insulted the voters
of New York by his attack on “New York Values. This is what he said: “I think most people
know exactly what New York values are.” Like a Tiger, ready to pounce, Trump seized
on this moment with a most statesmanlike comment: “When the World Trade Center came down, I
saw something that no place on Earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely,
than New York,” the audience applauded loudly. Yes Cruz did elevate himself somewhat as he
went head to head with Trump — indicating a two-man race might be in the offing. He
certainly got the most screen time in two separate bouts with the billionaire, and he
also added some levity when he suggested Trump could be his VP, and jump to the head of the
ticket if he is ruled ineligible. So what about the other candidates? Well the
only ones who made anything of an impression were Christie, and Rubio both having key stakes
in New Hampshire. Chris Christie delivered the strongest debate
performance of all of the establishment candidates as he touted his record as a Governor and
let his ‘no-nonsense New Jersey spirit shine.’ Marco Rubio started off well with a slap-down
of Hillary Clinton and delivered a strong finish when he slammed Cruz as a flip-flopper.
But despite these strong moments, Rubio was mostly out of view amidst the Trump and Cruz
back-and forths – and was only able to make a mark by describing them as an “episode of
Court TV” We raise this issue again to support the view
we have held for many months. Trump has out manoeuvred his rivals. He has outsmarted the
Republican Leadership and he is still well ahead of his nearest rival – Ted Cruz, as
shown in the latest Wall St Journal/NBC Poll giving Trump 33% and Cruz 20% share of the
vote. This man is a maverick and master of media manipulation. He is likely to win the
Republican nomination unless something catastrophic happens or that he fails to ensure an adequate
‘ground team’ being available in each State in preparation for the caucus vote.
The Establishment have a problem – they dislike Trump and they dislike Cruz just as
much if not more – and these two are the front runners. Should Trump win the nomination
then we predict that the Presidential Campaign that then ensues will be like none ever seen
before. We hope you have found this video interesting
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  1. Christie would start WW3 in the first month of his presidency. He is an even bigger ass than Graham (literally and figuratively). Another thing Trump did brilliantly was first bringing up Cruz as his VP candidate if he received a citizenship ruling from the court, thereby nailing Cruz in that position in the watcher's minds. Cruz was visibly shaken in his response and tried to turn the VP offering around – – decent recovery, but mortally wounded in the process. I assume everyone knows Cruz is owned by the banksters

  2. hey illuminati whats your thoughts on the shanghai metals exchange as ive heard rumers that something in feb is pccuring thatl help relieve the manipulation of precious metals. Unfortunately im having trouble finding reliable respurces relating to it all n i feel the illuminati community may be able to shed some light?

  3. Interesting I don't bet anymore but I remember the odds on trump at 7 to 1 last year early on. He is a very clever man and winning the republican nomination will create shock waves of opinions not just in the U.S.A but across the world.

  4. Cruz is a plant, to draw attention, and nothing more. Being born in Canada, he is ENTIRELY INELIGIBLE. He's nothing more than a "vote splitter" at this point, nor will he ever be anything more.

    To add to that, he reminds me of the Penguin from the original Batman TV series.

  5. I can't believe Trump pulled the 'I am hurt by your mean comments' card and it actually worked. After all the trash Trump has talked about everyone else.

  6. I didn't watch the debate. I haven't watched a debate since Bush v Gore and we all know how that came out.

    I was more interested in the Iran will be FREE OF SANCTIONS story which will have an effect possibly as early as next Tuesday when the markets open back up.

    I won't make any predictions because given that the Markets are mostly rigged and you can never predict a rigged game I will still give restate my opinion about what it means that Iran can start selling oil.

    They will be almost immediately getting their 100 billion in assets that were frozen but that wont be enough they will need to start selling as much oil as they can even if they are only making $10 a barrel. It is estimated Iran sits on over 100 billion and some estimates say 150 billion PROVEN OIL RESERVES. Thats about 75 to 90 years of production. It also has a lower cost of production for a barrel of oil than its enemy Saudi Arabia and thus can play the RUN YOU OUT OF BUSINESS GAME as well as they can.

    This means anyone sitting on $30 dollar oil futures is wetting their pants because oil is going to $20 a barrel and they are going to do one of two things. They are either going to ask the US Government or Israel to start something and bomb Iran's oil fields back into the stone age or they are going to be dumping ALL THINGS OIL BACKED as soon as possible and that day is Tuesday of next week.

    The Royal Bank of Scotland probably knew this was coming when it told its clients to SELL EVERYTHING ahead of the crisis that is obviously coming.

    Under Obama the first isn't going to happen because this is what Obama wanted. And if anyone wants to call that Conspiracy Theory that's okay. The idea that people don't conspire to alter the world is ridiculous and naive. Now I don't think he thought Saudi Arabia would go this deep when they agreed to help destroy the Russian Economy and incidentally the Venezuelan economy as well. And I bet if we dig a little deeper we can see how China got gut punched in all this too.

    And here is why. The dollar sits at a precarious position or at least it did. This channel hasn't been around long enough but I have been saying on Peter Schiff videos and doomsday END OF DOLLAR channels that the idea that the US Dollar is going to be worthless is pure nonsense. Not only that but when the SHTF the person with Cash-In-Hand is going to be able to buy up a lot of cheap cheap stuff. Why? Because the second part of the plan was to make Gold and Silver no longer money. And I think that has been well established. China has been taking a lot of our Dollars and buying cheap gold with them thinking when the SHTF they would have the last laugh. Since they have started buying mass quantities at around $1300 they have seen their investment wasted and since Gold refuses to rise much even when we saw a 2500 point drop in the DOW over the summer it finally sank in "over there". Gold and Silver aren't going to save anyone.

    You need dollars. And this is where I go into wilder speculation. If I were part of the "conspiracy" or "cabal" or whomever is "pulling the strings" I would let the market crash down to 14000 or maybe a little lower and launch QE4 just like Peter Schiff suggests but not for the reasons he suggests. I would use it to FLOOD THE WORLD IN MORE DOLLARS. We look like the saviors of the world when in reality we are more like the Heroin dealer giving out free samples of their product. The first couple doses are free the next decade will cost you. Toss in some checks like BUSH handed out to everyone and THE PEOPLE will be on board and it might actually stimulate the economy again.

    Now if they wanted to be real smart, and lets assume they actually were working in the interests of the United States they would target that QE toward infrastructure work. A couple TRILLION in fact. While everyone else is in decline we give this old lady a dose of METH, a paint job, and a new shiny walker. Sneak past the Baby Boomer Crisis and then watch China implode even further as their One Child Policy kicks their ass even harder as they try to take care of 100s of millions of old people on half as many workers.

    Its a demographic race. Harry Dent is right about that. And we (the US) could win if we wanted to. The up-and-coming millennials actually out number the now dying Baby Boomers and we could actually weather this storm if we wanted to. Bush messed up and should have done this in 2008. It looks like we get one more opportunity. Oil/Gas is cheap and we should take advantage of that.

    We could have another AMERICAN CENTURY. We just have to want it. And I am sad to say the person we want for that is Hilary Clinton.

    There I said it. Now talk me down off the ledge if you can.

  7. I.S. nice analysis spot on . Im sensing trump might dominate to the nomination . I just look back and remember Al Gore beating W and the supreme court negated the true vote. Bang we are chasing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq .I remain skeptical for now…… 15 some years later and we are still at war with an Imaginary Boogyman …..ISIL ok…..You do support the troops Right? Thats another trap you will get stuck in.

  8. Trump is finally convincing me that he could possibly win the Republican nomination, but as such a polarizing figure such as Barry Goldwater he will likely lose the presidential election.

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