Using Baking Soda To Clean My Pandora Bracelet 💍

Using Baking Soda To Clean My Pandora Bracelet 💍

This is my Pandora bracelet.
It is suppose to be silver but its seems to be turning.
It was my intention to take it to a jeweler to see if they could clean it for me.
But what I am going to do is do a test and put it in some baking soda and see what happens.
See if i could get it clean make it look decent see how its looking?
And get it back to looking brand new. I am going to add some baking soda to it and leave it for a few hours. The reason why i decided to try this is because I normally clean my cutlery that has rust on it using the baking soda. so it just dawned on me why don’t you just try this tip to see if you could get your Pandora bracelet clean. So i will leave it for a little while and
see if this will work. I am going for my little walk and take a swim and when i come back, I will see if there is any difference Okay I threw out the excess water and decided just to make a paste with the baking soda. Just baking soda and a pinch of water so I have like a paste and the paste is looking a bit black already so that means that the blackness from my Pandora bracelet
is removing and transferring to the baking soda. I am already seeing a difference. I will leave it for a little while longer
and see what happens. Okay about 2-3 hours has passed and I am seeing
a difference already. This looks shiny this particular charm was
very black. So I am going to wash it out now. See how it’s looking? Very shiny already. So
I am going to wash it out and put it to dry. This is enough for the day. Wow! That is beautiful! Why didn’t I think
about this before? It is so much cleaner! Wow! Baking Soda is the boss man! Now it back
to brand new – nice and shiny! I didn’t have to spend a cent!


  1. My Pandora was so black that i was giving up!!!!!! But after using you're idea it look shining and brand new. So I Thank You

  2. I use a product called sparkle bright it’s the best cleaner takes off the dirt in seconds I have a video on it with my pandora anyone should definitely check it out

  3. hii. i don't know what happend but my pandora charm started to rust ? is that even possible ? 😭 i don't know what to do anymore and I got it from my dad on Christmas and it makes me so sad 😢

  4. Wow it worked, so you if you do the same thing for cast iron skillets, I accidentally left it in the water and it rushed a little

  5. Hello new friend 😃💞👋I just pressed the red button and tapped the bell 🛎 let’s stay active on each other’s channel, wow 😲 that bracelet came out beautiful looking like brand new!!! Tfs👍🏻support

  6. Who knew baking sofa would get it so clean
    I will be using this hack for sure
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the heads up on this channel
    Love always Frances

  7. Great video it helped me out a lot thanks the baking soda works very well my Pandora bracelets looks brand new A Big Thank You

  8. the 1st method she used worked for me & the dirt was off & then i did it again & left it a little longer and it was lighter & less shiny than it used to be 🙁 idk how to fix it

  9. My husband just bought me a pandora bracelet I was so worried it might rust over time. Thank you so much now I know what to do incase

  10. Hi there! I bought my pandora in 2016.. after awhile it got oxidised..and I just left it in my drawer… until i came across your video… i took it out back and tried it as I see a lot of successful comments by other people. Thanks alot, it looked brand new right now, and I am so happy!!! You are a kind soul to have share something like this. Thanks alot dear.

  11. I wear all my Pandora bracelets to work every day,I never take them off mine have never looked dirty like yours.I will try baking soda some time.

  12. I use it all the time to clean all my sterling silver jewelry. Have done it for years and tooth paste works as well Colgate.

  13. When I clean my silver I boil water put it in a porcelain or glass bowl put a piece of aluminum foil then add baking soda the reaction of the foil, hot water, and baking soda cleans it perfectly 💖

  14. Pandora jewellery doesn't rust unless it gets into water and not dried and polished afterwards in all crevices.
    Its silver and tarnish's over time like any silver does. So this is normal if it's not being stored properly. You can invest in anti tarnish pouches.
    Also Invest in a pandora polishing cloth after cleaning your bracelet. It contains everything you need in the cloth (ie oils) so you add nothing. It brings it up brand new. Also remember to never wear it in a swimming pool or hot tub ,in the shower to avoid chemicals and product build up and remove if you come in contact with other chemicals like fake tan, perfume. This should be done with any jewellery but especially if you have any with gems and enamel (Until its dry on your skin) always dry and buff up afterwards.
    Hope this helps too ladies x

  15. It is a simple way to clean silver.
    Water, soda and aluminum foil, boil with your silver items in a pot until clean.
    Be prepared to foaming when is boiling.
    For very dirty one's put more soda in stages .

  16. oh dear don't use baking soda on your pandora bracelet or any items! I have worked at pandora for almost 2 years and we would clean the bracelet with warm water with dish soap, leave it to soak for an hr then with a soft toothbrush you brush them gently and place on paper towels , dry them out and then with the polishing cloth you do the finishing touch. baking soda can be corrosive especially on items that have oxidised details.

  17. Please every one be carful of the baking soda as it can turn cz stones or other stones cloudy it takes the shine of them just rub with a silver cleaning cloth each time you wear it and never wash in it or spray perfume near it and never sleep in pandora as it can damage charms and stretch the bracket x x

  18. Girrrrls if you just brush it with toothpaste any toothpaste it turns out even better looking all you gotta do is scrub nd walllaaaaaa

  19. Hello Everyone, i once worked at Pandora MOA. The best way to clean Pandora Jewelry is just plain baby soap/baby shampoo and warm water, leave it over night and rinse that’s it. Now, I’ve seen you used baking soda and it worked but the thing is once there’s baking soda left on the spirals inside the charms, it can get stuck on the big threads due to left particles inside. When spiraled charms got stripped and won’t be able to pass on those big threads that’s when we cut the bracelet. Trust me, We’ve cut bracelets multiply times due to those😊. Don’t have it contact with other chemicals for they get tarnished real quick. Make sure to keep them in ziploc when not wearing.

  20. Also use toothpaste with the baking soda and will be much easier I do it all the time.
    It takes me like 15 minutes with the tooth paste and small brush

  21. I work at pandora. If you want your jewelry clean use windex. Soak it in winded for about 10 mins. Take it out and scrub it with mild soap (dial). Then scrub it winded windex. It will be sparkling clean. This is only for silver pandora jewelry. For pandora rose and pandora shine just use mild soap. Windex will fade it.

    You’re welcome

  22. Aluminum foil, baking soda and hot water will clean any silver, just don't put silver in that has black bits as its design, as it will come off too…lol

  23. Thanks 🙏 😍 I put my charm in the dish soap and it's black thanks for sharing 🤓 how Do i post pictures to prove it lol ?

  24. Thank you! It sooo worked! I did not use it for my charm with a pearl in it, or the glass ones to be safe, just silver. I lined the bowl in aluminum foil first but the rest of the steps were yours. My bracelet looks brand new. I am very happy! Thank you <3

  25. Pandora cleans the bracelets FREE why take the chance on ruining your jewelry🤷🏽 I have three bracelets filled with charms those of u that shop at pandora often know it can become expensive and fast my friends bf tried to clean hers and it literally snapped in half and charms went everywhere so he had to go there to replace the bracelet mifht as well just go let them clean it

  26. I love you're videos 🥰 I have subscribed to you're channel I hope you subscribe back so we can support each others channels Hugs 🤗🥰

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