UNBOXING my Olympic GOLD Medal | Shawn Johnson

UNBOXING my Olympic GOLD Medal | Shawn Johnson

(drum rolling music) (vinyl record scratching)
– Hey everybody! Welcome back to our channel, I’m Shawn.
– I’m Andrew. – This is part two of My Olympic Medals and all of this craziness. If you haven’t seen the first part, please go back and watch
it, where I explain and show you all the
details of all these medals. – It’s super long, ’cause
she has so many medals. So sorry about it, haters! – But we wanted to save the big moment, the gold medal moment,
for a video all of its own just because the story was pretty crazy. So–
– I’m actually surprised to hear you say It’s a big moment. – It is a big moment.
– Go ahead. – But before you see it, please
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keep doing this for you guys. – Thanks for tuning into Olympic Month. – Yes.
– This is honoring Shawn’s 10 year anniversary
– Yes. – of all her Olympic festivities and ultimately the event, that kind of altered the
trajectory of her life, so. – Challenge for you guys right now, go down, comment down below, what event did I win the
Olympic gold medal in? – Ooh, that’s a good question. – Okay, so without further ado. – Actually also, in the last video, we talked about the silver medals, I want you guys to go back and tell us who won first, second, and third in each of the events that Shawn did. – Yeah, yeah.
– Alright, is that fair? – Okay so, Olympic gold medal. (drum rolling music) – Alright, so we’re out the box. (vinyl record scratching) – Sorry.
– You wanna put that way up? – Nah, I’m just so excited,
I’m just so excited. – I love my gold medal.
(beatific choir music) – So if you don’t know, I
won the Olympic gold medal on the balance beam. The way that the competition went was I competed first on the
team in the team competition, I then competed in the all around, then the floor individual event final and then the very last day of competition was the beam final. So like this is the last
day of the Olympic Games and–
– For a gymnast. – I was exhausted. Like I had been competing for
like three months straight, I just wanted to go home,
I wanted to eat a hamburger and hang out with my parents and watch TV and not be an Olympic athlete,
I just needed to break off and the day that I woke
up for the beam finals, I was like sick, I had a headache, I think I had the flu, pretty much, I was like white in the face. I got to the competition–
– And you were already kind of more or less probably discouraged, because–
– Yeah, I had won three silver medals in a row and the world expected
me to win a gold medal and I had dealt with over
and over and over again, people asking me, after winning silver, like how does it feel to lose? And what would you change? Or what would you go back and do? Or what do you regret? And it was like, I don’t regret anything, this is just the outcome of today and so it was kind of discouraging, yes and so when I got to the event for the beam final on the last day, I was just like, I’m
done, I wanna peace out, I don’t even wanna do this
event, I just wanna go home and I went to the warm up area
the day of the competition and I was a hot, disastrous mess. I had been pretty much on my
A game for like three months, I hadn’t really fallen, I
had made slight mistakes, but I hadn’t made big
mistakes even in warmups and in warmups that day, it
was like I fell on my face, I split the beam, I like blanked
out and forgot my routine, like all of these things
over and over and over again and I remember my coach, Chow, like looking at me, just
like what is going on? Like who are you right now? And he almost like got mad just trying to figure out
a way to snap me out of it and I remember him like yelling at me and being like, “Shawn, snap out of it!” And I was like, oh my gosh, okay! And so like I kept falling, I
kept falling, I kept falling, I kept making mistakes
and I was just so tired and all of a sudden, I hear my name being announced in the arena to compete and so I go sprinting into the arena, run up onto the beam, like platform, salute to the judges and I
was just like, God help me, like here goes nothing and I remember… (voice distorting and slowing) please be careful. – I’m sorry.
– Oh my gosh. – It’s got such a good weight.
– Yeah. I remember jumping up on the beam and almost like going blank, like I couldn’t remember anything, I couldn’t remember, like I
didn’t think about anything but my body somehow went into autopilot and all I remember was
like landing my dismount, saluting to the judges,
jumping off the podium, giving my coach a hug,
and then turning around and looking at the like scoreboard and seeing number one by my name and I remember looking at my coach and we both starting laughing, because it kinda had gotten comical, it was like silver, silver, silver and all of a sudden we
both see the number one and we were like, I guess we got it, and it was just like after
being such a hot mess and going through all of
that, we were both tired, it was a pretty cool moment. So.
– Wait, talk a little bit about how awesome it was your coach came from Beijing. – Yes, so the crazy story of my coach and myself. My coach was born and
raised in Beijing, China, he grew up there with, he was
taken away from his family, when he was three years old and put into like the–
– Wait, hold it up, so people can see it.
– Okay. My coach, when he was three years old, he was born and raised in Beijing China, when he was three years old, he was taken away from his family and put within the
Chinese gymnastics system, where he was going to
be raised as a gymnast. Based on the success of his career, that’s how his family was like paid and they got along in life. And when he was, in ’92, I can’t remember, the year I was born essentially, he left China, moved to the United States, moved to Iowa, to the University of Iowa on a scholarship to learn English in exchange for coaching
their men’s gymnastics team. He coached there for four years. When I turned four, he didn’t know me, but by now he randomly
moved to Des Moines, Iowa and opened a gym five minutes
from my parents’ house and his whole dream was
to raise an Olympian, that was also this normal kid and wasn’t taken away from their family and take them to the Olympics. Well, it just so happened,
sixteen years later, he had raised me to be this Olympian and the Olympics that I qualified
for were in his hometown and it was the first time he had ever been back
to China, since he left and it was just this crazy moment, because I remember,
– It’s like a fairy tale. – I remember landing
at the Beijing Airport and feeling like I was, like standing next to Michael
Jackson in the airport, ’cause there were so many
fans and media there for Chow and it was just so cool to see that, it wasn’t just like my success, but our success and his, and I loved it. – So let’s compare and contrast
the medals a little bit. I feel like I’m, you
know Lord of the Rings, like you know, when they see the ring and they’re just absolutely
enthralled by it. This, again, the shade of this medal, it’s not, it’s like super, it’s got a very dense feel and look to it, you know what I’m saying? – You are so weird.
– No, I just love it, it’s like so epic.
– Oh. So the difference between
the gold and silver, like I was saying in the
first video, if you watched it and the gold medal, it’s white jade that is in the medal and then in the silver,
it’s the green jade, in a bronze medal, which I don’t have. – Sorry we can’t compare and contrast, – Yeah.
– that my wife’s too good, she doesn’t win bronze, alright? – It was brown jade and if you didn’t watch the
first video, you should, because I tell you all about
the history of the medals and how they design them and
how they design the ribbons and everything behind
it, so go watch that. But yeah, the gold medal is pretty cool, I’m not gonna lie.
– So Shawn, what would you have done,
if you didn’t have this and you had another silver? Would you change anything?
– Never. – Not even–
– I don’t believe in regrets. I believe that God puts
us on a path for a reason and you experience everything, because you’re supposed to
learn something from it. I learned more from my
silver medals about myself, than I think I ever could, a gold is easy, ’cause the whole world
says, “Congratulations!” They never question it, but with a silver medal,
they question everything, so I almost appreciate silver better. – I just gotta say, as your
husband, I’m super proud (audience awwing) and your whole perspective.
– Do you even know me? I’m so proud, even knowing you. – Your whole perspective
on coming in second, which obviously in my book
is absolutely legendary, I just think it’s a really good message. – But no, like I know that
this is a lot for camera and a lot to like talk about right now and it’s a huge message, but
like something Andrew and I talk about a lot with his NFL career is like I stood on top of
an Olympic gold medal podium and had an Olympic gold
medal put around my neck and I still didn’t feel like fulfilled and I know a lot of people
look for fulfillment in, you know, success within their sport or getting paid a ton of
money from like a company and moving up into the ranks
or whatever it might be, but fulfillment doesn’t
just come from like success and you have to find kind of
like with the silver medal, you have to find your fulfillment and your purpose in something else and it’s not always about just winning, I mean, you can find a bigger purpose and more, I don’t know, meaning behind what people would
consider a failure, than a success.
– Yeah. It is cool, you kind of
mentioned the house fire, my freshman year of college,
my house burned down and along with it, I
lost all of my awards, that I had earned, all my jerseys for the
teams I’d played for and at the end of the day, obviously you’ll still
always be able to say, I won an Olympic gold medal, but like it is, it’s just a thing, – It’s just a thing.
– you know. – It’s a cool thing,
but it’s just a thing. – Not to sound cliche, but
I’m sure you would agree, that it’s more about–
– Don’t get a hole in it. – Sorry, this is how we go, we’re in the middle of
a deep conversation. – Yeah. – But, you would agree, that it’s more about the
experience that you had and what you learned along the way, than saying that you won an Olympic medal, – Absolutely.
– gold or silver. – Absolutely, I mean, the
Olympic medals are cool, but I don’t know, meeting him was cooler. (audience awwing) – You hear that, everybody? – Don’t let that go to your head. – You hear that?
– Don’t let it go to your head. Anyways. – Wait, no, okay, so I do have to say I’m gonna brag a little
bit about my family, ’cause I have a
grandfather-in-law, I think, it’s my cousin’s grandpa, who was a Nobel prize winner in chemistry, so I’ve been able now to see a Nobel coin, like a Nobel prize coin
and and Olympic medal and they both have this, like I wish I could like
give this to you guys in the camera, ’cause it’s just so, we’ll give you some close up shots, but like, it is absolutely, it’s gorgeous, honestly.
– Hm-mm. – It’s gorgeous.
– We’ll promise you this, we’ll promise you this, guys, we’ll do a meetup within
the next six months, I’ll bring my medals, we’ll have food, you guys can just come,
try ’em on, take pictures and have a day.
– Yeah, it’ll probably be in Southern California. We got an In-N-Out truck,
– Yes. – for free for like serving 200 people. – So we’ll have In-N-Out
– We’re gonna be doing– – In-N-Out Burger as well. But we’ve been ranting a
lot, thank you for watching the first part of this video and this. Like I said in the first part, if you have any questions
about the Olympics, any questions about the medals, my experience, NFL, whatever it might be, comment down below, we’ll
answer them for you. Give us a thumbs up.
– Yeah. Also I found a Sharpie mark on there. – Yeah, I Sharpied, I was
doing an autograph session, yeah.
– Yeah, give us a thumbs up and we’re also super
open to doing any video you guys want us to do.
– Yeah. – So Shawn, thank you – Thank you, baby, I love you.
– for sharing these, I love you too. You know I’m so proud of you. – Ah.
– Seriously. – I’m so proud of you. – I’m just pumped to be able
to have this in my hand. You know, even though I’m
better than a gold medal. It’s so cool.
– Yeah, yeah. Anyways, thank you, guys.
– Thanks for watching, guys. – We’ll see you next time.
– Peace. Also guys, this is total carnage, she has so many boxes to hold her medals, we just created a mess
unboxing the whole thing. (mellow upbeat music)

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