Unlimited Gold Bars to cross any level in Candy Crush Saga

Unlimited Gold Bars to cross any level in Candy Crush Saga

Better version of this Trick is available on another video titled “5 – 25 free extra moves..” click here to watch it…


  1. i saw this video i liked it but i have a question. i want to know that can we do it unlimited times like if i have 18 gold bars so i can have 10 moves for free only on current level. so my real question is that can i have 15 moves for free in 18 gold bars 🙂 reply soon

  2. hi there, Thanks for sharing this. You mentioned that if we don't have enough gold bars, that we should " keep playing Ice drops challenge" – what exactly is that? I'm playing the current version (can't seem to find the actual ver. #?) on my Samsung S7 (Android). Appreciate any help you can offer me. TIA 🙂

  3. I have a Samsung phone & I can't with off the wifi w/o closing the game. Any tips for those of us who don't have a tablet

  4. Wow Very Nice Video Brother, But When i Click Playon After Turning Off Internet It Is not Accept for extra Moves Instead it is asking to check Int Connection..plz do help me on this

  5. Same concept when you have a helmet or spaceship. Hit the X and when it says "if you leave now you will lose your helmet" then hit the home button on your phone and then reopen the app. It will still be there

  6. When I run out of moves and it asked if I want to purchase m5 move moves this is when you tell me to turn off the Wi-Fi which I did then I go back to the game and I try to purchase them it says no Internet connection. I need the Internet purchase what am I doing wrong????

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