[TUTO] Bracelet rond spirale SUPER FACILE pour débutants

Hi everyone ! you may have seen a bracelet on my channel called the atébas bracelet or the round bracelet Today the model that I propose to do is almost the same except that there is a small spiral around the bracelet it’s a super easy and quick model to do to make one I put about a quarter of an hour then you can do it with one color it will bring out the spiral and you can also do it in many colors the technique is almost the same I will explain both models because the material is a little different so we start with the bracelet of a color and just after I show you how to make the bracelet in several colors Let’s go ! If your wrist is between 15 and 18 cm here is the material: You will be able to wind the string of 2 m 50 on a piece of cardboard to make it more convenient To begin I take all my strings I leave about 8 cm and I make a knot I fix it all with a tape and I place the longest string on the left he’s going to tie a knot around all the other threads so who passes over the other threads I pick it up in the hole and pull it up and I start again I place it on the left it passes over I retrieve it in the hole and it knots A third A fourth And you can see that the nodes are shifting more and more to the right After 5.6 knots the thread is completely to the right I put it under the bracelet to put it back to the left and I start making knots again And as before when I arrive right I pass the thread underneath Here you can start to see the spiral it’s a very easy technique just make knots and from time to time you pass the thread that makes the knots under the other wires to put it back to the left I’m going to make a length of 12 cm because the turn of my wrist measures 15 cm so I leave a small margin for closure When I got the desired length I separate by my sons into three packs and I make a braid On the other side of the bracelet I remove the knot I made at the beginning it looks better! and then I’m going to make a braid And here is my bracelet is finished Material: 3 red threads, 3 threads, blue, 3 white threads 70 cm To begin I leave 8 cm and I tie a knot with all the threads I choose one of the threads if possible a son who is on the left of the bracelet it is he who will make the knots he will pass over all the other strings I retrieve it in the hole and I pull up and I’m doing a second knot And I continue with a third knot and little by little the knots are shifted to the right side When my thread and my knots are completely right I pass the son who made the knots below all the other threads And they start making knots the same way I will now change color Always remember to keep enough thread to finish the entire bracelet so do not tie knots until you have no more thread it must remain a length of about 15 cm I now choose the white thread I place it completely to the left And I will start making knots again When it is right I pass them below for him to find himself on the left and I start again That’s it and I’m going to choose my last color I take a red thread I place it on the left It is the one who will now tie the knots I will now start again with the blue color being careful to pick one of the blue threads that has not worked yet To be long enough I think you understood the technique so I let you continue a little alone And here is my bracelet once finished! For the closing I just made braids That’s all for this bracelet! tell me in the comments if you found it easy to do and if you want to get into other models here are some small ideas! see you soon !

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