Veterans Day 2013: Honoring All Who Served

Veterans Day 2013:  Honoring All Who Served

>>Commander Left, left, left, right. Left,
left ,detail. Present>>Lassoff You could easily identify a Temple
Made vet by the way they walk, by the way they look, by the way they interact in their
classes. And they identify themselves, and they are proud of what they have done and
they are proud of how they have served. And I couldn’t be more prouder today.
>>DiMartini When the opportunity came back to instruct at Temple, I quickly said yes.
I now get to see the cadets from numerous universities and schools at different training
events and the professionalism and toughness of Temple cadets always stands out. The support
I see Temple give to the military is remarkable. In the ROTC department, our headquarters is
in awe of all the support given to the program.>>Johnson While most Americans will never
understand the life-long bond that is created between soldiers at war, I can take comfort
in knowing that for the rest of my days, I can relive that bond with any veteran of any
war with a simple handshake and a head nod. So my fellow veterans I close simply with
thank you welcome home. [Taps]

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