Unboxing the Silver Play Button with VPRO Metropolis – 100.000 subscribers.

Unboxing the Silver Play Button with VPRO Metropolis – 100.000 subscribers.

Ok we got this…Ready? We received this package today for VPRO Metropolis and we’re very excited to open it, it’s from YouTube! I can’t open it, it’s not opened yet It’s a live experience Ok, we got a letter! Let me read it: Oh we do have that at Metropolis And here is the prize Oh my God! Can we touch it? So thank you to all the reporters that contributed to VPRO Metropolis worldwide all your contributions were amazing and thank you to all the viewers and we would like to know which one of Metropolis is your favorite video please comment and tell us which video you like the best! Thank you!


  1. Mumbai people using beach as their washroom and everywhere there is poop on the beach.That was really interesting of metropolis

  2. Bravo à toi Céline et à tous tes collègues !
    c'est énorme, ce que tu as accompli, dans un pays étranger, avec la barrière de la langue, en ayant 2 enfants, et en ayant arrêté de travailler un bon moment.
    La France est fière de toi <3

  3. Congratulations!!! I’m one of your correspondents in Nairobi and so so proud of you and all the other reporters around the world for the amazing work they’re doing! Yippee!!!🎊🎊

  4. Wow! I think this channel is going to blow up, its been going on my recommended for days! Keep up the decent work and try not to relate to VICE too much :/

  5. Congratulation metropolis. You guys are doing a great and fantastic job in enlightening and educating people about other countries culture, tradition, belief e.t.c. I think you guy are saving me the money and time for traveling to this countries. My best video so far is the king of WI-FI in Nepal.

  6. U will be big! At least i hope so.
    One of great channels, very informative.
    Congratulation!! 😄

  7. Congratulations 🎊. My favourite video was the Mumbai Beach Pooping video. Really touched my heart and rectum too. 😂😂😂

  8. You just got one more from India…

    Also your videos are getting recommended in India.. and with cheap High speed internet…. You'll reach 200k in few weeks….

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