Using Hemp Cording to make a Chevron Friendship Bracelet

Using Hemp Cording to make a Chevron Friendship Bracelet

In this video i’m going to show you how
you can use our new Hemptique cord to make beautiful friendship bracelets. The item number for this card of cording
is HM2416. It has four different colors on it and it’s
the “razzle dazzle” color scheme. There’s many different types of
friendship bracelet patterns to learn – the type that we’re going to be learning
today is the chevron pattern. To begin, unravel the first color on
your cording card and you’re going to unravel about an
arm’s length so about one meter worth of cording. Cut this from the spool and then measure
out another length of that same color cording in the exact same length as before. Continue doing that for all four of the
colors that are on your card. After you’re through with that, you’re
going to have eight cords of two colors each. With all of your cording, tie an
overhand knot and leave about three inches worth of tail at the end. Now, as you can see on our demo bracelet
here we have the overhead knot up here at one end of the bracelet, but on the other end of the bracelet
we’ve done a bit of braiding right before we did our overhand knot. If you want to you can do some braiding – just simple braiding – You’ll break this up into three cords, two cords and then another
three chords and then do a simple braid for about one inch. So to make things nice and simple, I’m
going to start right into my pattern from here without doing any braiding. In order to effectively create this bracelet,
you’ll need to affix your bracelet to a flat working surface. I have a binder
clip here affixed to the back of a jewelry display pad. You can always use a clipboard or you
can tape down the knot to a counter top using packing tape or some really heavy
scotch tape. So I’m simply going to take the tail and fit it right into the end. Now I am going to turn the board
just a bit so that i can work with it but i am going to show you exactly what
i’m doing. in order for this to show up with the
exact same distinct color row for row, you’re going to separate your colors
like this. So before you start off on this pattern try to make an imaginary line going
between the two groups of four cords. So over here on the left hand side we’re
gonna start things off with the blue, pink, green and yellow. Then you do the reverse for the right
side; yellow, green, pink, blue. You’re going to be doing essentially the
same knot on either side you’re just going to be doing the reverse. What i mean by that is you have a forward
knot and you have a backward knot. Over here on your left hand side you’re
going to be working with the forward knot. Make a “4” with your cording. You’ll notice that the outside is over
the inside color. Bring it around and back up like this. Then holding onto this pink cord, I’m going to bring the blue cord up like so. Now when you’re doing this you have to
make sure that you do this two times for each cording. So we did our first one. Here’s the second. You’re going to pull it fairly tight but you
don’t want to make it too tight. Nice and snug actually what we’re looking for. Now what’s going to happen is this blue
cording is going to take the place of the pink and the pink is going to change and be set off to the side. So now you’re pink is the outside color
with your blue being the inside color. so now you can decide to work the rest
of this left hand side or you can come over to the right hand side and just
kind of mirror each cording as you’re going along. Just to make things nice and easy here
at the beginning we’re going to do just that. So over here on the right-hand side I’ve picked up my blue and pink cording again and now we’re going to do a backward
knot. take this blue cording and make a backwards looking “4” over the pink
cording with it. Bring the blue over the top and around
the back. Your going to hold onto this pink cording and
then pull the blue cording to that the knot is snug up at the top of the
bracelet. Make another backwards “4” over the
pink cording and then pull the blue outside cording so that
the knots cinches up against the previous knot. Again, you’re not going to pull this
extremely tight. Now this blue cording will be on the
inside and the pink cording will be on the outside. Okay, so again we’re going to pick up the
blue cord, this again is going to be our outside
cord. This green is going to be our inside
cord and again we’re looking at making a “4”. this blue cord will lay on top of the
green cord, come around the back and then pull tight and then do it again. The green now has become our outside cord
and the blue is still our outside cord. We can now move this green cord off to the side,
we’re done with that for this row. Coming over here to the right hand side the
green is the inside, the blue is the outside. Make a backwards “4”, bring the cording around, hold onto that green and then pull. Then repeat again. Backwards “4”, take the blue cord around and pull. Okay, we can move that green off to the side. Now, all that we’re left with is the
yellow cording here on the inside. Pick that up, and you going to do just like you’ve done
before – the blue is the outside cording the yellow is the inside cording. Make a
“4” blue cording goes around and then pull snug. Then you can take that yellow and
you can put that over there with the green and pink cords. Now to reposition and let me show you what
happens here on the right hand side. Again, just like before backwards “4”. Bring it around, pull. Backwards “4” again. around…pull. okay so we have the beginning of our knotting but now we have these two blue cords
that have become are two inside cords. Well, what we do with these? at this point it’s up to you. You
can do either a forward or backward knot with these two cords. I like doing forward knots. so i’m going to make a “4”, bring it
around and back – just like I’ve always done with the other cording on this bracelet, and you do it twice just like you’ve done with
all of the other cording on this bracelet. Now you can bring all of your cording back down
again. Now you’re ready to move onto your next
row. This pink cording is now going to be
your outside cording, so you’re going to treat it like you did the blue cording before. Repeat all of your steps as you’ve done
before and continue to repeat them until you have the length bracelet that you’re
looking for. Here’s something that i want to show you really
quick, when you continue to go through every
single row it’s going to end in a point. To finish off your bracelet so that it’s
nice and flat – begin to work the first two rows on your
bracelet, but you’re not going to go all the way
to the center. So with this blue i did the first two strings. On this yellow one, I only did the first
string. That’ll leave you with all of these free
strings here that when they get tied together, or when you begin your braiding, you’re going to have a nice flat end. From here you’re going to take the rest
of your cording and you can either end it in an overhand knot just like you did over
here on this other end of this bracelet – if that’s what you decide to do – or if you began your bracelet with
braiding, you can end it with braiding over here on this end. Only go for about and inch, end in an overhand knot, and then trim up the rest of your cording so that it’s nice and neat. These friendship bracelets are typically
made with the idea that you wear them until they fall off. What would wind up happening is that a bracelet
would be made for somebody the bracelet would be tied onto that
person’s wrist with the dream or a wish in mind. Then the person wears it around and
until the bracelet falls off which at that point in time, the dream or the wish
comes true. So you can either keep this for yourself or
give it to a friend. It’s an easy and fun way to celebrate
the upcoming summer season.

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