Under the Silver Lake (2018) 銀湖暗湧 預告片

Under the Silver Lake (2018) 銀湖暗湧 預告片

I saw you spying on me earlier No [Music] see more good [Music] who moves out in the middle of the night nothing strange about it she wanted to leave how does that not make sense I don’t understand why she didn’t tell me maybe she didn’t like you maybe she knows you’re poor and haven’t paid your rent founder some kind of code or like secret message in her department you can mean stay quiet our world is filled with codes subliminal messages from Silver Lake to the Hollywood else could any of this be connected to Sarah I know this girl there’s a message in the music [Music] [Applause] assume that this information is what we’re told it is maybe there are people out there who are more important than us powerful communicating things in the world that aren’t meant for only then but not for us yeah oh you think that’s weird a little welcome to purgatory good to be here you’re living in a carnival hoping to win a prize what are you gonna win under the silver leg [Music]


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