TUTORIAL – How to clean copper wire and PCB (Easy difficulty)

TUTORIAL –  How to clean copper wire and PCB (Easy difficulty)

Hi this is Helectronics. Has ever happened to you that you couldn’t
solder parts or wires to the PCB? In this video I will show you how to clean
copper wires and PCBs before soldering or etching. I will use this old wire to show you how it
is done. You need a cup of vinegar and a cup of water
as you see I already prepared. You add some salt to the vinegar and you mix
it up. First, the vinegar solution is used for 5 minutes
or longer, if necessary. Next, you add baking soda to the water, this
will neutralize the vinegar’s acid property and the wire will not corrode further. Be careful, if you expose the wire to air
for a long time after the vinegar solution, it will corrode fast so be sure the baking soda solution is ready to be used. After that it is placed in the second solution
for about 10 seconds. Here is the result, the wire is clean and
ready to be soldered. Thank you for watching, leave a like if you
want to see more similar videos.

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