[TUTO] Bracelet Brésilien facile/ SERPENT multicolore (débutant)

Hello Hello ! I will show you how to make a bracelet it’s very easy it is even accessible to beginners I do not really know what his name is so I called it: the multicolored snake you have to choose 6 colors You have to take 6 threads of 90 cm each (for a wrist between 14-16 cm) You tie a knot with all the threads and you are ready for the tutorial! Here are my strings ( I will make a braid at the beginning for the closure) I will start by working with the yellow thread it will make double forward knots on each of the other threads so that’s going to make me a yellow line so to make it the yellow thread goes over the purple we recover it below and I pull the yellow string up we do the same thing a second time and the yellow thread is always pulled up We move on to the next thread The yellow thread remakes a double forward knot Then the yellow thread makes a double forward knot at the spot on the orange thread Then on the green string And on the red string The yellow thread is now completely right I take the next thread it’s purple and it’s also going to double forward knots but he stops at the penultimate thread just before the yellow thread So it makes a first double forward knot on the blue … Now the yellow thread that is all the right is going back on the next four threads by making double backward knots it will stop when it will be in penultimate place just before the light blue string the yellow thread goes over again but this time it goes to the left it does a kind of inverted C (or 4 inverted) and it’s always the yellow thread that pulls up because it gives his color to the knot we do not forget to make a second backward knot always going to the left the yellow thread makes a double backward knot on the red thread on the green on the orange I stop here from now on I will start again as at the beginning First step: The blue string will make a whole line of double forward knots 5 double knots to the place until it is completely to the right Second step: the 1st position string makes 4 double forward knots Third step: the blue wire will have to go back It is 4 double backward knots I’m going to the left now I repeat the basic pattern with the 3 steps we just saw Here’s what to remember 5 double forward knots 4 double forward knots 4 double backward knots I hope you understand and that you will succeed your bracelet good luck !

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