VERTICAL WAVE || Friendship Bracelets

VERTICAL WAVE || Friendship Bracelets

Hello my name is Masha Knots and in this
video I’m going to show you how to do this vertical wave bracelet So this time I’ve changed the scene up a bit I’m using a cushion instead of my regular
background and I’ve pinned the bracelet to the cushion via a safety pin. I found
it to be a quiet convenient way to pin bracelets that have a loop in them so
that’s what I’m doing so with this bracelet you have the two
strings that you use for the color and also the base strings. The base strings can be
absolutely any color that you like they will not be visible in the bracelet as
you can see you can only see these two strings which are the ones that I’m
making the bracelet with. The only reason that I decided to use the same colors
for the base string is because when you do make the ties they will be visible in
the ties and I wanted them to be the same so I use the same but if you don’t
have enough you can use any string as long as you don’t mind the color being
invisible a little bit in the ties. As for the main colors of the bracelet I
decided to go with a white to just be a neutral background and this blue string
which is actually a gradient sort of color-shifting string you can see here
it’s a bit tangled but it’s the same string it just changes color as the
string gets longer and longer and I thought that might be a cute way to do a
bracelet. The string that I have is by loops & threads and I bought it in
Michaels when I was in the USA but you can use any sort of color-shifting
string that you like it doesn’t really matter. So this bracelet is essentially
an alpha bracelet that just uses two main strings so I’m gonna show you how
to make it it’s actually pretty simple so as you can see I’ve obviously made a
little bit of the bracelet already this is just so that you have a visual of how
the bracelet is going to look once you start making it as I said already the
base strings can be any color but you can also use however many you like it
doesn’t matter just keep in mind that the less you use the thinner the
bracelet is gonna be in the more you use this thicker it’s gonna be I think I
used 10 so this is how thick the bracelet is gonna be if you use ten strings.
So of course if I have a loop and I have ten strings that means originally I had
five and then I folded them in half therefore doubling them. You also don’t
have to have these strings to be very long since you’re not using them to
actually make the bracelet you only have to have them as long as you want the
bracelet to be plus the ties so my strings aren’t very
long. Because with this bracelet I’m just using the same colors of the string I
decided not to cut my string and instead to use just the entire strand of string
it does get in the way a little bit so I sometimes like to just bunch it up and
then maybe tie the string onto itself so it doesn’t get too long and get in the
way but I do not cut the string the only reason I cut this one is because it run
out I didn’t actually cut it so yeah you can always add more string to the
bracelet though so if you do decide that this is not comfortable for you you
don’t like having the entire strand in your hand you can cut it and then add
more string and that’s not an issue so the first thing you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna make an entire row of forward knots with one of your strings the
one that is on the left which in my case is the blue one but if you’re just
starting out the bracelet you know you can just use whichever one you like so
I’m gonna do a row of forward knots once you get to the second string
however you stop and you do not make a forward knot on to the second string.
Once you get to the end you’re gonna go backwards and do an entire row of
backward knots with the same string that you were using previously once you
finish this row you are going to go in with your second string which is the white
string for me so since the string is at the right you’re gonna repeat the
same steps you did with the previous string but mirror them if you started
with a row of forward knots in the previous step this time you’re going to
start with a row of backward knots because you are essentially weaving the
string to there and back so now I’m gonna do a row of backward knots with the
white string and again once you get to the end of the
row you are not going to make a knot on to the second string you’re just gonna
leave it as it is and you’re gonna start going backwards with the thread so I’m
going to make a row of forward knots with the white thread so to finish this
bracelet you have to just repeat these two steps with each of the strings
obviously alternating the strings each time. And there you have it, that’s how you
finish a vertical wave bracelet and at the end as you can see I did a triangle
so I brought all my strings to a point before making the tie very filming a
video on that quite soon so look out for that. Some of you may have noticed that
I’ve been absent for a while I was gone for about three weeks I was actually on
holiday back in Moscow and I loved it I loved the snow it was great and got
married actually, that was fun! But I’m excited to be back in London and to my
filming schedule I’m gonna be filming videos more often for you guys now and
videos will be up every Tuesday and Saturday if all goes well and I’m able
to stick to my plan so be on the lookout for that and subscribe if you haven’t
already and I’ll see you in my next video bye


  1. So, I pin my loops just like you did here, except I put the pin through the loop on both sides 🤦‍♀️ I always wanted to find a way to not do that because it always made a hole in my loop, I can’t believe I didn’t think of setting it up how you did here!

    Also, congrats on the wedding!

  2. Please don’t ever stop making these videos. You have the best friend ship bracelet channel I’ve ever been able to find! You’ve helped me learn so much! Great work!

  3. Its always hard for me to read friendship bracelet patterns.
    Could you do a more in depth video on that.
    Also how do u make that fancy loop thingy on the top of your bracelet.

  4. Hey I was wondering how you started this bracelet, did you just do a teardrop loop then do a forward knot of the blue?

  5. This was so hard to understand especially cause she didn’t show us how to start it and I have zero clue how to do a forward and backward not so very useless and unhelpful

  6. Ahhh I wish I could do this but for me this is just so confusing, how do you make a loop but only have two strings. Are you supposed to fold the strings in half or what if this was started from the very beginning it would have made so much more sense😕😔

  7. it would have ben helpful if you hadn’t started the bracelet before the video. i need to know how to start the bracelet AFTER i do the loop…..good video though..

  8. I see your comments and I hear you! I know you guys are upset that I didn't show what I did straight after the loop.
    Please keep in mind that this video is pretty old and I don't do this with the newer videos that I make, so your comments have been heard and taken on board!

    However, regarding this bracelet, I did a loop (Tutorial: )
    And then I literally just started making the bracelet as I showed you. I spread out the strings coming out of both sides of the loop & I started making rows with the leading strings as I show in the video. Hope this helps!

    And regarding your comments – I really do appreciate a healthy dose of criticism, it is what makes me better as a creator and as I said, this is something that I have already taken on board. So thank you to those who expressed their thoughts respectfully!

    However, I do not tolerate any hate. Rude comments containing swearing and/or name-calling will be deleted and these people will be banned from commenting on my videos. This channel was created to be a safe space & welcoming environment to anybody who decided to join and such comments are absolutely unnecessary.

    To leave this on a happy note though – I've been loving seeing all of the pictures you guys are tagging me in on Instagram of the bracelets you've created from this tutorial! Keep them coming 🙂

  9. please make a key ring tutorial video!! i think they are super cute and i want to make one, love ur videos♥️

  10. why cant u just start from the beginning i can’t get this bracelet right when ur practically finishing the bracelet

  11. i wish you would have showed us how to start the bracelet since you need an odd number of each color for the base strings and i dont know if i use the main string or the base string to make the loop. i love the pattern and the video i just wish i knew how to properly start it

  12. This is simple yet beautiful edit:now that I’m watching the video I realize that it would have been REALLY helpful if u had started from the beginning

  13. Sorry but this is a bad tutorial, you speed everything up and the links to the other videos are in a different language

  14. Can you do another video about starting different bracelets after the loop? I dont really know how to continue😢😬😂😂😂

  15. Hola,! No entiendo tú idioma. Creo que podrías subtitular las medidas de los hilos. Siento que hablas mucho y labora poco. En mi caso si no entiendo el idioma me guió poniendo mucha atención y con la vista sigo las manos. Bonita la pulsera.

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