Tutorial: Vintage beaded bracelet / Винтажный браслет из бисера и бусин своими руками

If you are interested in learning to make this beautiful bracelet then keep on watching Material: 8mm-7 beads, 6mm-8 beads, 3mm-70 beads, #10 beads-70 beads, lock and a few iron rings. Let’s start with cutting off 2 meters of 0.25mm beading thread. the overall length of this bracelet will be 17cm Use the diagram to weave the bracelet. I recommend that we weave passing the thread twice. I have shown the first pass in orange and the second in red color Step 1: we will string 10 beads #10 and bring them to the center of the thread – Step 2: then put one 6mm bead on one end of the thread and pass the second end through this bead from the opposite directions as shown Step 3: Now we take 5 beads each on two ends of the thread as shown Step 4: take one 8mm bead and put both ends of the thread together through this bead Step 5: Now take one end of the thread and string 9 beads of #10 Step 6: put the end of this thread through an 8mm bead and through the first of #10 bead and gently tighten the thread. Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the second end of the thread threading 9 beads of #10 and thread through the 8mm bead and the first #10 bead. Now both the ends of the thread will be together. Step 7: Now thread 4 beads of #10 on each end of the thread then add one 6mm bead with the thread ends going through from opposite sides like we did in step 2. Step 8: take 5 beads #10 for each end of the thread and add 8mm bead at the end with both ends of the thread going in together. REPEAT: Now separate the threads and repeat steps 5 and 6 with 9 beads #10 each on the two ends of thread REPEAT steps 7 and 5 & 6 alternatively for the length of the bracelet After the last 6mm bead take 10 beads #10 like we did in Step 1 on one side of the thread and take the thread end through the 6mm bead from opposite direction Now we come to the second stage of making this bracelet. From the last bead take the thread ends through two #10 beads as shown in the diagram on both sides Add 5 beads 3mm on each side and follow the diagram weaving the bracelet When the thread comes to the 6mm bead the thread is to be passed through it in opposite directions. This strengthens the whole bracelet and design Do this for the entire length of the bracelet till the end take the thread through several beads toward the middle putting knots as you go along Burn off the end to seal it FINISHING: now we will first put an iron ring at both ends and then put attach a lobster claw at one end and your bracelet is ready to wear. If you liked this video then please click on the thumbs up “like” and don’t forget to subscribe

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