Unveiling the restored Golden Sahara II

Unveiling the restored Golden Sahara II

Now, here is I’ve Got a Secret, starring Garry Moore! Panel you are about to see one of the most amazing automobiles you have ever seen in your life! Just to give you one idea of how revolutionary this is, Jim Street is going to drive it out here by pressing buttons on his little remote-control unit. Today, we present to you, what may be considered a ‘barn find’ to many auto enthusiasts and historians, an early autonomous concept car, a technology demonstrator, which has been hidden from public view for 50 years: The Golden Sahara II. The Golden Sahara II is remembered as one of the most important custom cars of the 1950’s and 1960’s. While the Golden Sahara I was built by George Barris in 1954, the Golden Sahara II was built during the first 9 months of 1958. It featured a complex new electronic control system. In addition to standard steering, it featured a centered unitrol stick like an aircraft, and an early conceptof radar braking and accident avoidance. In the late 1950’s and early 60’s Neothane tires toured the world on many brands of production autos and many experimental prototypes. When the Golden Sahara II was complete, Goodyear added a revolutionary Innovation – Neothane Synthetic Rubber Tires. These tires were translucent and could be internally illuminated. Neothane was an innovation that involved pouring a colored liquid form of synthetic rubber into a hot rotating mold. This created a tire without the traditional layers of construction. The Golden Sahara II with Goodyear Golden Glass Slippers toured for six years exposing hundreds of thousands of excited onlookers to what was just a concept in the 50’s and 60’s. Now it is time folks for the resurrection of the Golden Sahara II. I get a call from Gus, who is one of Mecum’s primary associates and he said: “Larry, we’ve got a very, very rare car coming up and this car should be in your museum.” It’s the only one in the world Larry, one time! SOLD! Alright, congratulations Larry! It was so popular and now it is back and three hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of bidding later, it’s going to a new collection. The Klairmont Kollection consists of many, many, one only, and many unusual cars that don’t exist anywhere except in our museum. We have something in our museum that will be nothing like any other car in the world.


  1. 1:44 So ok kids,on the Passenger side that gold thing connected to a curled up cord is called a "telephone" Cool car but that steering wheel omg bad.

  2. The George Barris – Jim Street custom car was far ahead of its' time. The vehicle preceded another Barris' creation, the Batmobile, by 10 years and partnered with Goodyear to exhibit the "Glass Slipper" tires. Some might say that this car is so unique, given its' place in history, that all other custom cars thereafter tip their hat to the Golden Sahara concept!

  3. I just watched the original video. Remote control, sonar braking, steering by a rheostat from the passenger seat? I gotta go see this thing.

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