Ultrasonic Jewelry Sonic Cleaner 1.2 Quart GemOro

Ultrasonic Jewelry Sonic Cleaner 1.2 Quart GemOro

Esslinger.com carries professional grade ultrasonic
jewelry cleaners. This GemOro ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is
ideally sized for professional jewelers. The 1.2 quart tank fits easily on your counter
for quick and convenient jewelry cleaning. It is made with a high performance transducer
and an advanced digital control system to provide superior cleaning results. The five
different cleaning settings ensure that each piece of jewelry comes out sparklingly clean
the first time. The contoured ABS plastic design was created
with efficiency and ease of operation in mind. Thanks to the durable construction this quality
ultrasonic will last for years, even with daily use. Features include:
A removable full-size basket A digital control timer with five different
settings An evaporation resistant tight-close cover
A LED digital display And an ultrasonic frequency 50 to 60 Hertz For more long lasting, professional jewelry
cleaners, visit us at Esslinger.com.

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