Trump & Cruz dominate the Fox News GOP Debate in South Carolina

Today is Saturday 16th January 2016 and we
are providing our take on who won last Thursday’s GOP debate in South Carolina.
With just over 2 weeks to go before the first votes are cast at the Iowa caucuses the Fox
GOP Debate held in South Carolina confirms what we have thought for a long time – Trump
controls the Agenda, Trump is the Agenda and Trump Wins the Agenda.
For perhaps the first time, we have all been able to see Trump actually behaving like a
Statesman (or the closest he may get to it) and still rank above his other, more politically
experienced Rivals. Last Thursday, the focus was essentially Trump
and Cruse, the two front runners in the Polls holding vacillating 1st and 2nd positions
in Iowa. We witnessed on Thursday their first fist-fight
of the campaign and Donald Trump gave his best debate performance ever.
Standing centre-stage, Trump the front Runner towered over the field with unrelenting verbal
volleys at the top contenders – or at least the few who dared to take him on, their fear
just another sign of his dominance. Trump’s strongest moments came as he and Texas Sen.
Ted Cruz had their most public and direct fight of the campaign.
For days, Trump has effectively planted the idea in voters’ minds that Cruz’s Canadian
birthplace could be a liability should Democrats challenge the Texas Senator’s eligibility
to run for President. Cruz’s riposte was good, but not good enough with lingering doubts
still remaining. Then Cruz committed the cardinal sin of any politician, he insulted the voters
of New York by his attack on “New York Values. This is what he said: “I think most people
know exactly what New York values are.” Like a Tiger, ready to pounce, Trump seized
on this moment with a most statesmanlike comment: “When the World Trade Center came down, I
saw something that no place on Earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely,
than New York,” the audience applauded loudly. Yes Cruz did elevate himself somewhat as he
went head to head with Trump — indicating a two-man race might be in the offing. He
certainly got the most screen time in two separate bouts with the billionaire, and he
also added some levity when he suggested Trump could be his VP, and jump to the head of the
ticket if he is ruled ineligible. So what about the other candidates? Well the
only ones who made anything of an impression were Christie, and Rubio both having key stakes
in New Hampshire. Chris Christie delivered the strongest debate
performance of all of the establishment candidates as he touted his record as a Governor and
let his ‘no-nonsense New Jersey spirit shine.’ Marco Rubio started off well with a slap-down
of Hillary Clinton and delivered a strong finish when he slammed Cruz as a flip-flopper.
But despite these strong moments, Rubio was mostly out of view amidst the Trump and Cruz
back-and forths – and was only able to make a mark by describing them as an “episode of
Court TV” We raise this issue again to support the view
we have held for many months. Trump has out manoeuvred his rivals. He has outsmarted the
Republican Leadership and he is still well ahead of his nearest rival – Ted Cruz, as
shown in the latest Wall St Journal/NBC Poll giving Trump 33% and Cruz 20% share of the
vote. This man is a maverick and master of media manipulation. He is likely to win the
Republican nomination unless something catastrophic happens or that he fails to ensure an adequate
‘ground team’ being available in each State in preparation for the caucus vote.
The Establishment have a problem – they dislike Trump and they dislike Cruz just as
much if not more – and these two are the front runners. Should Trump win the nomination
then we predict that the Presidential Campaign that then ensues will be like none ever seen
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