TRYING WISH GADGETS 🤔 Gold Teeth, Pore Vaccum & More!

TRYING WISH GADGETS 🤔 Gold Teeth, Pore Vaccum & More!

Hey guys today We’re trying some new wish beauty gadgets and fun little bits and pieces fake teeth fake Piercings grills floor cleaners and some makeup gadgets as well. So stay tuned. Okay So first of all, we’re gonna try the suit fit cleaning skin pore cleaner I’ve been dying to try one of these. I’m sure you guys have seen these on like I don’t know Facebook eBay wish da let me just see how much those costs 20 batteries for this There’s so many different kinds on wish you can get them for around Seven to seventeen dollars obviously just check their shipping pricing because the shipping pricing varies from pro its product But for example, this one here seven dollars and the shipping at cost eight dollars so that fifteen dollars all up Oh, yeah I need one double a battery not include it says a suit for cleaning skin suck the commodores Q10 sebum and keep the skin smooth and refreshing here it all is so Yes is that you can use the tea suction for massage and shape the face? The overall suction cap is used for clean the pores I can’t figure out how to get this off like Barry goes in here, but like Which I break it But I really understand what that means out BOGO side and a side It looks like you can only turn up on Way But says offices like up here And if you pull it off the battery so it’s like not really got an on/off it’s like a live photo boudoir or like on cuz you can’t Shut it Okay. So the tea suction cup is if you rotate this so you can like it take it off and there’s like a little like Other side so you just switch it around. So I’m gonna use the Audible side which is mean to be for cleaning your pool assilex So I click the zoom in and I’ll show you guys what my pores look like. Currently. You’re mostly gonna do around my nose I also want to try around my chin as well. So here’s the before and you can see a little bit of gunk down here It’s not as bad as it normally is sort of interesting to see what I can pull out not very strong I feel like It’s sort of weak. It’s getting nothing you know well I actually bought two don’t ask why I think I bought one and then forgot and then bought another one and then forgot and Two arrived. I don’t know don’t even talk to me about it. Okay, the other one I’ve got is called spot cleaner So if you’re on a search wish but cleaner is what you should search for. This one looks wait It’s the same It just came packaged different. So but anyway, let’s see if it actually performs differently Oh That one sounds louder is it just me no consistency whatsoever That one’s so much stronger I can’t hold this one own either like I’m like trying to do with my thumb Oh God Kind of feels nice on my chin, but I can’t really see anything like hang out in here is doing Why does it only turn on? Like shaking it turns it stop just shush you can see there’s like a few little spics in there, hopefully So it did suck something out Not a lot But I mean it did and it is kind of satisfying but it’s just like oh this is terrible quality I’m sure if you bought like a good one with a good website Maybe it would work that uh, this one for some reason works waiter The one that came in this packaging and I will come from two different pages. Obviously So I do not even show how you guys are supposed to ensure that you buy a good one Do you know I mean like that’s kind of weird their brain does the same thing? But this one’s so much more powerful than the first one. God knows what to do there, I guess It’s just a risk so it doesn’t work slightly. Am I gonna continue using it? I look like I’ve just given myself patch rash. Oh, No, I don’t think I’ll continue to use it because it’s not effective enough I feel like poor strips the bitter which I’d really have some poor strips of wish that I’m going to use in my Next wish video Wow. Hello, its Looks the same so probably not even worth doing a side-by-side photo. Maybe it’s just my one like I see This theory needs to come out here cuz this is really annoying me. He’s a very inconsistent I would love to try another brand that’s actually like a trusted brand or something See what it’s like if you guys have tried this, what did you think? I just feel like that was? Underwhelming. I feel like it got like two specks of dirt and it’s about it Alright, I just wouldn’t washed my face and moisturized again. Now. We’re gonna try a look Moz This guy’s for for ttle is fifty with six dollars shipping. So expensive to be honest for one. So this is a collagen nourishing and moisturizing lip mask and Just looks really funny. You might have seen these from brands in the past. This is the one I got It’s not even that cheap so I don’t know why I bothered although this one is cheaper This one’s ready three doll is with three dollars shipping. So definitely schult around people have rated a real high so let’s try to can’t read the instructions because they are not in English and I am Boring and I like no English. I say ok. It is 10 to 15 on here. Whoa, it’s tipping everywhere It’s very liquidy So I’m assuming you later on 14 to 15 minutes, and it’s got an expiry date which is quite good makes me feel a little bit more like Trustful let’s try a word. I don’t think so So you open it up and you pull it out and it’s like this little wet jelly mask. It looks quite cool It’s just like a sheer pink color. So I’m gonna pop this on and sit my phone for 10 to 15 minutes Let me just do it on my lips quickly. They feel quite dry at the moment So I’ll be able to tell you if they feel like hydrated. Here’s how they look here is a my before Let’s check it on. Oh It smells good. It smells like Berries or something? Ok Taste with so immediately. It looks very glossy and pretty here’s how it looks. I don’t know. It’s just Rub it in. I’d say my lips definitely look more hydrated. They don’t look bigger anything I wasn’t expecting them to really yeah, they feel soft I feel like my skin still feels real dry like you’re on here, but like they look softer They feel softer, but not completely soft. I don’t know. I probably would have muck around with that girlfriend I feel like it was still pretty expensive feel like what it is like hello Just use a lip scrub or look balm or something. I don’t know. What do you guys think? I am going to go ahead and do the rest of my makeup and then we are going to try a bunch of These other goodies so yeah, ok guys next we gonna test this I’ve already got one layer of mascara on but I want more with scars that we’re gonna try out this little tool right here So you can find this by searching mascara guide on Wesch I’ve seen these before but I’ve never tried one before and I’m really interested to see what happens so you can get these for like 2 bucks or for free this one’s free you seem to pay for the shipping which costs for delays. Let’s give it a try Ok, we’re gonna use a kind of messy. Mascara. So ok. Something quite like moosian thick and stuff So I’m using my opinon say it’s one of my favorites I left you this on my eyelids, but I just wait for it to dry and then flake it off So wait try this in stage. I feel like maybe from Makeup hottest this could be helpful to like I don’t know You can get your client to hold it there and you could do it and then not mess up any of the eye makeup editor So there’s two sides Will three sides so there’s the side where you can kind of put your eye and like that and then use it. There’s also This one which I guess you can use like under your eye Houses with yeah under your eye. And then there’s also a Carm on the other edge so you can like Kobe Alexis out So I’m kind of cute. I’m gonna try the side. Oh God. It’s kind of terrifying Oh, it’s awkward because the brush is just like I’m just gonna use it as like a god like it’s me See you then Just doing it manually good facial brush doesn’t like fit and the god like it’s just easier doing this thing if you get some mascara on your eyelid you Just you know, flake it off. Once it’s dry. Filly. This is like a torture device I felt like it was gonna work for a while, but it’s just kind of awkward and sharp Like I can feel it stabbing my outer corners, okay Well, it’s a shame you could use the comb for things. Yes the comb works It’s kind of just tacky and a waste of time to be honest. What’s new with wish? I mean you do find some gems on wish bar cheese like half the things they’re just gimmicks and complete fails I’ll link below my previous wish videos if you want to go check them out Few of them have gone viral when there’s actually some good things in there Especially in the kitchen when I entered last time there is this chopping machine which changed my life So make sure you check out the down bar Alright, I’m just gonna go finish off my makeup and then we’ve got a couple more things to try to get them Okay, guys, we’ve got our makeup on and now we’ve got a couple more things left So we have some faith castings, which I thought would be fun So you guys sent me some similar? Screenshots of similar jewelry on a witch that you wanted me to try so I picked up a couple of different things now after that, we’re gonna try on the snap smile and grills sorry, if you searches bring it fake a lot of them kind of pop up my more free you three pieces a Lot, and yeah, I chose one of these sits right here the shipping cost four dollars. So flawless for three There’s not such a bad deal. I used to actually have my septum pierced properly. I freaking loved it But yeah, anyway, we’re try this one first, then we’ll try out the little nose rings So they feel like decent quality. Like they’re little just middle things. This one’s pretty it’s got little Rhinestones and hid but you’re really cute. Let’s give it a try on. Oh it tickles. I feel like it’s real big Big for my nose. Oh, yeah to go with the try on this one. Oh my god. I took was so bad I just felt like these are way too big for my suit dude why they touching my lip, you know? Like they all look silly because they’re all just way too big I don’t know maybe some of the difference it’s a smaller like these particular ones are just huge and they look real awkward on there This one’s probably the best one. But yeah, it’s not that flattering Personally, I don’t think so there but if I oh I mean they cheat but they just big I guess you could like with them Somewhere else that are freaking know and then the other ones came in this little tiny thing I just searched the same thing except nose piercing like fake nose piercing and came with like a bunch of them So they just look like this and honestly, sometimes I miss my noise kissing so that’s why I go things I never had a ring. I just had like a stud But basically what they look like is little hoops, and it’s like a fly size. They’re really not the flights I’d supposed to I’m assuming inside the light. It’s just pulpit of man. Well, it’s kind of cute Do you guys know I used to have my nose pierced on both sides and I loved it. Oh, I dig that It makes me want to get my nose pierced again. What do you guys think? I think it’s cute. It’s probably the wrong place Oh, yeah, I think that’s cute I don’t know if you all are thinking about getting you know His peers like they’re quite cool to play around with just to see if you think you’ll suit it or not Okay, I like that. I like that Look those were like two toys you get ones like this for the signature, which would probably be better Cuz like they not sorta like a huge weight. Look at that. That is such a bit of size on me. Yo, you’re gonna kill Moving along now, let’s try on at the gold tooth Last time I did a video using at false teeth, I go so much height the video may fire when I go so much Hey, I’ll link to the air below if you want to go watch it, but honestly, they looked so silly on me So I’m not trying to offend anyone. I am just trying stuff and let you know how its with myself Okay, so you can search gold teeth You could search grilles like it comes off a jillion different types of like grilles and teeth and stuff So I bought this little like gold tooth. It was two dollars and The shipping was also to Dallas with photos on This thing hip-hop cruise they still carry with it stays Reminds me that YouTube video the woman like pretty sink know like teaching hip-hop It’s like real cringe everything’s down love and all is in a plie. Yep on this One two, three more hit and a hip hop head We had this boom BAM every time Uh-huh. Your hands are always like this. This is what we call popping Straight ah That’s about to be me ladies and gentlemen, I don’t really know how it works, let’s go this like go on the inside I’m assuming to like stick it to your teeth do just push it in. Let’s read the instructions warning These are intended for entertainment purposes only They should not be one continuously not intended for eating sleeping or replace the new natural teeth or Britain fillings. Do not eight Okay, we need hot water and then you just kind of push it on so similar to those last teeth I tried I’m gonna go wait. I mean wait boil some water up So it’s nice and hot and then we’ll push it on I got way. Okay, so I’ve got a little like bowl of water Hey, it’s hot water. It’s not like completely boiling. It’s like half boiled whatever that means I’m just gonna drop this in there and labor it for a few seconds And it just doesn’t really tell me how long’s it off Well, so I don’t know well White like 10 seconds or something like that and then it says to hold the truth in place for like a minute So that it hardens like in the shape your teeth Like using a tweezer to trim pick it out and I’ll go out. What truth are we choosing this one? I feel like it’s only gonna fill up Oh my god I should have done that too. It’s like too big for that tooth and in the end, ah get on I’m just giving it all I cut myself. I like choices way too big for Heidi This looks really awkward you could like argue that this works but it’s tall, it’s dumb. They’re like, that’s my friend to Make up I got on it. I look like I’m just missing a tooth or no also Let’s try the next one, which is this one it looks like vampire teeth and in the picture It doesn’t look like vampire teeth, but oh well It looks like what when you buy the turtle shell for Halloween, so we’re gonna put in the goo Somehow here we go. And I’m gonna dunk this in the hot water This one must also two dollars by the way, so you’re getting a much better deal this one I’m good on I Look at it too much. Good. Okay How do I look I feel like a fool? Well, I had like van fiery like I don’t get that and they make me dribble row bed I caught in I Can’t with these Haggar here’s the finished look I’m literally about to start drooling not a good luck The only time I would evil within is a Halloween and even then I wouldn’t win them the last thing Snap on Smile So, please don’t hate me if I don’t like them. Don’t abuse me. Thank you very much So you can start snap-on smile these with $4 shipping And they were free and basically what these are are a little snap on smiles to make the teeth Instantly white so they kind of like marketed on a wish at least It’s like an instant teeth watching. So I don’t know if you’re supposed to wait these a lot. They look like this I’m just going to try to putting them on without like waiting them. Let me just make this a little bit darker Oh, hey you must with them. I only got a top one. They didn’t send me a bottom tooth So I think this is the bit that you which look at that. I don’t know I’m just gonna guess and put it in the water for a few seconds because there’s no instruction, sweetie That’s an even soften it I don’t know what he’s supposed to do I only stood there for like a solid two minutes and they look better in color a little poof Dynamic teeth or something. It covers like 2/3 my toes. And that’s it. This is not Not cricket as house would say I’m actually familiar My routines are real yellow could see a way like I do my teeth I feel like I call the biggest ripoff ones in history because they do not look like the picture I’m obviously use like pitches of light people’s vania’s. Look at that like Expectation versus reality. So there you go There’s my wish review this time if there’s any other gadgets you want to see me at review Comment them below and I will apply them and test them on camera fear. I feel like my favorite They actually ended up being the little nose rings. They’re really cute. So thank you whoever requested those and Yeah, yes. I don’t know has a lot of files in this one, but hey Hopefully to entertain you for a few minutes and if it did please thumbs up Don’t forget to subscribe and notify and I will talk to you guys in my next video Don’t forget to check the down buck for some more of these videos as well


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