Turkish Coffee in Copper – Hakart

Turkish Coffee in Copper – Hakart

Turkish coffee made in copper is more delicious. Well, how is copper made? My name is ilhan DOYRAN I am 46 years old. I am a board member of Hakart. We’re nearly 45 years of coppersmith. It’s our grandfather’s profession. The journey of copper begins with rolling mill, with copper or washer discs. We put them in various press molds, into a process we call the hive, to prepare for spinning. After the hive has been made, our product must undergo an annealing process, at high heat to take shape. Then the metal becomes soft. After softening, it forms more quickly in the spinning mold. Spinning is a profession, mostly based on arm and waist strength. Metal is dressed on the mold to take form, is called spinning. After spinning, the product goes to the forgers, and is forged according to the request. These forgers are usually experienced craftsmen with a firm background. They are trying to provide that hammer arithmetic in a certain order. After spinning, some products go into forging, and some other are processed according to the variety of products. Thanks to our craftsman, who have gained a lot of experience in this process for years, different processes can be made with tip pens technique. Then the oil is washed from the surface of the product, we call it washing process. After that product goes through different polishing systems, and prepared for handle nailing or different processing methods. After certain stages it becomes final product. Our profession’s average age is too high. Our craftsmen are mostly old. New generation does not give importance to this job. And our old craftsmen are about to end. Copper is a life source for us, a lifeblood. It’s like a legacy from our father and grandfather. Both our source of income and our visual art. Even its smell is different.

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  1. Hakart'la tanışmam 7-8 yıl önce Mehmet amca vesilesiyle oldu. Kendisi o zamanlar bir projemiz için büyük destekte bulunmuştu sağolsun 🙂 Saygılar kendisine.

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