1. I’m a sonic fan and even I agree with this how do people disagree trunks defeated king cold and freiza the outcome is obvious

  2. Trunks vs silver:
    +Debatebly smarter
    +Could deflect ki blasts with psychosis
    +Could outrun kamehamamaaa
    +Super form is invincible
    +psychosis could not be countered by Trunks
    =Super forms
    =Time travel
    -Meele combat
    -Less experienced
    -Super form doesn’t last too long
    -psychosis was not as strong as ki blasts or kameahameaaa
    +Had a sword which gave him combat edge
    +More experienced
    +Super form can last for a long time
    +Ki blasts and kameahamaa were stronger then psychosis
    =Super forms
    =Time travel
    -Super form did not make him invincible
    -Can not counter psychosis
    -Attacks could be deflected with silvers psychosis
    -Silver can outrun khamehammaa
    Reply who you think would win!

  3. Also inaccurate.any being that can harness the power of the chaos emeralds and become super forms of themselves should be impervious to any attacks ANY ATTACKS.super sayans just have increased durability and can still get cut or injured in any way

  4. Why you keep doing vegeta and his fam dirty by putting them up against stupid animals. Have some respect and have them face REAL mfs

  5. People factoring in abilities from Sonic characters that wouldn't matter against DBZ characters. It's like putting a Naruto character into a DBZ fight and getting angry when their moves have no affect due to them having Ki. They should have put Hit against Silver. Then this would be even more hilarious watching all the Sonic fans in an uproar.

  6. Why are like all of the DBZ characters so op?… like seriously, every sonic character basically gets destroyed because DBZ characters have way more attacks.

  7. idk how dragon Ball characters are so overwhelmingly overpowered, is it bcs they have the best training, or is it bcs they keep on using a power Ball to end the fight like pûssîes

  8. Ok we got Vegeta vs Shadow. Than we got Trunks vs Silver. What’s next Goku vs Sonic. If that was true it would probably be better than goku vs Superman. The mistake the death battle made twice.

  9. Not that I disagree with this outcome, but I get the feeling that the staff of Death Battle really dislikes Sonic. With the exception of Sonic and Amy, the other characters keep getting pitted against opponents who can babyshake them effortlessly.

  10. I think Trunks could've won that in base form because all Silver did was throw Debris at him but hey just my opinion

  11. Silver never stood a chance against trunks and besides this is dbz trunks and not dbs trunks so it was definitely him

  12. As a fan of sonic and dragon ball I cant say I'm mad as this fight wasnt researched. But what I can say is people forget that Silver fought Solaris…. A God that swallows dimensions and the past present and future… Alongside sonic and shadow all in their super forms meaning they had to of defeated Solaris at every time. But Trunks stomps silver if they're base form. Silver's true power alone isnt very obvious as he hasnt had enough screen time other than sonic 06. But Trunks also had his fair share with King Cold and Frieza. A true battle between Trunks and Silver would devastate planets and last a long time due to Silver probably being able to use chaos control, and Trunks using Ki blasts, and teleportation.

  13. Oh come on! I don't even need to watch this to know how this should go. You're putting up a guy who STARTS OUT as a planet buster (who can one-shot other planet busters) and ends up, at the very least, a solar-system buster against a friggin' hedgehog who can run really fast. Trunk could kill Silver with his pinkie.

  14. If anyone thinks this is inaccurate, here's a researched version.

  15. The victor was obvious. You can’t put a hedgehog against a member of the proudest warrior race. Especially the prince of that race

  16. Poor silver he stood no chance and that’s what made it sad to see silver land a few hits but trunks is to powerful and silver is a small rodent take a moment to think this threw yes dbz is strong but sonic characters to go up against them I see is point less but if you love it then watch more of hedgehogs getting beat to a pulp you can hate me all you want but this was sad

  17. no no hell no sliver can beat trunks dude I have done the research the only reason for why trunks won was because peps liked him more than silver cuz like I said iv done the research boi

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