Do you have any idea how happy I am I’ve been waiting for so long for this phone I’m so happy I’m so happy and being weird. So I’ve ordered an iPhone called immediately at 2 o’clock yes, I want the iPhone silver great, nice. They said it would be in on Friday Not so, because it is a difficult color it all took a little longer. So, today is September 26 and it just got in. I expected that I would get it last week So i’m super glad that I got it now, I just picked it up. And i’m going to open it up with you I am so happy omg, my day cannot go wrong. okay We have my own phone here. Okay guys, this is him ohmygod oh my god, even the packaging looks good Are you ready for it too Are you ready woooow It is so beautiful LMAO This is my other Iphone It’s the same size oh my god, oh shit This is so cool! I’m gonna remove this right away It’s a bit Dull but, glass dull.. I don’t know if you can see it clearly I think these three camera’s are terrible But okay Why isn’t it working I’m not used to this Ehm.. what should I do now Keep close I’m keeping it close.. Oh shit! I received a message What should I do now?! Can someone please help me I feel stupid right now serious.. oh wow, this is so cool Face ID, okay, Ehm ‘place your face in the frame and move your head according to instruction to show all corners of your face’ Do I have to take my hair out of my face I guess right or not? okay, place your head in the frame Do I have to laugh? wtf ‘move your head slowly to complete the circle’ What happens If I don’t wear any makeup than I suddenly become Catifsh for my telephone and I won’t get it unlocked Well this is going to take a while I’m going to let it complete. I’m going to make something to eat and than I’ll be right back when my phone is on. I have my phone configured uhm So it’s on. I immediately put on my makeup and done my hair because I have to work soon. And dance Kizomba tonight. okay, let me see What?! It doesn’t recognise my face, told you oh yes. uhmm okay I decided to talk with you like this. I even.. I just.. I jut dropped my phone and..my old phone and now it’s cracked. what do i think? That I have a new phone, I immediately destroy this one. Anyways, I will tell you a lil bit about this phone uhm, oh shit. What I immediately noticed is that the case is black and not white. There is a new iPhone charger for the iPhone new iPhone earplugs and a connection. Nothing special. What I want to say is the iPhone 7 plus and the iPhone pro max have the same weight. The backside This just looks like high quality. It just looks sustainable or something. This way you can see it much better. I like that the Apple logo is not very striking. This one it does. I really love the glass on the backside. It looks so nice. It just looks like.. I don’t know, I wanted to give a weird example but better not. from the backside. The front is just all black. When I open it you’ll see this. uhm, what’s new.. I honestly don’t really know what is new on this phone.. oh yes, the camera. This is the camera function. You see myself, let me hold it this way.. Let me see what we have here oh my god, you can already tell the quality so different.. uhm, photo As you can see you can minimise and enlarge. hmm, you can make finally take portrait photo’s. oh look at this, you can add filters. I did not know guys, you probably knew this. When I turn it around you will have the cameras. I don’t really know what is happening right now oh it zooms in. I think this is camera one and this camera two.. and this camera three, oh no. Let me see, when I want to make a picture.. oh wow, this is so freaking cool! It looks like.. I can get the whole room on camera. What you don’t have with a uhm.. what you don’t have with another phone. Look at this , this is so cool. I can get allot on this camera like this that is probably due to the three cameras on the back. okay so this is camera one camera lens two I guess this is just the normal function. And this would be the zoom function.. I guess This is honestly so cool. And then we have portrait There you get 2 different kind of possibilities. Well okay, cool. Super handy. further.. I don’t really know what’s new. I don’t really know how I close.. the open apps. usually I can double click on the button in the middle, but I have no idea how this works. uhm.. yeah. I don’t know. Oh look! I think I’m really the only one who doesn’t know this When I do this, and hold.. than I can shift it. Learned something new guys. so some small things have been adjusted such as this. If I open something, oh look this is cool. If I open a photo or video it plays itself. That was not the case before. I guess… I think there are other things that I don’t know about yet but I’ll find out later. I also bought a case and uhm, a screen protecter. I will stick that on it soon. I think I will close this video, I have nothing more left to say. I just wanted to show you how happy I am with my new phone and how it looks. Well I hope you enjoyed this video Don’t forget to and then you will see me again in a new video next time. Thanks for watching!


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