Unboxing | Tiffany & Co. Bracelet

Unboxing | Tiffany & Co. Bracelet

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel. Today I will be doing a Tiffany & Co. unboxing video We have a Tiffany & Co. envelope with the receipt in it. This item was two hundred and fifty Australian dollars. Next in the bag is a Tiffany & Co. I think this is a cleaning cloth. I’ll just open that up and see what that looks like. Last thing in the bag is the Tiffany & Co. item itself. It’s wrapped in this gorgeous white ribbon with the classic Tiffany box. And I’ll just unwrap it now. We have a Tiffany & Co. little bag And a card and the rest is a sponge. We have this gorgeous, gorgeous item. This is the small bead bracelet, I think. I’ll insert the name of the item in the description box below. But this is what I got. This bracelet has the return to Tiffany one one side of the heart. On this side, it says T&Co AG925. We have the AG925 on the circle little dangle. And then on the other side, it just says Tiffany & Co. We had a little clasp. And this is what the bracelet looks like on. That was it for my Tiffany & Co. unboxing. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye!


  1. Hi Kelly.

    I was gifted the same bracelet. There seems to be a bead missing on the bracelet. Can you confirm how many beads are on yours?


  2. can you attach charms on this bracelet? :/ i am currently searching for a bracelet for myself but i have very small wrists, which means i'd need a bracelet with 6,5 inch and as far as i looked on the homepage this is almost the only one in this size, but i'd also like to attach charms on it soooo… 😀

  3. i am thinking of getting myself this bracelet. it is so cute and i saw this in person. so cute. i will see if i can get it today.

  4. Beautiful bracelet, is it hard to put it on by yourself? I really want to get it for my BD but I'm afraid it will be hard to close that clasp by myself.

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