TWISTED TIES || Friendship Bracelets

Hey guys! My name is Masha Knots and in this video I’m going to quickly show you how to make these twisted ties for the ends
of your friendship bracelets. So these are actually extremely simple. So you
separate your threads into two separate strands, you take the one on the left and
you just start twisting it. I prefer to twist mine to the left but that’s just
my personal decision you can do whatever you like. And then you do the same thing
with the other one and you twist in the same direction. I like to use my fingers to sort of hold it. And then once you’re done twisting both of the ties you twist
them together in the opposite direction of which you were twisting each of them
individually. At this point you want to be very careful. And then at the end once you’re done, you
just make a simple knot And there you go! At this point you can just cut off your
strings. And that’s it! As you can see the ties don’t start untwisting themselves, they’re pretty much secure and they’re just gonna be like
that. So there you have it! That’s how you make the twisted ties to the ends of
your friendship bracelets! By the way if you guys want to learn how to make this
bracelet I have a tutorial up on that and it’s gonna be linked in the card and
in the description of this video. So thank you guys for watching and if you
ever make anything based on any of my videos I always love it when you guys
send me pictures on Instagram whether that be in a direct message or a post! I
post videos every Tuesday and Saturday and I’ll see you soon, bye!

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