[TUTO] Bracelet Bresilien facile modèle Tresse (débutant)

[TUTO] Bracelet Bresilien facile modèle Tresse (débutant)

Hello Hello ! I am very happy to see you in a new video. This time it’s an easy bracelet So it’s accessible to everyone even to beginners So that’s it ! It’s a 9 strings pattern So you will have to choose 3 colors You will take 3 strings of each color And all the strings will measure 1 m10. Let’s go ! To begin I take all my strings I leave 10 cm to make a braid and I make a knot I fix it all with a tape And then I put my strings by color To start I take the first blue string He will make 5 double forward knots on the following strings If you don’t know how to make the double forward knot : The first string passes over the 2nd by forming a kind of 4 I take it it in the hole and I pull it up I do this a 2nd time and here is our 1st double forward knot the string that is pulled up I keep it in hand and the other I put it on the side He continues his way on the next string and there he will redo a double forward knot The blue string will make a 3rd double forward knot on the white string so we can see, it goes over we take it back in the hole and pull up we do this a second time the white string goes to the side and now we’re doing a 4th double froward knot on the 2nd white string and then a 5th double forward knot on the 3rd white string we will now start a new line with the blue string which is in 1st position he will do 4 double forward knots and he stops just before his blue friend I start again a 3rd line with the blue string in 1st position it will do 3 double forward knot we will now work on the right side of the bracelet the white strings are put aside we do not need them The 1st red string will make 5 double backward knots on each of the following strings The string passes over his friend we take it in the hole but the difference is that the knot forms a kind of reversed 4 the string goes to the left instead of going to the right it passes over, you take it in the hole and you pull it up in brazilian bracelet we always make 2 knots (double knot) the string pulled up continues its way on the next string he redoes a double backward knot In the 2nd line the red string in 1st position will do 4 double backward knots In the 3rd line the red string will make 4 double backward knots If you have arrived here, congratulations! you managed to do the basic pattern we must start again at the beginning except that the strings that will work will be the white strings I will do this step again with you I put my blue strings aside the 1st white string will make 5 double forward knots the 2nd white string makes 4 double forward knots The white string makes 3 double forward knots for the next step the blue strings will work they will make double backward knots 5, 4, 3 I think you understand, I let you continue alone;) I hope you liked this pattern . See you soon !


  1. I want to make mine like hers with the 3 stranded braids at the beginning and end of the bracelet, does anyone know how i can do that?

  2. 1m10 c’est un peu long quand je l’ai fais il restait encore pas mal de fil, du moins certain était plus long que d’autre à la fin du bracelet normql ? Ce serait mieux avec juste 1m de fil ou même 90cm?

  3. bonsoir. Merci pour ce tuto très bien expliqué. Pour ce modèle je voudrais faire 4 couleurs au lieu de 3 , avec 3 fils chacune , en tout donc 12 fils au lieu de 9….. Est ce qu'il faut que je fasse quand même 5/4/3/2 ou est ce différent ? merci pour ce partage, je débute et tu donnes vraiment tous les éléments pour réussir c'est encourageant. ;)) bisous

  4. Merci beaucoup Soto Caro! Vous expliquez vraiment très très bien, dès que je veux faire un bracelet brésilien je vais sur votre chaîne! En tous cas je vous souhaite une bonne continuation ! Je vais recommander vos vidéos à mes amies ! Bonne soirée! 🥰

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