“Vertical Wave” Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

“Vertical Wave” Friendship Bracelet Tutorial


  1. it’s literally just impossible for me to make bracelets and it’s so annoying, i can’t do a simple one without messing it up 🙁

  2. this was actually very helpful!! i usually can't follow tutorials bc they are for more advanced braclets and the people making them dont go so in depth

  3. When i make friendship bracelets, I always get holes in between knots. Does anybody have some advice for how to fix this?

  4. i’m so happy i found this video because i saw masha’s video but i didn’t know how to start the bracelet and you showed how to do it. thank you!!

  5. Hi! I love this video and awesome tutorial!! But do you have the pattern for the bracelet you are wearing on your left wrist? 😀 it looks super cool and I wanna try it 😀

  6. Deff subscribing this is pretty much the only tutorial I can follow while making mine at the same time and you actually shop step by step!

  7. I bought some Chinese nylon knotting cord and whilst it was nice, it had an inconsistent thickness. Some of strands were noticeably thicker than others which were all supposed to be same thickness. I paid
    AUD$12 for 10 small bobbins with 10yds on each. I'm not keen on some of the floss brands as the strands often split and tangle. Thanks for your vid. Very well explained. 😁😁

  8. I just started making friendship bracelets, this video was very well explained and detailed! Now I feel very confident when trying this design out. Thank you!

  9. when making a forward knot i tend to cross the string under and then go over the base string, my chevrons always work out fine, but is this wrong? will it affect this bracelet?

  10. Use craft Scissors or you can use those scissors it to have them but if youDon’t use craft scissors is becauseSo yes to use the other one kitchen scissors and then it’s not gonna work

  11. Hi I’m new to all of this but I’m obsessed with whatever bracelet is on your left hand. Did you make it if so I neeeeed a tutorial if not I need a link love you

  12. I’m sorry to bother you, but it would be very sweet of you to follow @aesthetic.bracelets._nl on Instagram🥰🙃 we sell bracelets in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 we just started and I wanted to give us a bit a quicker start 😘

  13. Hello again! These bracelets are supercute! But what if you put a small bead on the side-loops before changing colour? You know where I mean, hopefully. Have you tried that?

  14. I love your channel so much! Your explanation for a beginner like me is very clear! I am so happy that I've found this wonderful bracelet island ❤

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