Upcycled Surfboard Resin into Jewelry

Upcycled Surfboard Resin into Jewelry

(uptempo music) – Our specialties are up-cycled
surfboard resin jewelry. It’s made from waste
byproduct of board-building. We make earrings, rings,
necklaces, keychains, and even pet collar charms. What happens is when
they gloss the boards, it’s fluid but then it dries. And it piles up over time, so they make a board,
resin drops, it dries. Make a new board, resin drops, it dries. And this layering process
goes on and on and on. And over time you build
up a nice chunk of resin. So each stripe you see here
is from a different surfboard. And the really cool thing, the
extra cool thing about this, is that these boards are
out there in the ocean riding waves at any given time. So when you wear the jewelry, you’re actually staying
connected with the ocean. I started this company based
on my love of the ocean, and it’s instilled in every
aspect of the company. I’m an ocean lover, my
customers are ocean lovers. I make products for ocean lovers. (uptempo music)

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