The bitcoin gold exchange The bitcoin gold exchange

welcome to the first
real time trading platform where you can trade bitcoin and physical gold at the best possible
price with Vaultoro you can buy in sell
physical Gold within one hour after opening an account!
No banking fees, minimum buy of milligrams and no waiting days to buying, 100 percent good delivery gold bullion. Vaultoro makes trading gold and bitcoin cheaper, secure, faster, and way easier. without the need of converting to a
government issued currency or even using a bank account! You can trade your bitcoin in and out of a historically stable and
private asset you can hold gold per seconds…. or years. the gold is stored in your name as your
property in high-security vaults within
Switzerland no one can touch it except you. You can request physical delivery of
your gold at any time or you can sell it for bitcoin within
seconds. All gold holdings are audited by B D O one of the biggest auditing firms in the
world. So you can be sure Vaultoro is always at full gold reserves. Your gold
is 100 percent insured against theft, fire and every other possibility even if
something happens to Vaultoro you can always get access to your wealth. Our more than one hundred percent bitcoin reserves can be audited on the Blockchain by everybody. All cold wallets are multi signature and stored in multiple locations around
the world we’re open 24/7 so you can buy and sell
your gold at anytime of day and receive your funds
instantly. We charge a small industry standard trading fee which
gets lower the more you trade you truly can become your own bank hold your wealth in private gold,
instantly spendable a bitcoin, globally accessible, 100 percent bank
independent! get started today by opening a free
account on


  1. wow incredible.  I just heard your interview on LTB with Stephanie (the voice in this video?) anyways I was super impressed.

  2. Hey guys is this service open to any country in the world ? ( im living in morocco at the moment . ) 

    PS : Please add silver , =D  
    PPS : I was thinking about a service like this a while back and how good it would be , Thanks for making it happen . And All the Best of Luck .

  3. Woa! This is a very cool sounding service. We'll be doing business soon. I generally buy my gold and silver at the coin shop but the markup from spot is pretty severe (nothing like the UK but bad enough). That .5% looks pretty good by comparison.
    I just heard about your service a half hour ago on David Seamon's channel.

  4. Hi, when we choose to gold delivery at home, do we have the choice of products? (coin) On your site, I have not seen an explanation on this subject.

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