Turquoise Purple & Gold Smokey Eye | Jaclyn Hill

Turquoise Purple & Gold Smokey Eye | Jaclyn Hill

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel First and foremost i just wanna say AH!! The biggest thank you in the world! For getting me to 4 million subscribers and 4 million followers on instagram like it all happened in the past like two weeks and i’m just I.. I.. I don’t even see? I literally have no words and I don’t even know what to say It’s just.. It’s so surreal like I never thought in a million years that this would be my life, like I always had really big dreams, and aspirations and goals, but I never thought that my life would be this, ever and it is truly all because of you guys, and I’m literally talking to all of you, like, you, right now, who’s watching this video, like, I’m talking to you, I’m so grateful for you I’m grateful for every view, every thumbs up that you give me, every time you like my picture, every time you leave me a comment, every time you tweet me, like every time I’m out in public and someone comes out to me just to give me a hug, I’m just so thankful for you, and It’s just crazy because I was thinking about it the other day and I was like when I first started youtube and I had no subscribers (I can’t even talk) and I was just doing my thing, like, I was doing it beacuse I was just so passionate about makeup You know? like, I had crappy camera equipment, crappy lightning, I was using lamps, you know what i’m saying? whatever it was genuine and that was my passion I just loved make up and it crazy because I still love make up so much and that passion is just so strong but on the other hand my passion for Youtube has now become my subscribers like I’m no longer as passionate about makeup as I am about you guys like I don’t know I’m so grateful for like our little community and our family like that we have built It really is so real Like if you are new here to my channel and it sounds cheesy I’m sorry but I know that there’s thousands and thousands of people out there That feel the exact same way. Like, I meet you guys and I swear to God that we have an instant connection I feel like we’re sisters like and I’m just so thankful for you You are the reason I want to sit down and keep filming videos no matter how busy I get or how overwhelmed I think about my subscribers and I’m like I’ve got to get back on camera, like, I miss you guys so I just want to say how thankful I am, like, I don’t know what I could ever do to repay you. So, yeah. Anyways, I’m going to stop babbling and get to what this video is actually about which is this makeup look that I’m wearing right now. This video is going to be a makeup tutorial on this right here. I am so obsessed, like beyond. And, I just want to say thank you so much again to you guys for getting me outside of my comfort zone because I’ve definitely become, like, the neutral queen, if you will. I’m not calling myself that, but you get it, anyways I’m just obsessed with neutrals, like, I’ve just gotten into this neutral rut, if you will, in the past eight months to a year it’s probably been like three years, let’s get real I just love my neutrals, I do! But, you guys definitely inspire me to get outside of my comfort zone And also, by Brookelle, she’s an instagram artist She’s incredible and I’ve been following her for a very, very long time. And every time she posts something and I’m just scrolling down my feed, I’m like taken aback by the beauty of her looks She definitely uses a lot of color, so I also want to say thank you to her for inspiring this look I just, I love it So, today I didn’t want to do anything too crazy yet I didn’t want to do like an all blue smokey eye or all purple smokey eye I wanted to start off slow, so I stuck with some warm shades, I incorporated some gold and some glitter I’m kind of like straddling my comfort zone right now like, I got one leg in the pool and one leg out If you follow me on snapchat, then you might know that I’ve actually filmed this video last week and I hated the way it turned out I hated the footage,it was like so yellow , so over exposed and it was going to be a voiceover and I was like I’m not about that life, so long story short, I actually had to re-film this video today I’m so glad it happened because I like this so much more than I did last week So anyways I’m gonna stop babbling you guys Thank you so much for watching this video , I love you and I will see you very soon , Mwaaah , Bye I am so excited to be filming Alright , I am going to start off by priming my eyes I’m just using a little bit of the Tarte Shape Tape concealer and then I will go over it with a translucent powder that’s the way I personally prime my eyes and the reason I always go over it with some powder is because the eyeshadow will go on and apply and blend out so smooth if you have a powder on first as opposed to going over just with like a tacky concealer or like a tacky primer the eyeshadow just won’t blend properly and it just adds a lot more work for you so I always recommend setting your eye primer with a powder ’cause I just feel like it makes the world of a difference I’m going to be going with the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts eyeshadow palette today I believe – ahhhh! why god why?! what did I do to deserve this?? you- you get BACK in your place you get back in that hole I’m gonna start off by going in with these two shades right here which is Air and Royal Perogative both of these shades are a matte and I’m going to just put them right here in the lower area of the crease I’m mixing them together like I’m dipping my brush in Air and then in Royal Perogative and I’m tapping off the excess and then going right into this crease area and I’m using and long haired natural brush and as you can see I’m doing it mainly just on the outer corner because then it will give me like a masculine like *growls* kind of look once I basically have nothing left on the brush I’ll bring it to the inner corner but the one thing that you want to avoid is staying away from this region up here like I don’t wanna get to close to the inner part of my brow you can see like I’m just putting that product right there basically in the crease, but I don’t wanna go above the crease in the inner corner I only wanna go above the crease on the outer corner then once I have basically nothing left on my brush I’m going to just softly bring that up towards the brow area I am going to be using Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in the shade Ibiza I’m just taking this on a small little fluffy brush – any brush would honestly do anything just to get that color on the inner corner I’m just gonna put this on that entire inner corner area we want the majority of this color right there in that inner corner like in that tear duct area and then we wanna fade out from there alright so now we have that turquoise blue in the inner corner I’m going to pick up the Queen of Hearts palette again and I’m going to grab Queen Mother, which is this really beautiful shimmery purple shade right here and I don’t normally put shimmer purples in the outer corner of my eye but today we’re, we’re just trying new thangs, y’all tryin’ new thangs I’m gonna just pack this on I am using the exact same brush as I did for the inner corner I just wiped it off on a paper towel so there was no loose blue eyeshadow left on it but I’m just gonna use the same brush and I’m just gonna pack this on right out on the outer corner this is my first time ever using the eyeshadow brush and I really like it so now I’m going to grab Your Majesty, which is this beautiful shimmery gold right here in the center of the palette I’m going to use the exact same brush – again I’m just gonna pack this on the center and then blend it I’m just gonna slightly put it over that blue slightly put it over the purple just to blend all of that together ’cause we don’t want it to be too choppy we don’t want it to be like blue! gold! purple! like we want it to have you know kind of like an ombre motion to it so I’m gonna go back in with a little bit more of that matte orange shade on a fluffier brush I’m gonna just take it right over the corners of that purple just to give it more of a pop so now just because I don’t love the way the outer corner is looking I’m gonna grab some MAC Deep Damson eyeshadow on a fluffy brush I’m just gonna pack that over the outer corner of the eye just kind of low down here ’cause I just want it to have a little more depth alright I’m just gonna grab a makeup wipe and just clean up some of this fallout because it is lookin’ really grungy under there so now that I’ve cleaned everything up with the makeup remover literally I’ll just like wipe it away and I’ll just take my nail or if you don’t have on nails just use a Q tip and just take it and just go *shoo* right along the side of it and it’ll give you that nice cut eye look as opposed to being like really messy like it was before I’m taking a totally clean brush and I’m just going to lightly go over this area just to make sure everything is, of course, blended to filth no harsh lines I’m gonna pick up just a little bit of this matte gorgeous magenta called Ladyship, I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do with it I’m just gonna pick a little bit of it up with a brush and just see what happens ’cause it’s so pretty! I’m just kind of like gonna put it in this area…I don’t know I just love it oh YESSS I love that extra little pop oh my gosh it’s so pretty alright so now with all the colors that we’ve applied and all the blending that we’ve done that gold in the center of my lid has definitely faded and I want that to pop so what I’m going to do I’m going to grab some Fix+ I’m going to dip a brush back into that gold shade and I’m going to spritz my brush with the Fix+ and then I’m just gonna take this I’m starting off low on the bottom


  1. I lovvveeee you so much Jaclyn. You are so beautiful and you inspire me so much. I enjoy watching your videos so much and I learn so many different tips and tricks for applying makeup, going out of my comfort zone. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me so far. Just watching your videos makes my day. May God bless you and your husband this year and the years to follow. -susan😄

  2. I've noticed you have redness to your skin. Can you do an updated skin routine please? I also have redness and I struggle with finding inexpensive things for my face. Thank you

  3. I wish you guys would give back. Instagram MUA tend to forget where they come from. I get it you guys are busy but i reached out to you as well as others to give words of encouragement to a group of active duty member and spouses and others who serve in the community on our fb page "Slayed by those who Serve" and nothing. It's sad because all of these members are big fans and follow you guys and we can't even get a hey. I'm happy for you and I hope this message gets to you. Never forget who helped you get to the top. THE FANS. Have a blessed day.

  4. Honestly it looks a little like you just picked three random colours and tried to make a look with it no hate love you and your pallet

  5. I recreated this look yesterday, using only your palette! I got soooo many compliments! thank youuu lady 😚😚😚

  6. Eyes look amazing but guuurrrlll so much foundation and powder. Looks so cakey even on camera. I can only imagine what it looks like in person.

  7. It’s crazy one year later add another million subscribers to that list ❤️❤️❤️ you deserve every single one of them!! Love you sooo much beauty!!!

  8. THIS LOOK GIVES ME THE FEELS! just tried it out and I am in LOVE with it! Thanks Jaclyn for always inspiring all of us. 🙂

  9. Just looking at some different applications . Must try something like this . You are way so ttalented‼️

  10. You are so freaking beautiful. I honestly never looked into makeup until I saw your videos. It helped my self out esteem, and pulled me out of my comfort zone

  11. I never watch a video or a movie more than once…but this look is so pretty that I just watched it for the 4th time!!! Luv u Jaclyn 4eva and always

  12. I am a huge fan of yours and was so sorry to hear of the death of your marriage. I suffered one too, and to this day, I'm still not totally over it.
    I purchased your pallet and I love it.
    I'm a much older fan; but, would still love any advise you may have if any.
    I love you bunches and keep on trucking.

  13. I did this look yesterday with the Jaclyn Hill palette! it's cool how she used colors she later created; great look!

  14. Probably my favorite look that Jaclyn has created of all time😍 there’s just something about the combination of those colors that does something to me

  15. Oh my gosh girl! I love this look! Absolutely beautiful! I just stumbled across this and you kept me for the whole video! You are a hoot! Chin up gorgeous!

  16. I've been searching for the perfect first look inspiration to use your morphe palette for the first time… THIS IS IT.

    I received the jaclyn hill x morphe palette 3 days ago and have been staring at it in beauty and awe.

  17. Yeah!!!! There she is…thats the Joyful soul I know and love!! The eyebrow trick is what makes you leagues beyond them All, also your ending with only Jac type Humor!! Love you girl! Keep up great work! Love and Prayers!!

  18. This is probably my favorite look you've ever done 💜💗💛💙 Please go back to doing tutorials!! You're the best teacher on here when it comes to eyeshadow and I legit miss it 😭

  19. You're so Gorgeous! I just love watching your videos. They put me in such a great mood. I can watch your videos all day long.

  20. I just love your look 😍 and can you please tell me what is your lipstick shade and from which brand and the lipstick shade and if it’s possible can you please give me the link please am waiting for your reply bcoz am a fan of nude shade your fan from INDIAN 🇮🇳

  21. Whenever I need a good tutorial, I come to you! Please keep doing more! 💖 I love the different colors you use, keep it up! 😘💖💝💜

  22. My best friend recommended me watch your videos. I scrolled and picked this one to watch and try the look first. I just wanted to pause and say how you are so amazing already and I havent even watched you do the look yet. I'm just already in tears because your passion and gratefulness. And then I wonder how do i do my makeup now since I'm crying Haha. Can't wait to wat ch them all!

  23. Yes it was genuine and real passionate for makeup back in the day – then it became all about promos pushing Morphe and I love Them too but now it’s all about the bottom line- that innocence will never come back or that passion and love that was the early years miss qvc hill is now but your like one of those preachers you have that American idol personality and you can sell ice to an Eskimo your greatest skill though honey is not your make up your greatest talent is that personality!

  24. @jaclynhill you need to get back to this .. watch the first 2.13 minutes of this video and remember why you do what you do!!!!

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