Trump for President? An Interesting idea – By Illuminati Silver

Trump for President? An Interesting idea – By Illuminati Silver

Welcome to Illuminati Silver – we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Thursday 23rd July 2015 and we are
speaking All Things Trump. We are moving away in this video from our
normal area just to add a touch of light relief to the particularly serious subject of precious
metal investing. So please forgive us if this is off message.
Donald Trump is heading the polls at approximately 24% in the ‘Republican Nomination for President
stakes. We all know he has a big mouth, which he shoots
off on spec and never apologises and boasts about his incredible wealth, education and
business ability. So why are people following him? It’s simple,
he has made the entire political establishment his enemy. The very people over the past 30+
years, he has sponsored, funded and contributed to, he is now slashing at with a razor edged
sword and is gaining credibility for doing so. He is saying those things that many people
think but do not dare say out loud. His criticism of immigration, China flooding
the US with cheap imports, Wars being fought that should never have been entered into,
the way veterans are neglected all resonate with the American people or at least a large
section of them. He is the master of publicity and throughout
this campaign so far, the media and the other candidates are only talking about Trump – A
far cry from Ron Paul, who was constantly shunned and ignored. This is the lesson that
Trump has learned over the years – set the Agenda and run with it as hard and as fast
as you can. When that issue starts to Flag, create another and repeat.
The middle classes in the US and around the Western World are suffering. They are up to
their necks in debt, and have seen their wages freeze or decline. They are unhappy as life
seemed far more comfortable and easier a few years ago. This unhappiness, leads to discontent,
then anger, then Revolution. Seeing the head of Goldman Sachs becoming a Billionaire – yes
an employee becoming a Billionaire – instead of being heralded as an opportunity for everyone,
is derided and scorned – for he heads up one of the Institutions which has allegedly put
the World’s economies both at risk and in danger.
So people are looking for a Saviour. Now we do not really believe Trump is that man. But
we also do not believe any of the others are too. But Trump is different, his approach
is different, his language is different and we are confident his actions would be revolutionary.
So, will he win – we doubt it. Should he win, probably not? But if he did, the US would
be transformed or turned into dust. People who claim they want an opportunity for REAL
Change have that opportunity in voting for TRUMP. We shall see shortly if that desire
is as real as many may make out. Oh by the way, Trump has also been an advocate
for Gold and Silver in the past, so whether one supports him or not, he is at least an
ally in that area. As a parting shot, we acknowledge and concede
that he will not receive any votes from a democratic, Mexican immigrant who was captured
and tortured in the Vietnam War. We hope you have found this video at least
interesting, and would appreciate it if you would give us a thumb up or down, comment
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Silver Illuminati owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
and Economics. Having now retired from these worlds we are not qualified to give investment
advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.


  1. US is run by governing committee no the president. President in the USA is a script reader, some one for masses to admire. 
    All of The United States presidents follow the same path, path they are not architects off.  That's why even an idiot like G.W. Bus… could seat in the office giving speeches which lacked any intellectual coherence. Hence, Donald duck or any other fairly teller is for satisfying sheep not for the leadership.

  2. The US president doesn't run the show, just ask Clinton, yes it would be fun if Donald Dump did well, but hell it would make American politics even more of a joke………Dump for president….yipee.

  3. No one thought the conservatives would win an overall majority in the UK this year, but they did. Anything can happen!

  4. Another interesting video, thank you.  Here you've mentioned Ron Paul, middle class discontent and anger, institutions that have put the world economy in danger, and real change.  I wonder if you could essay into these and other related subjects while tying it real money.

  5. Your analysis is pretty spot on.

    I kind of like Trump. Some say he is a clown. I think he's more like The Joker from Batman.

    Trump is about half-Nicholson, half-Ledger. Like Nicholson's Joker, Trump is a self-promoting showman who understands that the Right needs an enema. After all, Conservatism, Inc. has been taking it up the rear for the last fifty years; if it's going to take anything else up there it might as well be a cleansing.

    Like Ledger's Joker, he's the man who, in desperation, we are turning to, even if we don't fully understand him. But we don't care–he is the one who we bring in when we're ready to set the whole thing ablaze. And in the process of burning it, he's going to hold up a mirror and force everyone to look into it; to see ourselves as we really are. We aren't going to like what we see. Not any of us. Although I'm certain a few here may already know what such a visage entails.

    Just like The Joker, Donald Trump will likely fail. But it will be a spectacular failure.

    Simply put, Trump is the perfect troll for the White House. The politicians, bureaucrats and voting public have become too complacent, and he's just what we need to disrupt the status quo.

    The primaries would certainly be less interesting without him around.

  6. The dry British humor in this video had me chuckling the whole way through. "Should he be elected?….Probably not…" My favorite part. With that said Trumps been in this game a long time, IF he makes it anywhere near wearing a name tag with POTUS after his name he will have some sex scandal…or tax evasion issue come to light…Hell he may even take up carpentry and "accidentally" shoot himself in the head 7 or so times with a nail gun like Richard Talley. Who better then The Illuminati to know…Since the time of Andrew Jackson POTUS is just a clock-punching position.

  7. Trump is an ass-clown, and you just lost the credibility that you have been teasing me with. You are a black flag site; it is the only thing that makes sense to me. Hats off to a very credible counter narrative, however.

  8. Anyone they let get much media attraction will not be any good for America. See the ideal is to give the people a illusion of hope

  9. Trump owns lots of real estate in the USA. If this country slides he's in trouble vote for Trump to save himself and us along with it

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