Under The Silver Lake | Official Promo HD | A24

Under The Silver Lake | Official Promo HD | A24

Something really big is going on. Lost dogs, humans, musical instruments. You think any of this could
be connected to Sarah? Of course.
That map is the key to everything.
Seriously? Seriously. Our world is filled with codes and symbols hidden in Silver Lake
to the Hollywood hills. Did you find that girl
that you’re looking for? You know where she is? Ah. I’m close I think. Maybe there are people out there who are more powerful than us. Communicating things in the world that aren’t meant only for them and not for us.
Ah. Yeah.
Oh you think that’s weird? A little.


  1. Really trying to make up for lost ground

    Hopefully I can buy it on my old PlayStation (if I can find it)

    *streaming it on my PlayStation was the biggest mistake

  2. Can someone give me the history of this movie. What am I missing and why people talking about release and marketing. I'm confused

  3. Really likes that guy in the ''Happy!'' miniseries. This appears to be very intriguing, will definitely give it a watch. Thanks for all the stuff, A24.

  4. Hey A24 fans I saw this a few months ago in a surprise screening and actually cheered when the A24 logo came up!
    Didn't cheer afterward… I'm sorry to say, but this is the first A24 movie you can skip.

  5. I think Andrew Garfield would be able to elivate his acting if he purposefully deprived himself of sleep. Just like Dustin hoffman in marathon man. Go watch the scene, he looks like a nut and its amazing

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