UPPAbaby Vista 2019 vs Silver Cross Coast | Stroller Comparison | Vista Review | Coast Review

UPPAbaby Vista 2019 vs Silver Cross Coast | Stroller Comparison | Vista Review | Coast Review

Hey, my name is Eli, I’m the owner of a
company called Magic Beans and I run this channel, Magic Beans Videos. I’m so
glad you found us! If you’re shopping for baby gear, I know that that can be a very
overwhelming experience, trying to figure it all out, trying to do your research.
Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. You can email me your questions, your
personal questions, ask me anything, to [email protected] You can even
give us a call at six one seven three eight three eight two five nine, or you
can simply leave a comment below. In this video, I’m going to be comparing the
2019 UPPAbaby Vista and the brand-new Silver Cross Coast, also for 2019, both
single strollers that you can use from the beginning as a single stroller, come with a
bassinet, and they turn into double strollers. I’m excited about telling you
the exact differences between the two and hopefully this will clarify all your
questions. Vista has been around for a whole bunch of years, and Silver Cross–
but it’s a newer company, only was invented the past decade or so–
Silver Cross one of the oldest stroller brands in the world, they make those big,
sort of extravagant prams, or the big, wide wheels, but this is their modern
version of those strollers by Silver Cross, great British brand. Cool, so
like I said, they’re both single strollers that turn into double strollers, they both
come with bassinets included. Let me start by showing you the bassinet, if
you’re confused about that. So, you take off the seat, and UPPAbaby Vistas come included with
a sleep safe bassinet, just like that, and you can, like, pop your bassinet on now.
You may be confused when you open up your Silver Cross Coast because the
bassinet might look funny, because it looks like this, but don’t be alarmed. The
canopy for the actual stroller and the bassinet are the same canopy because
with one canopy for both of the products in the box, whereas the Vista and the
Vista bassinet and the business seat both have their own individual canopies
that come in the box. I hope that was clear enough, but it’s nice to have your
babies lying fully flat when they’re first born
because their neck muscles are developing when they’re first
born, and having the flat surface to drive around feels really good. To remove
these products, you pull the two side little, like, levers on the side. When you
pull that out. In terms of the Vista, you push this little button on the, on the
top, and you pull this out. I do full reviews of these strollers, so you can
check those out on the channel, so if I’m going through this too fast, or you’re
gonna ask us your own questions, great. They both have peekaboo windows on
them, you can open up the peekaboo window on the back, nice big peekaboo window
with the air mesh that has the air come through, and there’s more of a sort of I
get plastic top so the rain doesn’t come through, but the air doesn’t come through.
So choose what you want. You can also open this other flap on the side if you
do want air venting, so that’s a really nice little elegant design on the
Coast. Close that back up again, let’s talk about how the seats go in both
directions. So again, same as with the bassinet before, you pull out on the side
and the seat can go in both directions. With the Vista, you push these two silver
buttons and the seat goes in both directions. One of the nice things about
the Coast is that it has integrated upper adapters, so again you remove the
seat and then, like magic, you push in these buttons on the side and this
actually makes the seats go higher, so if you want the baby closer to you, or if
you’re using this in the double position, you can just integrate it in the
stroller, have the seat go higher. I’ll show you in a second the upper
adapters for the Vista, so you can see how to raise this seat up. Before I
do that, let me show you how to fold both strollers. To fold down the Vista, I
normally pull the handle bar all the way out, pull these two triggers on the side,
and it just folds down just like that, and there you go, standing on its own. The Coast does not stand on its own, but you push in with your thumb and then you
pull these two rings, and it folds right down to the bottom and it folds quite
nicely and quite small. There’s a latch on the left side, then you lift out and it
kind of flicks right open, like that. There is a little latch here on the left
side, and it flicks right open like that.
The Coast comes with a cup holder included, and you can buy a cup holder
for the Vista as an accessory. Let’s show you how this works in the double
position. I’m gonna lower down the seat. Like I said before, you add upper
adapters to the Vista, I’ll go grab them, click in one upper adapter, a second upper
adapter, put that seat back in. Here is the rumble seat, which is different from
the main seat, has a lower weight limit, and there are no hinges on the bottom of
the rumble seat for adjustable footrest situations, and then you just
click in your rumble seat, UC stadium seating, but it can go a lot of
indirection to have both baby faces you you can have a car seat in the top, et cetera.
With the Silver Cross Coast, there also is a second seat which is different from
the first seat, and you click it in like that. In terms of the length of these
strollers, the Vista seems to be a little bit longer than the Coast, 34
inches to the back and the Coast is 32 inches to the back. The wheel sizes are
about the same, and in terms of pushing they both kind of feel long, like all
tandem strollers that have this. This is real life, this is–parenting is hard, I
get it, and then you, but nevertheless you have this really elegant looking
beautiful stroller with your Silver Cross Coast with the great detailing,
these little metal accents just make it look super high quality, high-end. I think
it’s, like, very, very nice. There’s a leathette handlebar on the Coast and a
real leather handlebar on the Vista. These are, like, again, two of my
favorite single – double strollers and I do a full roundup of my best single –
double strollers of 2019, which you can see over on the channel. I’ll see you
over at the next video, thanks for watching. Please subscribe today!


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