UBC Blue & Gold Campaign for Students – Bulmaro Valdes Interview

UBC Blue & Gold Campaign for Students – Bulmaro Valdes Interview

– Each UBC student has
an exceptional story. Each are uniquely talented but not all have the same opportunities. They need your help. This is one of their stories. – Since I was a kid I
was always interested in seeing how things worked and learning about the insides of devices. So that actually got me
interested in pursuing a career in engineering. And then after doing
mechatronics I decided to specialize in using technology for medical purposes. My name Bulmaro Valdes and I just finished a PhD in Biomedical
Engineering here at UBC. Before coming to UBC I was
doing a masters in Australia and I started looking at
different universities around the world and I came across UBC. It was one of the top
universities in the world. It was really multicultural
and international. And at the same time I also
had a look at the work that my supervisor was doing
and it was really related to what I was doing back
in Australia so I decided to come to UBC to continue my
work in stroke rehabilitation. What really fascinates me is
the fact that you can develop technology like this in the
lab and then take it outside and try it out with
real people, real users, get their feedback, get their reaction, get their own motivation to help research and advance science. I guess my passion or my
motivation comes from working with people. In a nutshell, I wouldn’t be
here without scholarships. So what I would say to
donors is “thank you.” With their support we
can actually give back to the community, create these
types of medical technologies and actually help people and
make a change in the world. – With your support graduate
and undergraduate students will have access to the
resources they need. Please give now to the Blue
and Gold Campaign for Students. Change their world so
that they can change ours.

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