Tween Bedroom on a Budget *emotional* | Mr. Kate Decorates

Tween Bedroom on a Budget *emotional* | Mr. Kate Decorates


  1. You guys, I got so emotional in this video! …Understandably considering the circumstances. Leave a comment here wishing Bennett and her fam all the love and joy going forward! I hope you all enjoyed this video! It was a special one for us to make. Love you all, my precious Creative Weirdos!!! xx, Mr. Kate

  2. Does anybody else think she is flexing

    She has a 100 dollar bill sticking out of her pocket in the beginning

  3. Soon I am going to be moving into a new room at my house I am so excited but don’t know what to do I am very sporty have 3 brothers and a boy dog I love them and all but they can be rude and annoying so I would love if you guys could do my room so that I have my space for me and not my brother but as of right now my twin brother sleeps in my room because his room is on the other end of our house. I am going into middle school and I really love your videos and what to guys do to transform rooms into a nice room. I would love it if you did my room.

  4. Second time for this little child. She just ain't growing. Anyways would like to say I hope she likes the gifts you left for her again on her new desk.

  5. And by the way. I'm always a visiter at everyone's house I've visited. Tired of the act. Don't know anyone was always a visiter. Wishing that family a good life. Glad to see thia new show. Hope everyone is appreciating there designes. 2019

  6. The mother must have had another kid. Probably her sister was or better yet is her mother. Sorry mr.kate tired of being screwd with by alot of rich people my family has believed in when never believing in my life. Love your show

  7. i sad nervous laugh cried as soon as she said it belonged to her sister that passed away. my heart already hurts and im only 30 seconds in. y u do dis

  8. I don't know how to ask you to come but my room is small and I wanted to feel bigger but yet still show my creative side

  9. Omg I love your channel. I just found out about you. I would love if you could do my room. I grew up in my room and it's really outdated. It's literally all pink and I can't stand It! I've just always wanted a grown up room. I don't know if you do stuff like this but it would be amazing if you could. Obviously I can't five you any personal information because this is a YouTube comment so I don't know what to do or how you do this. Your awesome Kate and if you can't I totally understand.

    I honestly love what you did to Bennets room. I would literally die for it. Did they pay you for that? I would give you all my money. Oof it sounds like I'm bribing you. I guess I kinda am. But I honestly would pay you about a hundred dollars. Can you guys like this so she can see. This is kinda an old video so I don't know if she will see.

  10. Who else loves the moment where Kate and Joey cuddle with the cat

    Also, do u notice that every time they decorate a room it looks bigger after they’ve decorated it?

  11. Can you do my room? 😂 I have a lot of stuff I want in my new room which cost 300 dollars over all. And I am trying to save up money.

  12. I really want you guys to decorate my room than an moving in to in like 2 weeks but I don’t know if you want to 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. I may sound dumb but do you guys fix people things for free or do they pay because I would love to get my room decorated in the future but I’m scared I won’t be able to afford it

  14. 3:13 I'm sorry but I really hate Kate right now… she's crying like this is all about her and its really about the family going through the hard time.

  15. I hope she feels better, I have 2 siblings I have never met, one from a miscarriage and a step sister, but I would be rlly dad if my little brother passed away😭

  16. ok I know this video is 1 year old but I would love for you to do my room because it is a very tiny room and I would love for it to have a new look because I'm going into grade 7 and I have tried new looks for it but it just does not look right so please help me

  17. That cat makes me think of how my dad won’t help my mom to pay so I can adopt my passed away cat’s mother

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