Urban Girly Bead Dangle Bracelet Video Tutorial

Urban Girly Bead Dangle Bracelet Video Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another jewelry making
video brought to you by KeepsakeCrafts.net. Today, we’re going to make this bracelet full
of all sorts of bead dangles. It’s a study in contrast between the edginess of the metal
and the girlyness of the bead caps and the beads.
I picked up this length of chain at a bead show some time ago and when I decided I wanted
to make a bracelet with it, I thought it would be interesting instead of going with edgy
kind of Goth looking charms which is what this looks like – I thought it would be interesting
to do a contrast and have some more girly beads like these bubble gum metallic crystals
or even just some pretty blues, just to have a variety that made it a little bit more feminine
and yet combining it with a variety of metals with bead caps such as an interesting study
in contrasts. So what you’ll need to make this bracelet
is about six and a half inches of chain and a clasp and this one I found, I just thought
it kind of added to the edgy funky feel, it’s this huge clasp it’s actually part of a key chain.
I have here an array of 40 different beads, you can use more or less. There are eight
big links in this bracelet chain so I thought five charms on each one would give it a very
full dangly feel. So I just pulled out a variety of beads that
I like together and I also pulled out bead caps for all of them and I have forty headpins
with little tiny ball ends. For tools you’ll need round nose pliers, flush
cut wire cutters, two pairs of chain nose pliers and you might like to use a pair of
crimpers, these are great for rounding over wire when we do wire wrapping.
Now one of the difficult things about wire wrapping is if I was going to wire wrap on
this, I would have this in the way as I was finishing the wraps, so I’m going to do it
in an easier way. All of these chains have split and I’m going to actually open them
and slide my wrapped beads on them. So I want to make sure that I make my wrap loops nice
and big so they fit over that chain. So we’ll start with, oh, just anyone, how
about one of these pink ones and just slide the beads on the head pin, slide on your cap. (Let me make a little room here so that you can see what I’m doing) and that’s cute.
Next take chain nose pliers and hold the wire right where it comes out of the bead cap and
bend that wire at a 90 degree angle. Next, grasp that wire with your round nose pliers
and I’m going to grasp about almost halfway up my round nose pliers, so that I get a nice
big loop that will fit over this chain. So wrap the wire over your pliers, go as far
as you can go which only about that far, re-insert your round nose pliers and finish wrapping
the loop. And when you’re done wrapping the loop, the wire coming out of the bead and
the end of the wire should be at a 90 degree angle to each other.
Next, I’m going to hold onto that loop with a pair of chain nose pliers and I’m going
to grab that end with another pair. It really helps to get nice neat wraps if you use
a tool to do the wrapping, it just gives you a better grip.
I do like wrapping with my fingers but I find I just get a neater result if I use a tool.
So I’m just going to hold on to that and wrap. And that’s not as neat as I’d like it but
I’ll try to improve the next one. I’m just going to cut that off with my flush cut pliers
and that little end is not very sharp but I’m going to grab it with the round part of
my crimping pliers and tuck it in. And then if you need to take your round nose
pliers and just make that dangle nice and round and I’m going to double check just to
make sure that I’m making it big enough to go over one of these links, I’d hate to make
40 and find that they’re all too small to go over the link. All right, I definitely
don’t want it any smaller than that, that’s just right. So, check after you’ve made one.
It’ll save you some aggravation later. So then that’s really all the steps, the rest
is just making all 40 of your dangles. Here I am in the middle of wire wrapping my
dangles and I just thought I’d give you a quick tip on efficiency. You saw me make one
wire wrap from beginning to end but there are 40 here to do. So it’s much better to
take each step and do it for all of your pieces when you have a whole bunch to do.
So first thing I did was I slid all of my beads and bead caps on to the wires. That
was one step. And then, I took the chain nose pliers and bent them all into the 90 degree
angles. In that way, I didn’t have to keep putting down the chain nose pliers, I could
just pick up one after the other and do the 90 degree bends.
Now, I’m doing the next step which is the loop with the round nose pliers. Again I can
just do the loops, set it down, keep the pliers in my hand and do the next one and so on for
every step that you can. If you can continue on with that step and leave the tool in your
hands you’ll be a whole lot more efficient. So, I’m going to carry on and finish up.
So here we are with all 40 dangles made. That took a little while. And I have them arranged
just kind of randomly five per link. And since this link is open now, I’m just going to go
ahead and slide them on. This one is the easiest one because it’s open.
It doesn’t have something in the other end and these links you open the exact same way
that you would a jump ring, holding on each side with chain nose pliers and pulling the
sides in opposition making sure that that split is closed nice and firmly.
Now on the remaining ones, we’ll have to do them one side at a time. So I’m going to put
three dangles on one side of the link and three on the other. So let’s see. There’s
the split, so hold that side, open it and put on two, one, two and then I’m going to
slide these big links are held together by sets of three smaller ones, so we’ll slide
those over and put these three on the other side. Not really complicated.
The most important thing here… oh that one’s a little small. If you have a loop that’s
a little small just go ahead and get out your round nose pliers and go ahead and work that
loop on the round nose pliers and it will turn out nice and round and bigger. Let’s see,
where was I? There we go! And then hold this nice and firmly and we you have something
that’s stiff, just go ahead and bring them towards each other a little bit, press inwards
as you bring them towards each other. Here we go, I better lay this down so you
can see it. They got all tangled up which is the idea, it just looks sort of random
and I’m just going to repeat the procedure all the way down, adding my sets of dangles
and at the end I’m going to add this, my clasp to these three little ones so that they’re
held together and again they’re just opened the same way you open a jump ring. So I’m
going to finish with that and I’ll be back. Here, I’ve gone ahead and added all the dangles
and just to save a little aggravation, what I did when I added the dangles to this big
loop, I left this open and I took those three jump rings off small other chains and added
them to my clasp and now I can add this all at once to the clasp, close it up nice and
securely and I’m all done. Now you can see that little gap, what I’m
going to do is hold that real tight with one pair of chain nose pliers and then twist and
as I twist it back push them towards each other and now we don’t have that gap. You
don’t want to do that over and over you’ll weaken the metal but you can certainly do
it a couple of times. And there it is. All done.
Here’s another look the bracelet we made today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this project and that
you’ll give it a try. Here are a couple more videos that you might enjoy watching.
Also please be sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of the tutorials
that I give and check out KeepsakeCrafts.net for lots more jewelry making and crafting and
sewing ideas and inspiration. Thanks so much for watching, have a good one.
Bye bye.


  1. Gorgeous bracelet.  I would like to learn so I could teach a trade to our children in Vietnam.  We are caring for orphans in Vietnam www.childrenofpeace.org.  Thank you Sandy, I love your method of teaching, simple and thoughtful.  Merry Christmas

  2. Your jewelry is so unique and pretty. I really love the blue beads and wonder where you got them. I am new to jewelry making and I am inspired by your videos. 

  3. I love projects that make use of the beads in my stash where I don't have quite enough to make something out of them. And you're so right – the contrast is terrific! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for the information and thanks for the quick tip of keeping the same tool in your hand. I recently completed a cluster necklace and earring…same concept and it took me forever just to make the dangles. Beautiful jewelry!!!

  5. Brilliant tutorial. I am a complete novice so I think I may have to start with something a lot simpler – a lot of work involving this bracelet but what a beautiful result!

  6. Sandy, this tutorial has sparked sooo many projects. Still haven't made this one as I am still collecting bead caps! Unique ones have been hard to find in my area. Thank you sooo much for all your videos, they keep me going!

  7. Why closing the loops of the beads, instead leave them open and you slide each one on the chain rings. This is what I do, and it doesn't require extra work. Other than that, it is a very beautiful bracelet! Thx for the tutorial.

  8. Thank you Sandy-Your bracelet design is amazing! The contrast between chain, beads and clasp makes such a unique and interesting design. I'm a beginner, your bracelet really inspires me to think out of the box. A true work of art. Bonus-the chain is still available:)

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