[TUTO] Bracelet brésilien très facile avec chevrons (débutant)

Hello, I will show you how to achieve a very easy Brazilian bracelet This is the “chevron” pattern It is also called a V model so to make this bracelet, I will teach you to tie forward knots and backward knots and when you will be able to do them well you can do lots of bracelets There I already had fun 🙂 I will choose 3 colors the more colors you choose more your bracelet will be wide all the threads are about 90 cm (which makes a 90 cm 6 strings bracelet) Let’s go ! I have prepared my strings I tie a knot with all my strings leaving 10 cm I do not squeeze too much because I like to finish my bracelets by making a braid I take a safety pin that I fix in the knot I choose a support, that maybe, a cushion … a towel, what you want. and I place my strings I place them symmetrically I chose to put the whites in the center I frame them by the two black strings and I put the reds on the ends The strings never want to put themselves as we want you will have to force them 🙂 Once your strings are well placed you take the left string The red one we will make a first red line so the red string is going to be the one who works the others are going to be just carrier strings I take my first two strings and as the red is the leader he will pass over the black string by forming a kind of 4 and I get it below the black string remains tense down and the red string is pulled up it is a red knot that is formed I redo a second knot in the same way These nodes are called forward knots The black string will end up on left The red string will continue its way on the white wire it forms a new 4 I retrieve it from below and I pull the red string up the white string remains tense underneath I do not forget to make 2 knots each time the red string is in the center From that moment, I will work on the other side I take the red string which is all right and I’m going to do a backward knot The red thread is always the leader, he passes over but this time he will cross the black string, going to the left so as to form a kind of reversed 4 or a reversed C he crosses it above, and I do take it below and I always pull the red string up keeping the black taut I redo my 2nd knot the same way and the black thread ends up outside the red thread continues its way on the white string it forms an backward knot again and a 2nd backward knot The 2 red strings are in the center Together they will form the tip of the chevron they will make a double forward knot I take the red thread of left he passes over the other red string and that forms a forward knot then a second forward knot My first chevron is finished! We do not see much yet;) and that’s normal! The 2nd chevron I’m going to realize is going to be black I proceed in the same way During this chevron it is the black thread that will be the leader he’s going to work I’m going to make a 1st double forward knot on the white thread The black thread passes over the white thread and I pull it up the black thread continues its way on the red thread Hop! Double knot! At the location ! And the black string is waiting for his friend in the center I continue taking the black string all right and I realize double backward knots The white string now lies outside and the black string continues its way on the red string The 2 black strings are in the center to form a double froward knot My 2nd chevron is finished! The next chevron will be white The basic pattern is finished! we have 3 chevrons just start at the beginning

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