Upgrade and Save with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate!

Upgrade and Save with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate!



  1. Best xbox game pass App i ever used before on my pc and xbox one X thanks #xbox for app Keep up the good work 😁👍💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 oh i forget something #xbox 😁 i just one to say thank you so much for Gears pop best game clash royle i ever played before i cant wait to play Gears 5 🥰

  2. I've upgraded my preexistent 3 years of Live Gold with this offer. Now, i've 3 years subscription on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Nice move, MS. Thank you.

  3. I couldn't find that 2$ deal anywhere even though it was advertised everywhere. I was forced to buy the normal 15$ subscription. Thanks guys, just great.

  4. I just love Microsoft and Xbox . I used Xbox one for 4 years and now I bought new Xbox one S . So happy to have Xbox consoles.

  5. Whatever Microsoft. I can’t even login today. Got kicked off last night and couldn’t sign in! Fix that first before this dollar rip off promotion you’re pushing.

  6. So if u have game pass ultimate do u get the gears 5 ultimate edition and all the pre order stuff e.g terminator and halo skins?

  7. Not to mention. Do we also get the halo reach(character) packs with the gears 5 ultimate included with game pass ultimate?

  8. I love ultimate, it's either pay 20$ plus tax separate or 15$ together and it's definitely worth saving any amount of cash anytime ya can.

  9. So if did the deal before and have gold until 2020, can we do this right now as well to extend it from 2020 with 2 months or u have to be on the 1 month atm with this for the $2 for 2 months?

  10. Aug.30…In the store it writes that 2€, but when I click on it (game pass ultimate) it writes that 13€/month. Help?

  11. I currently have paid for gold through March 2021. If I were to upgrade to game pass ultimate for $2 for 2 months, would I then have game pass ultimate until my gold expires in 2021 without having to pay the $14.99 per month or not?

  12. Serious question I have games pass but what's so special about game pass ultimate and what's the difference? Let me know and I'll get it today xbox!

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