Value of Diamonds (II) – Online Jewelry Stores Presents The Four Cs – A San Francisco Jewelry video

TITLE: DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER! The Four Cs of Diamond Quality … PART II:
Clarity and Carat Weight JILLIAN: We’ve put together a series of videos
for you, so you can get some expert, insider’s tips on what to look for when your shopping
for diamonds and other gem stones. Also, how to care for your jewelry, and how
to clean it … and just to see some great pieces (of jewelry). Enjoy the video! JILLIAN: Mario, you told us in the last segment
about Cut and Color, I’d like to hear about the other two Cs that we have left to talk
about, regarding the value of diamonds – Clarity and Carat Weight. Can you tell me a little bit about that? MARIO: Sure … Clarity … this is the simplest
one to determine. You look at a stone … if your eyesight is
good … you see imperfections in a stone. That is known as “lacking in clarity.” If you can’t see it with the naked eye, you
can look through a “loop” – that’s a magnifying glass – and you can see the imperfections
much larger … maybe 10 times larger. And, the more imperfections that are in that
diamond, the less valuable that it is. That’s because these imperfections don’t allow
the diamond to exude the brilliance that a very clear diamond would. And, there are different types of imperfections. Among them … carbon feathers … and many,
many different specific terms … Now, the Fourth C, Carat … is pretty straight
forward. The carat designation is simply the Weight
of the stone. As opposed to ounces or grams, the diamond’s
weight is described in “points and carats.” It takes 100 points to equal one carat. One point is very small (2 milligrams) … Two
points is a little larger, etcetera. So, a quarter of a carat is 25 points; a half
of a carat is 50 points, and so on … JILLIAN: Thanks for joining us on the San
Fran Jewelry channel on YouTube. We have dozens of more videos that you’re
going to want to check out to make sure you get all the knowledge you need when shopping
for jewelry. And, when you are ready to make that purchase,
you know who the experts are. Head over to our online jewelry store at SanFranciscoJewelry.TV. That’s where we have our fabulous current
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