TRYING WISH GADGETS 🤔 Gold Teeth, Pore Vaccum & More!

TRYING WISH GADGETS 🤔 Gold Teeth, Pore Vaccum & More!


  1. This is the first video of yours I’ve watched. I got a shock when you went from bare faced to full makeup! You look entirely different.

  2. The “instant smile” is called a “flipper” in the beauty pageant industry. They are not meant for talking or eating, just smiling. They call them flippers as they flip out if you talk. Lol

  3. Has anyone had a problem with these guys pricing one thing and selling for a different price?(more$)??I ordered one thing and was billed for three times the listed price. The shipping often is more than they list?? I put things in a "wish"list and a few days later was billed for All of the stuff and charge my card for the stuff!$1,043.$!!! They only want to talk by email and it's difficult to write it all down….

  4. Love the small nose ring on the side, it really looks good on you. As for the Snap on Smile teeth, another youtuber tried them and they didn't fit her teeth either. It seems they're made only for people with small teeth…how stupid.

  5. What kind make-up do u use u look beautiful hun!!?? I so want some!! Thank you for all your tips very helpful!! 😇

  6. Wow at comments I just read can everyone please get along this is what's wrong today let's not hate or discremenat or act a fool let's come together for something greater and spread something good please! Let's think of our present and future I have a 2yr old I'm scared to death for bc this world is so cruel and going to hell in a hand basket bc all seem so caught up in all this nonsense, can we please learn to try again b4 it's too late!!?? I beg u each and every one, please!!

  7. Aren't you afraid of lead poisoning? I'd never buy cheap things from China. For the same price as a lot of this stuff you can get it on Amazon and get your money back.

  8. Well for the snap on smile it's for people with teeth missing or tooth gaps. You've got a good smile already lol

  9. For the pore sucking tool you need something on your face. Water, serum, cleanser. Anything! You can cause micro tears on your face from using that on dry skin.. My facialist uses a serum that warms a little on the skin to open pores so the gunk comes out easier

  10. She looks so bad without make up like she wears WAAAY Too much and it's giving her allergic reactions on her skin and eye area. Look like she got beat the fuk up

  11. I had one of those mascara guides and I LOVED IT! A cheaper option is to get a piece of cardboard and hold is behind the root of your lashes to get lift and full coating. The guide is great too.

  12. Fyi those aren't fake nose piecing hoops, the not flat side inserts inside the Nose and you twist it until the flat part touches the inside of your nose

  13. I'm also planning to make some reviews of jollychic weirdest thing ever hahaha and this video is great idea thank you sweetheart❤️❤️

  14. That mascara helper is for hooded eyes so it doesn't smudge so bad while applying it. I learned to use it properly and it actually helps a lot with my hoodies. 😊

  15. "Half the things are just, gimmicky" yep! Those must be leftover Halloween vampire teeth painted gold. Ugh lmao fun video

  16. Wow you have a strong australian accent, i'm Australian to but my irish and scottish gets in the way. And i sound a little british lo,

  17. If you try putting a warm wash cloth on your face for a couple min it will open up your pores and the pore sucker thing might work better. I dont know for sure im just troubleshooting.

  18. Can you plz do the hair wish has. The pony tails and the hair thats on a bannana clip. Curly and stright. Want to see how thick one is or how many it takes to look right.

  19. The snap on smile is done wrong. The hard plastic piece is a mold. You have to boil water drop the wax like thing in water which will turn clear when completely soft take place it in the mold. Press it onto ur teeth hold till it hardens and makes a dental replica of ur teeth. If done right u pop. The hard plastic off take the mold and should snap into place. Just fyi they say most people make the same mistake thinking the hard plastic is the product but its a mold.

  20. As a red blooded male i completely support a woman wanting to wear make up to feel more confident. But i can honestly say you are just as beautiful without it.

  21. I have that mascara guard thingy! Ordered from eBay like 10 years ago and I still use it everyday. But only as comb. Love it!

  22. I like aliexpress because you usually have free shipping. Of course with some exceptions. After I found aliexpress I stopped using wish. Just my opinion. Oh and mostly the same products

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