UBC Blue & Gold Campaign For Students – Regan Oey Interview

UBC Blue & Gold Campaign For Students – Regan Oey Interview

– Each UBC student has
an exceptional story. Each are uniquely talented. But not all have the same opportunities. They need your help. This is one of their stories. – I wanted to come to UBC because I grew up in Vancouver
and my family was here and my friends were
here and there were just so many connections but
also so many new things that I haven’t even
experienced in the city. It’s just a really amazing place and I know how lucky I
am to have received the Centennial Leaders Award
and that’s a full ride over the course of four years. My name is Regan Oey and
I’m a second year student at UBC studying cognitive systems. So in the program, I’m in the
brain and cognition stream. So it’s a psych background,
a linguistics background, and you get to do a little bit of philosophy and computer science as well. I’m not sure if I would have been able to go to UBC without this student award. I watched my mom work very
hard as a single parent. I didn’t get to see her a lot and… I wasn’t sure if university
was even an option for me so this award has just
given me the opportunity to go to school and given
me the opportunity to find who I am and study
the things I want to study and learn about the things
that I want to learn about so I’m just really thankful for that. Whenever I think about it,
I just feel so grateful. I know it’s not easy to
believe in an 18 year old and look at maybe what
they’ve done in high school and say you know, you’re
gonna great things. And for someone to believe in me like that and give me the opportunity
to pursue things I’m really passionate about,
it’s just so so meaningful and I just want to say thank you. – With your support, graduate
and undergraduate students will have access to the
resources they need. Please give now to the Blue
and Gold Campaign for Students. Change their world so
that they can change ours.

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