Tuto : Comment Enlever Son Bracelet De Festivalier

Tuto : Comment Enlever Son Bracelet De Festivalier

Hello ! Welcome to this new tutorial : For those who have already been to a festival You certainly know that removing your wristband is a perilous mission. Indeed, your wristband has a little thing
which prevents the removal of your bracelet. I know how hard it can be to say goodbye to your little wristband full of memories. Sometimes we would like to keep it forever. But for professional or other reasons,
it must be removed… For example, i remember how it was hard for me to remove my Hellfest’s Wristband. I have so many good memories of this festival. Rammstein, TwisteR Sister, Joe Satriani, Black Sabbath, Sidilarsen, Avatar, DragonForce, Powerwolf, Ultra Vomit, Tarja : The first Nightwish singer who is my favorite. I have nothing against the third singer but
I’m not a fan of the second one. Yes I know ! A lot of people say : Nightwish is not Metal. But I like it, it’s one of my favorite bands. The most important thing is to do what we like. For example I spent years of my life on Red Dead Redemption. But they’re not lost years because they’re years of happiness. This game is huge, there are hundreds of things to do, not like in a Call Of Duty or Assassin’s Creed game. Carefull, I did not say that I did not like these games, I just said that I understand why they can afford to get one every year. When they announced Red Dead Redemption 2, I went crazy. I hope it will be as good as the first one. I’m scared they’ll mess it up, like they did with GTA V. I had a lot of hope for that game. But once the story mode over, we quickly start going in circles And in the online mode, it feels like we’re only doing the same stuff, and that’s without mentioning the community… The community is what makes a game 😉 Still, there are some very good games without online mode Take the Fallout games for example They’re amazing! I’m having so much fun right now on Fallout 4! It feels like it’s endless! I mean, it’s also nice when it’s not too long, and ends on a well written ending. I can’t stand tv shows that never end, I much rather like series that don’t have a lot of seasons, and end like they should, like Breaking Bad or Six Feet Under Meanwhile, there are way too many seasons in How I Met Your Mother or My Name is Earl Let’s not even talk about the last season of Scrubs… Anyway, back to our topic : Today, I’m going to show you how to take off your festival wristband Here it is! thank you for watching, and see you soon for another tutorial ! 🙂


  1. Quand j'ai essayé d'enlever mon bracelet j'ai eu un bleu sur la main, c'est normal ? Ou j'ai raté une partie de ton tuto ?

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