Unplugged – Binary Bracelets

This is the binary bracelets lesson. We are
going to code our initials on a bracelet we can wear and show all our friends! Binary
is a way of representing information using only two options. Sometimes people think of
this as only 1s and 0s. But you can represent binary with combinations of on or off, up
and down, in and out or really any set of opposites. Hi, I’m Orion and I program robots
here at PlayI. All computer and robot brains at their most fundamental level are little
electronic gates. When the gate is open, electricity can flow through and when it’s closed, electricity
can’t. An example of binary on the robot is the robot’s eyes. The robot’s eyes are LEDs
and those are lights that are either on or off. It’s a binary system, one or the other.
We can use the lights to represent binary numbers. If we have a set of robots, we can
say that the first robot is the 1s place and the second robot is the 2s place, the third
robot is the 4s place and so on. That’s how you represent a binary number. The robots
will do it with their binary eyes and count it out for you.

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