what’s up guys thank you for coming back to watch another video today I’m going to be asking girls if they want to be my Valentine and then they say no let’s see if this will change their mind excuse me hi and not to bother you question you are a while okay you know $100,000 hey hi sorry yeah you I saw you from far away would you be my Valentine you’re kind of cute my girlfriend dumped me what are you doing here really so listen I want to take care of Valentine’s Day I would go to nice dinner and that’s it sounds good you were there smells fresh just wanted to take shopping and my girlfriend dumped me I got nothing left on Valentine’s Day I’m lonely do you think she should go with me for Valentine’s Day yeah it’s my money I took everything out of my bank Oh what was gonna happen nah it’s money talk lot talk no yeah I want on it okay maybe maybe one dinner one dinner the number oh yeah here you go yeah that’s all you got thank you yeah no money for biggish I asked her to go on Valentine’s Day she said no she saw the money she says yes it’s like hey I’ll take you on an island so as they come on give me let’s go baby you want to be my Valentine why look at this look what I got I’m gonna go shopping no you don’t care really yeah my girlfriend just dumped me so I’m just kind of lonely yeah it’s all good huh thank you it means a lot excuse me hi I don’t want to interrupt your thing can I see here hi quick question you want to be my Valentine you seem very lonely you don’t want to be my Valentine why not you’re funny I might not get looking enough or what what do you boy what does that mean you look you are Wow well while you’re at the mall and you’re not shopping I need ya look hi hello are you straight now you really want to go shopping what do you want you’re my you want me to buy your bag what do you want see I don’t know you like that about you owner just to get there I came up here nasty if you wanted to be my Valentine you said no so you’re not lesbian you’re just kidding just with the money just a bag just the bag and then what you don’t want me give me your number yeah we can go shopping let’s go let’s go you serious let’s go what are you gonna tell your girlfriend you went straight don’t worry about it hi so we’re going nice bag do any of you guys want to be my Valentine are you serious what about this I need to take you guys shopping yeah yeah no good shot good shot all right excuse me hi can you be my Valentine soon why not what what do you want what do you mean what do I have I shook my cock really okay so why would you try so you looking for sure get out of here be honest like what is this enough for you why don’t you call your girl back let her know that you find well let’s do what what’s up with was okay why what yeah what sure hey are you gonna come over tomorrow or tonight why good why are you so good why are you so good hi guys thank you so much for watching this video if you did enjoy this video make sure you smash that thumbs up button if you haven’t subscribed yet make sure you subscribe because I blowed every day and become a villain thank you guys so much for watching once again I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow the Soudan yes [Music]


  1. That last black bitch is hoe…fuck…fuck u bitch…btw im fucjing in the hood…and i hte bitches like that…just for the money!!!. HI bro u exposed them great….

  2. Girl – I’m a lesbian so no
    Shows her the money 💵
    Vitaly – now will you be my valentines 🌹
    Girl – ok

  3. Vitaly you’re such an amazing youtuber even few weeks ago I saw you on Instagram and I like your posts nowadays you’re my fvt Buddy & keep going like this man love you buddy

  4. до свидания бл) ты реально очень крутой, прям какое-то удовлетворение после просмотра.

  5. If he was anywhere else in the world..he would have women stalking him..but in California high end area lol you never know..they weren't interested..actually some were frightened by it

  6. White dudes don't fuck with you XD, get that straight bitch! I doubt black dudes do either! It's the shorts…. bitch looks like Daisy Duke & honey boo boo got cronenberged!

  7. The last girl on your video was friends with my mum and I hate because because always ask me for money anemometer agent in South Africa 701 my house I'll give you the number 0782265286

  8. Girl at the end with the yellow shirt " that's why I don't f××k with you white boys" aks all hood at the end even though she knows she in the wrong!

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