Vacuum Forming a Silver Play Button (Real Play Button Molds)

Vacuum Forming a Silver Play Button (Real Play Button Molds)

Hey, what’s up guys today? I’m hanging out with John from Boardshorts TV He’s got something that I wanted for years, but never got and that’s a silver play button check it out Oh there it is The idea here today is to take the silver play button To make a mold [that] we can turn into gummy candies chocolate or basically anything that we want or buttons so as long as John Is cool with us ripping open his award no guarantees We’ll get this thing back in one piece [but] I’ve got insurance on it was cool when the bracket screws are removed You [can] basically slide the whole top right off and if we get lucky you know nice John’s button wait stop. Talk to my [father] You know what you can do is like modify this into a belt bub wouldn’t that be sweet like check out my hope that would Actually [book] right there. Yeah, [do] check that it works. It works. That would be a cooler belt buckle. [I] forgot to mention This is a guy that invented CVX live in Salt Lake City a really cool event and I’ll probably be there next year What John’s got here is a plastic called hdpe that’s high-density polyethylene stuff I have over here is point zero to styrene this big black sheet here is 0.004 abs and abs is supposed to be really good for vacuum forming to vacuum mold this thing. I already see a problem We’ve got these little nubs here So we’re gonna have to take a grinder and shave those off and then use the belt sander to get all flat really, but I think there might be a way around then that’s just by using a little bit of dollar-store Foam board and the Styro-slicer’ Maybe we can push this thing down through carve around the edge have a really clean button to use Okay, so here’s the idea guys John’s just got a couple holes in this foam that should accommodate these little rivets [they’re] what’s really impressive as you can see it almost lines up perfectly flush We press this flat turn on the foam cutter, and we’re going to cut a clean line all the way around this button I’ll have to do now is take a sounding sponge and kind of clean up some of these edges to get rid of that jagged Styrofoam and the rest should be pretty easy We’re basically just going to take the frame for our vacuum former staple some plastic to it stick it in the oven And stick it on our back end for my machine So much sure what we’re doing here. So now we got the styrofoam reinforced I think this is ready to vacuum [form] [for] that We’re going to need a vacuum forming machine, but it doesn’t have to be something complicated It could be as simple as this one that I made five years ago, you see I just hacked it out of scrap wood and some perfboard and [reinforced] it with duct tape to help keep it airtight [this] was inspired by a project. I saw by [Kipkay] about five years ago. We did a video for make magazine [I] got a big old dusty shot back that I use this thing is 16 gallons 6.25 horsepower, so it’s got a lot of suck You can see it takes a bit to get it in there And that’s not moving and that’s going to suck all the air through these holes and only cares about the amount of suckage, okay? So here’s the [idea]. We got our button reinforced. It’s going to go on top of the vacuum former We’re going to get a little bit of plastic [we] [can] staple around the top put it in an oven and warm it up until it gets saggy They’re going to flip it over put it on top of the play button and turn the vacuum on Look, it’s already starting to get soft in here. You can see around all the staples It’s starting to wrinkle you ready John standing by right here. We go Initiate suckage Hey check that out guys stealing that John. What do you think that’s beautiful take your position? Check this out guy that suction worked out really really well it left the play button looking fantastic [pull] this up here You see actually the button still stuck in there I’m surprised the styrofoam isn’t melting with how hot that is but look how beautiful that comes out guys can initiate suckage That thing is so durable. [that’s] like what our fourth mold nicely done John boom [all] [right] guys, we’re doing it We’re going to try the hDpe it’s a little bit opaque at first but once it heats up and starts drooping It’ll turn clear. This is our first round. Let’s see what happens [Kahlan’s] I’ve been in the way longer than the styrene. I wonder if we should turn the temperature better to temperature Rap pizza pizza temperature Our hDpe has not gone clear yet. That is sagging down about two inches so I think we’re just going to go ahead and throw it on the former and see how it does at this state before we push it any Further Initiating Wow, so hdpe obviously takes a lot longer to set up it actually sucked the plastic right through the holes there So we lost a bit [of] our suction. I thought for sure that foam would have melted. [oh], yeah look at that It’s all like wrinkly on the inside. It’s a little bit flimsier – all right let’s throw a sheet of abs [as] a last experiment and Collagen Can’t imagine this stuff is Gonna work. [oh] [droopy] Crap, okay ready [oh], yes Yeah, and so we’re heating this up at 450 [degrees] Fahrenheit. [how] long did that take like two minutes? [you] know I was quick. I was surprised that we got a black play button check out the other side [oh] yeah, but this is what I love is I love the texture on the front of that button. [no], that’s cool So there you go guys that’s how to use a few simple materials to vacuum cast your own candy molds at home with styrene abs hdpe alright guys thanks so much for hanging out with us today big thanks to John for coming out here and Sacrificing his silver play button for my cause John I promise I will fix this for you at some point in [time] But I’m going [to] use it to make a bunch more molds first and maybe even try casting some chocolates with it as well They try me out [brad] has been fun. It’s been a blend and he’s got a channel called Boardshorts TV It’s super super awesome. Five hundred thousand [subscribers]. They basically have kids tell stories, and then they act along to the stories Hey guys, thanks so much for joining us for this experiment. We’ll be looking for your next project video. Talk to you then


  1. why not try to make your own silver play button? you could buy the glass plating on ebay or something and make the frame then mold his button with sand and make a casting, maybe collab with presstube to have him clean it up and then you'd have one

  2. I have a suggestion for a future video. My car's clear plastic headlight lens is cloudy and crazed. I've tried to polish it out but it's too far gone. The dealer wants $3000 for a new headlight and there aren't any aftermarket headlight lenses available to purchase. So, I'd love to make my own replacement lens but the contour of the old lens is more detailed than the button in your video and the plastic lens material is about 1/4 inch (much more than your plastic). Would you like to attempt a video of a car headlight lens?

  3. Where do you purchase the membrane sheets at? Looking for something suitable to cover cabinet doors, using the same principle.

  4. I used to run an industrial thermoforming machine for Tripp Plastics in Sparks, NV. The correct temperature for abs plastic at 3/16" thickness is 286° for 220 seconds ( 3 minutes, 40 seconds ). I made the plastic parts that are inside of slot machines.

  5. What do you do after you have molded your plastic. What is use of that plastic? Looks like there should be another step.

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