Unboxing my Silver Play Button – IT ARRIVED!

Unboxing my Silver Play Button – IT ARRIVED!

Hey guys It’s Amy and a very vocal Pete who just woke up from a nap today with a special little Treat on vintage space more of a treat for me than for you guys because I believe We got our silver play button in the mail, and we’re going to open it. Yay! All right, so there’s going to be awkward because I don’t actually have a set up where I can show you a table but here’s the box you open the box and then there’s this fancy black YouTube box that pops out of it And it’s got my name on the bottom. Well. It says vintage space on the bottom So you know what it’s gonna be which is exciting. I’m way more excited about that’s what I thought I was going to be it’s like such a non thing, but it’s also really exciting okay So here’s the box. Sorry. I can’t do the full hang on I can do it I can balance it on my knee awkwardly. We’re gonna do it this way, this is awkward. Oh, there’s a letter from the CEO of YouTube You’ve just done something very few YouTube creators accomplish you had an astonishing 100,000 people subscribed to your channel. I won’t read the whole letter, but there is a letter from YouTube acknowledging that you know it’s kind of awesome to hit a hundred thousand subscribers and I’m going to peel back. Let’s see if I can do this and actually show you guys alright I’m going to peel back the what is this? Foam bit. Oh my god you guys check it out. *excited squeal* I totally did it I’m way more Excited about this and I thought it was going to be it’s my silver play button because I hit a hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube I’m really excited. I’m really excited I’m really excited cuz I started this channel as like a thing to do because I know that people Oh, you can see my lighting set up reflect in the glass lets point it this way, okay? I started the YouTube channel because I wanted to Share my stuff with people that maybe don’t want to read really long blog posts really long articles and stuff and then to find out that it’s something that people actually like and That it’s people like enough that I’ve hit the hundred thousand subscriber point after a little over a year, it’s been no it’s about two years since I like started doing really dedicated Youtube content and learned so much about how to youtube and how to Not only just like do the content stuff but actually edit and and figure out like the business side of things which is Really not what I ever thought. I would set out to do so I’m going to hang this up on my wall I’m going to hang this on my wall and I also want to thank each and every one of you who subscribe to me To help me get to this point to where I get to have this on my wall and look at it every day when I Research and edit and film and write and remember that you know I do this for you guys And you guys are the ones that have let me get this far so Next is your challenge each and every one of you go and tell ten friends so I can get the Giant Gold Play button for a million Subscribers Can you imagine? My super niche youtube channel with the massive gold button? It’s a good goal, let’s make that be the goal. As always even though I said nothing about space in this video be sure to Leave me your questions comments and anything you would like to see covered on the show in future episodes in the comment section below Leave me your questions comments and anything you would like to see covered on the show in future episodes in the comment section below be sure to follow me on Twitter and on Instagram For daily vintage space content and with new videos going up every week that are about space not about unboxing things Be sure to subscribe right here. So you never miss an episode and tell your friends


  1. Hey guys! There's way too many of you commenting to reply to everyone, but I just wanted to thank you all for your kind words! You're all rock stars and I appreciate your ongoing support!

  2. Congrats on the Play Button. I very much enjoy this channel. Question for you…I was thinking of how the astronauts had to shut down the CM on Apollo 13, and I began to wonder this: before launch, when was the CM turned on and by whom? Was it by the astronauts after they were strapped in, or was it some time earlier by an engineer who got into the CM?

  3. Congratulations Amy…very well deserved and quite the accomplishment…keep up the great work, you are definitely inspiring a new generation of space enthusiasts!!

  4. Pete was a big part of this achievement, both figuratively and literally. He deserves a nice large portion of top quality salmon or other fish to celebrate. Congratulations to you both.

  5. well done! always loved space and the sciencey stuff i can never remember behind the accomplishments. and if i wasn't tormenting my cat right now,i could swear you have him. he's a jerk too. never lets me hold him.

  6. Pete seems strangely disinterested. That's cats for you – one minute all lovey dovey and rubbing up against you and the next thing they're all "just put me down – now".

    Congrats on the "Silver Play Button". I thought it was going to be some new device you'd acquired to make your videos even more slick.

  7. Amy- Just a few words of appreciation for your Vintage Space series. I grew up and participated in the space program sharing time and place with Werner Von Brawn at Redstone Arsenal. Lots of excitement there as rocket engines were being tested only a few miles where I was in school learning how to maintain the Nike Hercules missile system radar and test equipment equipment. Keep the interesting space stuff coming. You are fabulous and capable of explaining complicated things to average folks. The picture of me was taken at Redstone Arsenal in 1962.

  8. Congrats Amy! I've seen your channel progress over the past 2 years and I've learned so much about space travel and each individual astronaut (pre-Space Shuttle of course!)

  9. Damn, missed this one getting posted.

    Congratulations. You deserved this, with your enthusiasm and charisma.

    Here's hoping your channel continues to grow.

  10. Congratulations!!! As a total history (and space) nerd who loves talking about stuff nobody's ever heard of before, it's awesome to see a kindred spirit having real-world success with her nerdiness!!!! 😀

  11. Amy! I think, that you owe us something. You should not share the button with us only on youtube. It was also our effort, that brought the silver Youtube button to you. Think of energy we spent clicking subscribe button. And all that long nights stearing at the monitor and watching your channel. I was thinking of doing it more personal by passing the button around all sbscribers that brought you to 100,000 physically. Everybody who subscribed to your channel would hang the button for a day on his/her wall at home. Then he/she would pass the button to next subscriber. But then I realised, that it would take 273.7850787132 years if there was no delay and subscribers would manage to pass the button in time to another subscriber. This process need to be speed up. otherwise some subscribers might even die before they would have a chance to enjoy the brief time of satisfaction with the button in their possession. One day is obviously too much. So if we would like to finish in one lifetime i had to do little math here. Average lifetime in US is 78,7 years. I'm not from US, but I had to start somewhere. You have the same average lenght of the life like Chille, Cuba or Portugal. So we can pretend, that it could be any other country I took in account. Most of us nerds are over 20 years old. Which means that we have only 308.5272000029 minutes for every subscriber. And it is also essential to put subscribers, who know that will live long, on the end of the queue. Then I invented even faster method. Let's put all subscribers in a line along a rail track and you would pass us with the button in a train holding it in front of a window. It would speed up things a lot I think. 🙂

  12. Congratulations! Just bought your book too so looking forward to that. If you could cover vintage space electronics or telematics as it was back in the 40's, that would be great 😉

  13. I read "breaking the chains of gravity" while on vacation and the only part i didn't love was when it ended. I don't know what your next writing project will be, (I'll buy whatever it is) but I'm hoping it is breaking the chains of gravity part II !

  14. Absolutely fantastic and well done you! Obviously it's really Pete we want to see, I hope you give him an extra special treat for getting you that silver button! :O)

    Joking aside, sincere congratulations on such a splendid accomplishment… now forward to the Gold Button!

  15. Been binge watching these vids during the past week while I've been fighting off a lingering case of pneumonia. Well deserved award!

  16. Wow it's been two years already time flies ahaha I'm so happy that you got the silver play button!!! Congrats!!!!

  17. bless you and congrads on your silver button. you deserve it! im a new subscriber and just binge watched 15/20 videos! great stuff!

  18. HOLY CATS! ( HI, PETE!!!! ) I have totally forgot to actually SUBSCRIBE!!!! ( Okay….done ) Congrats on your 100k { plus 🙂 } subscriptions!!!! You are FANTASTIC!!! Keep up the awesome vintage work!!!!

  19. Thanks for your channel. Just subscribed yesterday. I thought this must have been an old video because I saw you're now at 147,648 subscribers but its only two months ago you celebrated your 100k button.

    If I had one request for a video it would be a long term look at NASA's budget. Sounds boring but I saw a graph once that showed the peak of NASA funding was 5-7 % of the US budget but its now <1%. Also I heard Neil Degrasse Tyson say that the post-GFC bank bailout was more than the entire 50 year budget of NASA. Just a thought.

  20. Congrats !
    I think I subbed after the 100,000, but I'll take my 1/1,000,000 share of the credit when you get the gold lol.
    keep up the good work !


    Your videos do the best of what the Internet should be. They INFORM, EDUCATE, and ENTERTAIN.

    Every video is a joy to watch. As a guy in my mid 50's, like so many others, I was a Space Geek in the 60's and 70's. All the more so since my dad worked on things for the Space program. He brought home all this NASA literature that I sadly do not have anymore. He would not talk of his work much, but he once told me that he was involved on heat shield projects…

    These missions were an invisible uniting force across the nation: thousands of families all with people involved in the grand, noble effort of space exploration. My dad was part of the whole, and I knew i, and was proud.

    You make those long gone glory days live again in a wonderful, accessible way, reigniting "Space Love" for the average citizen! Thank You!

  22. Belated congrats! Don't know how I missed this one lol. Bloody hell I had no idea Pete was such a big boy either!

  23. Congrats, belated, on the button and for being well on your way to 200. You've reach the milestone, I'm sure people would agree, because you have fantastic content and present it with an enthusiasm that's both genuine and missing on many channels, or forced for effect. I remember watching the news of Armstrong stepping on to the moon on a black and white console TV and it's as amazing now as it was then. Thanks for keeping it alive.

  24. Question: Why did the Bell X1 have a straight wing? Swept wings were already known to be the key to speed. Why did they still go with a straight wing? Thanks!

  25. Just wanted to add my congratulations on this outstanding achievement. I'm a recent subscriber so I'm really just padding and am not in any way responsible for helping to put you over the top. Never the less, I am proud and happy to be a tiny part of your ongoing story. Your videos are well thought out and produced but even more important, they are infectious and engaging and give the viewer a healthy dose of the love you have for and the joy you take in the subject. Thank you so much on a job well done!

  26. Congratulations! Well deserved!!! Your videos are really special! The way You bring to life *another time period, in this "what would it have felt like?" approach, makes it stand out, not to mention the task of presenting complex technology accessible! * I am born 1962, so I can tell;-) All the best for the 1.000.000 🙂

  27. Silver? How about Platinum? Better yet Titanium Alloy what they use on the Space Shuttle in my Lieutenant Dan voice! Congrats Amy, well deserved!!

  28. Congrats, Amy! I love the heyday of NASA, and I was totally stoked when I came across your channel. Thanks for the terrific videos, the biggest high five to you, and thank you for keeping the intelligent, interesting, engaging content coming! Millions more for you!

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